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Gov. Rick Perry for 2016 please!!!

Gov. Perry says, “Fuck Obama. I’m doing things my way!!!”.

Haha! Rock on, Gov. Rick! This is a real leader here. This guy really cares for the state of Texas and the United States of America. He’s a pretty serious guy.

I bet Obama himself is not happy with Gov. Perry right now. Like it or not, this immigration and border thing is getting way out of hand.




Gov. Rick Perry and Obama meeting photo…



Oh man, this pic is funny as hell that I had to share. Here is Obama’s meeting with Gov. Rick Perry in Texas as you can see here. While everybody looks to be smiling and enjoying themselves, the only one who doesn’t look too thrilled to be in the same room with Barack Obama is obviously Gov. Perry himself. Gov. Perry is the one with the glasses at the end of the table. Notice where Perry is sitting? I bet he refused to sit in front of Barack Obama so he decided to seat himself at the end of the table. You can immediately tell that Rick Perry doesn’t like Barack at all. I can’t blame Rick, though.

I’m pretty sure that Rick doesn’t want to be in Barack’s sight at all but he had no choice but to be a part of this meeting even if he didn’t want to.

Rick has never been a big fan of Barack. You can tell by the look of Rick’s face that he wants to get out of that room and fast.


Interesting discussion on “Operation: Fast and Furious” in this video at the Blaze…

I really liked this little discussion of “Operation: F&F” at the Blaze here. So a gun from “Operation: F&F” turns up after a recent gun shoot-out at a Mexican resort and this made debates about “Operation: F&F” start back up again. This is a pretty interesting discussion about “Operation: F&F” in this video.

Just like with Benghazi, no answers came out of “Operation: F&F”. I also agree that all those guns that was a part of this operation has spreaded out all over the place. I also wouldn’t compare Bush’s “Wide Receiver” to “Operation: F&F” as both are totally different operations. Both operations are unrelated together as explained in this video. Bush never started “Operation: F&F”.

It doesn’t matter how long it will take. It could take years to get to the bottom of “Operation: F&F” and “Benghazi” but we’ll get the truth either way. The Obama administration is being blamed for both tragedies ’cause they seem to know more than we do and they won’t give us answers on anything. If they won’t give us answers, then we’ll get the answers ourselves.

This administration needs to be in jail. Not just Obama, the whole administration. If you honestly believe they had nothing to do with both then you are an ignorant piece of shit with no heart. Benghazi and Operation: F&F will not go left unanswered. People are investigating on their own and most of us wants answers ’cause we care for our fellow Americans.



BREAKING NEWS: Mistico, a Mexican wrestler officially joins WWE, under the name of Sin Cara…

The WWE officially announced today that the company have signed a new Mexican wrestler to the WWE roster. His name is Sin Cara (formerly known as Mistico). Another short and masked wrestler with the similar looks as, Rey Mysterio. It is not known on what show they will put Sin Cara on yet, whether it will be RAW or SMACKDOWN, but I predict he will be put on SMACKDOWN. Why? Because Rey Mysterio is on SMACKDOWN.

They’ll want Sin Cara to have a feud with Rey Mysterio and then maybe become future tag team partners? Will it be Sin Cara vs. Rey Mysterio for Wrestlemania 27?


Thought: Why WWE pushed Alberto Del Rio to main event status so quickly?? Please read here to find out why…

I’ve been reading some wrestling message forums and blogs, and many wrestling fans are questioning why did WWE give a new guy the Wrestlemania main event status so quickly? Yes. I agree it’s a little weird. Alberto Del Rio have only been around for a few months. His performing have been creating a buzz around the wrestling world.

If you want to know why WWE did this, here is why.

WWE wants to give Mexican wrestlers more recognition. They are about to sign more Mexican wrestlers in the near future. As I believe they want to do Mexican tours, perform shows in Mexico. WWE do world wide tours yearly, and they will do four shows in, Mexico, in the Month of May. Check it out, here.

Since Wrestlemania 27, is on April 3rd, a month before the Mexican tour, I’m pretty sure, Alberto Del Rio will be made World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania. WWE wants to make Alberto World Heavyweight Champion for the Mexican fans, when they go on the foreign tour. WWE wants the Mexican fans to feel happy that their home country hero is a champion. Get the drill? It’s easy to understand. Mexican wrestling fans deserve this. Alberto maybe a hated wrestler in the USA since he is a heel, but I’m sure he’s LOVED by all Mexican fans in Mexico. He’s a hero to Mexicans.

I think Alberto is a great performer. I think Eddie Guerrero was the best Mexican performer, no one could top him, but Alberto is my second favorite. Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio are Mexicans as well. Why couldn’t they give it to Chavo or Rey Mysterio instead??? It’s because Alberto is more recognizable and has more star power. Alberto got popular quick because of his good looks and his excellent mic skills. He’s also very entertaining.

I hope you understand why WWE did this. I think it’s a good idea too as Mexican fans deserve a Mexican champion!


Report: 20 year old woman, becomes police chief in Mexico…

A young Mexican woman named, Valles Garcia, becomes a police chief in Mexico. She is just a 20 year old criminology student. She was the only person who accepted the job as police chief. Her goal as police chief is that she wants to establish programs in neighborhoods and schools, so they can win back security and be safe from violence.

Read this amazing article, here.

While that is an amazing story, she better have good protection. Mexican gangs and drug lords are very dangerous people. They could go after her and kill her if they wanted. While I give her respect for her bravery, what’s she’s doing is pretty risky.

I wish her good luck.