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Sly Stallone posts photo of Rambo’s bloody arm, giving us a hint that not only violence will be back, blood will be back too…

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“ Don’t let the bogeyman get you!… “Happy Halloween.

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Today on Sly’s instagram he just posted another Rambo pic while on set of the new film. As you can see he just posted a pic of Rambo’s bloody arm… giving us a hint that the dark, violent and angry Rambo will indeed be back for the next one.

Will Rambo 5 be similar to Rambo II, III and IV? No, I’ve read somewhere that Sly wants Rambo “Last Blood” to be completely different than the previous 4. I read that Sly wanted “Last Blood” to be his own version of “No Country For Old Men”. Kind of like a violent Western movie is what Sly is going for so it looks like they’re definitely going for a more Western feeling. As you can see in the pic, I’m sure there will still be plenty of violence and action scenes.

I remember a time where Sly Stallone came pretty close to retiring the Rambo character for good. Rambo 5 have been in development for a pretty long time. It’s been in the works on and off since Rambo 4 in 2008. Why did Sly almost retire the character? Read this interesting article.


I wonder what made Sly change his mind about retiring the Rambo character and coming back after all? The answer to that question is not yet known but maybe Sly just feels that the fans deserve one more Rambo film ’cause a lot of fans have been begging him for one more. Fans just believe Rambo shouldn’t end with Rambo 4. The Rambo series deserves a better closure then what we saw in Rambo 4.

Sly had other plot ideas for Rambo 5 but Lionsgate/Millennium Films wanted to do a Rambo film about human trafficking so they’re sticking with that plot. Why do they want to do a movie about human trafficking? Probably to help bring awareness to human trafficking. Human trafficking is real and it’s a problem in America. That’s the goal with the movie to bring more awareness to human trafficking. That’s what the studio wants and Sly is going for it.

I’m sure they’ll give us a great Rambo movie and I’m sure they won’t disappoint the fans at all. I wonder how it will all end? Will they make Rambo die in this one? I’m still thinking yes, they probably will kill him off somehow. In “Rambo: First Blood”, they actually tried to kill Rambo off but the studio wasn’t haven’t it so they forced Sly to re-write the ending so Rambo can live for upcoming sequels. I can see them killing Rambo off this time in order to end the Rambo series for good. Would make sense. It’s not a spoiler or anything, just a prediction.



Mexico is a hell hole for violence and crime… really screw ’em!!!

A quote from this article: “Although Acapulco is one of Mexico’s deadliest cities, with government figures showing 2,213 homicides in Guerrero last year, tourists and foreigners have largely escaped the violence.”


We don’t get scared over Mexicans for no reason. After the Obama & Holder “Fast and Furious” scandal, we should have every right to fear that country. Mexico has always been a hell hole for violence, crime and death. I don’t think I would ever vacation there ever. I know some people who vacationed in Mexico before and I always thought they were nuts.

There’s a pretty good reason why we want illegals out of this country. There’s a pretty good reason why we want that wall. I’m not saying all Mexicans are dangerous but a lot of ’em are.

It’s real insane to me that liberals and some independent voters act like they are all wonderful people. There’s nothing racist about being scared for your life over violent and dangerous people. I hate all people who are dangerous and violent, I don’t care what their skin color or religion is. It’s crazy that we get called “racist” and “bigots” for these things. It’s crazy that the media protects violent criminals that are not white. I think all violent animals should be held accountable for their actions no matter what their skin color are. They all should receive the same punishment with the fullest extent of the law.

Illegal aliens are really scary and dangerous animals. I know I’m scared to death of these people and they certainly don’t deserve to live better lives than us also. Keep feeling sorry for these illegal aliens, libtards. They’ll come after you too, they don’t care what your political views are. They can come rob your home, kill your loved ones, rape your wives & daughters, they’ll bring drugs into your hometown, etc. These things can happen anywhere. Why do you think heroin and cocaine deaths are on the rise in this country? Where do you think the drugs come from?

It’s real crazy that a lot of people in this country are misinformed about illegal aliens. Keep feeling sorry for them, idiots. You’ll be sorry that you did. Trust me.


Once Trump gets sworn in, say goodbye to illegal aliens living in the country…

I haven’t watched that 60 Minutes interview yet but I will watch it in youtube when I get around to it today. A lot of people want to doubt Trump, claiming that he won’t keep up with his promises but I think he will. Trump is the man of his word. He always has been. Trump will have his usual “time to get tough attitude” and get right to work as soon as he enters the White House in Jan.

Yes, he will get rid of all illegal aliens in the country and he will build the wall. Sure, not all illegal aliens are violent criminals… some of them maybe good people but either way, they still don’t belong here. They need to get their asses back to Mexico or where ever country they came from in South America.


They don’t deserve to get all of this positive attention before us legal Americans. What part of that don’t you get? America first, y’all. I certainly don’t want an illegal alien family living next door to me. If that happened, I’d move the fuck out of the house. Immediately.

You really want your kids getting turned onto drugs ’cause illegal aliens was their dealers? Do want your wives, girlfriends & daughters raped by these animals? Do you want your loved ones being gunned down for no reason at all?

The big reason why I want Trump for president is the same reason everyone else wants him for president… the wall. Illegal aliens. As soon as Trump said that stuff, I was immediately on board in supporting him for president.

Everybody should know how dangerous illegal aliens are. Media refuses to be realistic about it for whatever reason. You should be scared of illegal aliens. If you get an illegal Mexican holding a knife to your throat or if you get one of them pointing a gun to your face then you’ll owe Mr. Trump and the American people an apology.


Video: ET Williams, “Mexico is a F**King Hell Hole, Now these thugs are in San Jose”…

Everybody wants to act like Mexico is such a wonderful country. Is Mexico so wonderful and lovable? ET Williams is so right that Mexico is a hell hole. If you do your research, Mexico has so much crime and violence in that country. There’s a lot of gangs there and drug cartels as well. Crime in Mexico is much worse than crime in the United States.

For an example of research info on Mexico crime and violence:

The way Mexicans are treating Americans in San Jose is proof how dangerous Mexicans can be. I’m not saying all Mexicans are dangerous and violent people… some of them can be good people but Mexico is not really a kind country like many want to believe.

I wouldn’t want to vacation there.

What ET Williams is saying is that if Mexicans think their own country is so great then why come over here protesting against Trump? All that is doing is proving that Mexico is a hell hole.

Mexico is a very dangerous country to visit. You should be able to see that after Obama & Holder’s “Operation: Fast and Furious” scandal.

Liberals want to believe there’s nothing wrong with Mexicans? They say we have no reason to fear them? Really?

I would never go to Mexico and you shouldn’t either. If you do, you’re crazy.


Video: Watch Trump supporters humiliate protesters about the Wall…

This video is entertaining as hell. I love watching videos where Trump supporters school in the NeverTrump crowd at Trump rallies. Trump supporters win every time too.

Ya know, each time someone asks a Trump hater on why they don’t like Donald Trump… the only answer they can all think of is that “Trump is a racist”. That’s the only answer they can come up with and it’s proof that they aren’t very smart. It’s proof that the NeverTrump crowd are horrible at debating politics and they don’t know anything. This video is also proof that the NeverTrump crowd are ignorant, dumb and braindead.

If you hate Trump and think him being the racist is the only reason, you’ve been brainwashed by the media. When people decide to play the race card and use the word “racist”, they lost the debate. That’s how the liberal left declare victory in debates by crying “racist” so they can silence the opposition. The word “racist” is an overused term and liberals can’t think of anything else to say.

I know this ’cause I’ve been called a racist too many times myself. It’s getting old and tiresome. The more you call people racist all the time, the more unintelligent you look so keep it going. Come up with some new responses. Idiots.


Video: This Chelsea girl crying about those mean Trump supporters is proof why those Bernie fans are insane!

Those Bernie fans really think there is nothing wrong with those Illegal Mexican Immigrants do they? Now I see why those insane Bernie fans have so much hatred toward Trump supporters ’cause this video says it all and it’s all you need to know how insane those Bernie fans are. Those Bernie fans really believe that those Illegal Immigrant Mexicans don’t deserve to be shut out of this country. Those Bernie fans really believe that illegal aliens are good, sweet & innocent people who don’t deserve to be treated badly. Really?

Yeah, I say invite all those illegal immigrant Mexicans into the country. If your kids get abducted because of them or if your wife or daughter gets raped because of them, it’ll be your fault. Also, these illegal Mexicans will be coming to wreck peaceful towns and cities like destroying cars, vandalizing property, robbing stores, etc. You really want that here, hey?

Trust me, you’re gonna regret feeling sorry for those Illegal Mexicans. It doesn’t make us racist for being against illegal Mexicans, we just fear for our lives and our safety… that’s what it’s all about.

If you caught an illegal Mexican robbing your home at night, wearing a ski mask and pointing a gun at your face… I think you’ll owe Mr. Trump and his supporters an apology then.

Bernie fans are too friendly with illegal aliens ’cause Bernie is, go figure. So they go out of their way to call Trump and his supporters racist for it. Even worse, they even called him Hitler also. Bernie fans are insane and delusional.


My observation on why liberals don’t show compassion to Kate Steinle…

I have been noticing that liberals has been showing a lot of disrespect toward Kate Steinle and her family. Conservatives have been grieving for Kate’s death but liberals didn’t care to. They would either bash conservatives who did or they just don’t respond and don’t care. I can understand why… simply because all of this illegal immigration stuff makes Obama look bad. They’ll attack anything that makes their Obama look bad. They felt a little dumbfounded that Donald Trump was right about the open borders.

Liberals were willing to grieve and feel sorrow for Trayvon, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray but they treat Kate Steinle a little differently. Liberals don’t want to admit the truth that it’s dangerous leaving the borders open. They know that this makes Obama looks bad and they’ll do whatever it takes to protect him. If Kate was black, I’m positive liberals would have been all over it. It’s funny how they cry “gun control” over Trayvon & Michael Brown but they didn’t cry “gun control” over Kate. Funny how that is, isn’t it? All you got from them was either complete silence or they’ll attack you for feeling compassionate over her.

It just further proves how one-sided these liberals really are. Liberalism is a mental disorder.


FBI will investigate death of Sandra Bland but won’t investigate Kate Steinle murder…

Kate Steinle who was gunned down by an illegal Mexican for no reason is worth being investigated by the FBI ’cause once again the FBI are the DOJ and Obama. The FBI won’t investigate deaths unless it fits the “Black Lives Matter”. Since Loretta Lynch is now in charge of the DOJ, it’s no surprise that she would have the Sandra Bland suicide investigated. It’s no surprise that Loretta Lynch would ignore Kate Steinle.

Sandra Bland death is more divisive politics. More divide and conquer stuff. “Black Live Matters” yes but the sound of that phrase is so racist itself, I can’t stand it. Black lives do matter yes but all lives matter. If you find that offensive, I don’t give a shit.


Kate Steinle is worthy of a federal investigation but it’ll never happen with the DOJ and Obama being in charge of the FBI and all.


Obama dodges questions from reporter about Donald Trump immigration…

Today, Obummer held a press conference in response to the Iran deal and a reporter tried to ask Obummer about his thoughts on Donald Trump’s immigration… of course, Obummer dodged the question and refused to answer it.

I’m offended by the title of this video, the word “heroically” offends me ’cause this is not Obama being “heroic” at all (Think Progress is a very liberal news site anyway). He’s just being a total coward. It seemed that Obama knew what the question was right away. He knew what was coming. Before the reporters come in do they have to tell the White House beforehand what question they’re gonna ask the President? Are the reporters strictly moderated? That’s what it seems like to me.

This joke of a president should respond to Donald’s immigration. Yep, I know Obummer hates Donald Trump… they never got along obviously.

Obummer a coward. Doesn’t have the balls to answer tough questions with honesty.