Interesting discussion on “Operation: Fast and Furious” in this video at the Blaze…

I really liked this little discussion of “Operation: F&F” at the Blaze here. So a gun from “Operation: F&F” turns up after a recent gun shoot-out at a Mexican resort and this made debates about “Operation: F&F” start back up again. This is a pretty interesting discussion about “Operation: F&F” in this video.

Just like with Benghazi, no answers came out of “Operation: F&F”. I also agree that all those guns that was a part of this operation has spreaded out all over the place. I also wouldn’t compare Bush’s “Wide Receiver” to “Operation: F&F” as both are totally different operations. Both operations are unrelated together as explained in this video. Bush never started “Operation: F&F”.

It doesn’t matter how long it will take. It could take years to get to the bottom of “Operation: F&F” and “Benghazi” but we’ll get the truth either way. The Obama administration is being blamed for both tragedies ’cause they seem to know more than we do and they won’t give us answers on anything. If they won’t give us answers, then we’ll get the answers ourselves.

This administration needs to be in jail. Not just Obama, the whole administration. If you honestly believe they had nothing to do with both then you are an ignorant piece of shit with no heart. Benghazi and Operation: F&F will not go left unanswered. People are investigating on their own and most of us wants answers ’cause we care for our fellow Americans.


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