Once Trump gets sworn in, say goodbye to illegal aliens living in the country…

I haven’t watched that 60 Minutes interview yet but I will watch it in youtube when I get around to it today. A lot of people want to doubt Trump, claiming that he won’t keep up with his promises but I think he will. Trump is the man of his word. He always has been. Trump will have his usual “time to get tough attitude” and get right to work as soon as he enters the White House in Jan.

Yes, he will get rid of all illegal aliens in the country and he will build the wall. Sure, not all illegal aliens are violent criminals… some of them maybe good people but either way, they still don’t belong here. They need to get their asses back to Mexico or where ever country they came from in South America.


They don’t deserve to get all of this positive attention before us legal Americans. What part of that don’t you get? America first, y’all. I certainly don’t want an illegal alien family living next door to me. If that happened, I’d move the fuck out of the house. Immediately.

You really want your kids getting turned onto drugs ’cause illegal aliens was their dealers? Do want your wives, girlfriends & daughters raped by these animals? Do you want your loved ones being gunned down for no reason at all?

The big reason why I want Trump for president is the same reason everyone else wants him for president… the wall. Illegal aliens. As soon as Trump said that stuff, I was immediately on board in supporting him for president.

Everybody should know how dangerous illegal aliens are. Media refuses to be realistic about it for whatever reason. You should be scared of illegal aliens. If you get an illegal Mexican holding a knife to your throat or if you get one of them pointing a gun to your face then you’ll owe Mr. Trump and the American people an apology.


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