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“Operation: Fast and Furious” gunwalking scandal being made into a big screen Hollywood movie…

First Michael Bay made a movie about the Benghazi attacks and it will soon hit theaters in January of 2016 (which is perfect timing incase Hillary wins the nomination). Now there’s another Obama admin. crime being made into a big screen movie. Yep, there’s a movie about “Operation: Fast and Furious” coming to the big screen soon brought to you by Lionsgate studios. Not to be confused with “Fast and Furious” with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. This is a different “Fast and Furious”, the one about the Mexican drug lord gun running scandal that killed American, Brian Terry.

This movie will be based upon the book that is titled “The Unarmed Truth” (which I haven’t read yet but I will look into it) and the movie will be scripted by World War Z writer, Matthew Carnahan.


Another movie that I’m sure that Obama and Holder are not gonna like. I’m pretty sure the movie won’t be called “Operation: Fast and Furious” because it will cause a lot of confusion with the other “Fast and Furious” franchise so they will probably title this movie, “The Unarmed Truth”, I would think.

I wonder who they’re gonna get to play Brian Terry?

As you can see Brian was young and not trying to sound gay or anything but he was good looking too so they would have to find an actor who resembles him. Brian was 40 years old so they would have to pick an actor around that age. Who does Brian resemble? I’d say he reminds me of Ben Affleck a little bit.

I hope they don’t get Jeremy Renner ’cause I’m tired of seeing him in everything.


“Operation: Fast and Furious” documents finally released by the Judicial Watch…

The Judicial Watch were successful at forcing the “Operation: Fast and Furious” documents out of the DOJ finally… thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. While it’s good news that they got the documents; however, no bombshells about Obama and Holder have been exposed predictably.

I took a look at through some of the documents. While there is a back and forth discussion going on with the people of the ATF all that stuff, the e-mails and the letters have a lot of blank spaces. The Judicial Watch didn’t put the blank spaces on some of these documents, the DOJ did… I would think. They left a lot of spaces blank in some of the documents ’cause if they showed the whole thing… it would have showed Obama’s and Holder’s name on them. They hid stuff to keep Obama and Holder from getting in trouble.

One thing that these documents did prove was that they tried to target Sharyl Attkisson for reporting the story and it proves that this administration knew about this gun-walking scandal when they claimed they didn’t know anything about the “Operation: Fast and Furious”.


Speaking of Sharyl Attkisson, I’m in the middle of reading her book “Stonewalled” and I’ve read the “Operation: F&F” chapter. It’s pretty interesting stuff. Holder is in the middle of this and being accused of it ’cause he claimed he never heard of the “Operation: F&F” and people are trying to prove that he knew. That’s what this is about.

It doesn’t yet prove that Obama and Holder started the gun-walking scandal but getting there.


Could Obama finally get impeached over “Operation: Fast and Furious” scandal???

Finally, Obama have been exposed for his cover-ups in one of his scandals… “Operation: Fast and Furious”. Obama have been caught protecting Eric Holder and his wife over the gun running operation. The gun running operation where they sent guns to Mexican drug lords which ended up in gun violence leaving one American dead… Brian Terry.

Obama have used executive privileges as a way to help hide Eric Holder’s e-mails to his family which had evidence that Holder lied to Congress when he first found out about “Operation: Fast and Furious”.



While this is good news, could this lead to Obama impeachment proceedings? Hopefully. We’ll just have to wait and see.

All this shows is that all Obama does is cover up all the crimes that happened under this administration. Obama have been covering up Benghazi, IRS, NSA and everything else you can think of.

When will people wake up that Obama is nothing but a fraud and a criminal? Will this latest report on “Operation: Fast and Furious” be good enough for liberals to see what kind of man Obama really is? I think no.

Hopefully this does get Obama in big trouble. He should have been in big trouble a long time ago as has done lots of impeachable offenses long before this. It’s amazing that he’s still standing and in the White House. Hopefully, he gets impeached and thrown in jail soon ’cause that’s what he really needs.

Now you know exactly why Eric Holder resigned all of a sudden.


The law “should” apply to everybody and that includes the President of the United States…


I know how some people mistakenly believe that nothing will happen to the President of the United States if he commits a crime or doesn’t follow the Constitution but laws “should” be enforced on the President just like laws are enforced on the rest of us. With that being said, nobody is above the law and that includes the President. It should be that way, anyway. It shouldn’t matter if you’re the King or Queen or some really famous person. It shouldn’t matter the color of your skin or who you are. It shouldn’t matter how powerful of a person he/she is. Everybody needs to be held accountable if they break the law. It maybe pretty risky to impeach and convict our first black president but if Congress does nothing about it ’cause they maybe intimated by “racism”, that’s just gonna do nothing but let this asshole win. It WILL NOT put America to shame impeaching the first black president, it’ll put America to shame just by letting him go and doing nothing about him.

If Obama is proven to be behind Benghazi and Operation: F&F, he SHOULD be charged and taken into custody. This is not really about hate against Barack Obama. It’s what is right for the law, the US Constitution and our country. People fight back at Barack Obama because some of us are patriots… we care for our country and we are just trying to protect our homeland. This is what I do this for. I love the USA just like everybody else. I get all over Barack Obama out of love for this country. I just want you guys to wake up and see what kind of man is running our country.

This is why some in Congress are trying to do whatever they can to get the President to follow the law. That’s why they came up with stuff like “Enforce The Law” act and it’s why some in Congress are suing the president. He shouldn’t be getting away with the things he does. It’s fine if you want to think Barack Obama is harmless and innocent — that’s your prerogative  but the more you think that he is innocent, the more you’re letting him win too. You’re just allowing him to get away with everything the more you continue to support this man or continue to think there is nothing wrong with him.

He should be held accountable. He should at least be brought into questioning but that hasn’t even happened yet either.

I also think it’s quite obvious that the Obama administration are controlling the media. That’s also how they are getting away with stuff.

Sharyl Attkisson the former CBS news anchor, just admitted in an interview that government officials work together with reporters in the media on what they can and can’t report in the news… proof:


Even Sharyl knows that liberal media is getting really bad ’cause that’s the reason she left CBS in the first place. Government controls the media and she knows it. That’s why you don’t see much of Benghazi and Operation: F&F in the news. Those two incidents would have been BIG news stories but it isn’t ’cause that’s the governments intention. They are intentionally keeping Benghazi and Operation: F&F off the news the best they can. Instead you see news stories like Obamacare, the Malaysia plane, and the Russia/Ukraine crisis being all over the news. Why? Because the Obama administration allows that stuff to be all over the news. It helps distracts people from “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F”.

The government even controls late-night TV. That’s why they got rid of Jay Leno ’cause of his Obama criticism. Now they have Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers taking over late night TV and guess what? Both Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers seem to have liberal views in politics and those guys are more friendlier with Obama.

If you think nothing will happen to the President of the United States ’cause he is breaking laws and committing crimes, you’re delusional. He should be treated the same way just like every criminal in the nation. Some may think, who cares about “Benghazi”, deaths happen all of the time and move on? That’s the most ignorant and hypocritical statement you could ever make. If you really believe that then you wouldn’t care about 9/11/01 and other crimes/murders that happen in the country. ALL TERRORISTS ATTACKS AND MURDERS DESERVE ANSWERS. EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM. That includes “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F”. You should care about them ’cause they have something to do with us in so many ways. Americans were killed through these two crimes. The victims of these crimes helped defended our country. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t be here today. They sacrificed their lives to protect us just like US soldiers would. The victims of these crimes are heroes: Ambassador Stevens and Brian Terry, the rest of the victims too. They died protecting the country. That’s why they deserve their justices.

This president should be held accountable. I think “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F” should be good enough to take him down once the truth comes out of both of them. You’re making a huge mistake defending this man and acting like he does nothing wrong. You’ll regret that you did.


Sharyl Attkisson, journalist from CBS mysteriously resigns with no explanation…

First, Lara Logan was forced to leave CBS due to her “Benghazi” report on 60 Minutes and now it’s looking like that Sharyl Attkisson is going through the same thing. Sharyl is known for her reporting about “Benghazi” and “Operation: Fast and Furious” crimes. She’s one of the very few in news media reporting the stories on “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F”. I totally blame the Obama administration for forcing these two women out of CBS ’cause they simply knew a little bit too much.

This just kind of shows that the Obama administration has complete control over media. They’re trying their best to get Benghazi out of the media spotlight. This violates the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.

Sharyl should stay low for a while and she should have bodyguards everywhere she goes. I wonder what fatal accident awaits her? Mysterious car crash? A heart attack? I hate this administration and can’t wait until they’re out in 2016.

Hey Obama, in case you’re reading this by spying on my computer… you can keep “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F” off the news all you want to, you’re gonna be held accountable for both, you fucking murdering scum bag piece of shit.


The “Operation: Fast and Furious” defendant sentencing is just a cover-up for Eric and Barack…

The family and friends of Brian Terry may have finally gotten the answers of who killed him but they still didn’t get the full-answers on who started the “Operation: F&F” which made this shoot-out happen in the first place. So the big news is that Manuel Osorio-Arellanes, the man who shot and killed Brian Terry in cold blood was just sentenced to 30 years in prison. Manuel was just one of the 5 individuals who was charged in the death of Brian Terry that was announced by the Justice Department. Noticed how the 5 men charged for the murder of Brian Terry was announced by the Justice Department who is led by Eric Holder. That’s because these men were sent out by the Justice Department as a way to cover up their crimes.

What’s funny is that a lot of people don’t realize that the real criminals are none other than Eric Holder and Barack Obama who started this whole gun-running operation. Eric and Barack Obama should have been the ones in trial instead.

They are putting these men who killed Brian Terry on trial and sentencing them so they can give people answers on, “Operation: F&F”, and so political media can finally move on from this. Eric and Barack were behind this gun-running operation sentencing all the people involved. I agree that these men deserve to be sentenced but 30 years isn’t long enough. They deserve life in prison and I think the Justice Department wanted 30 years on Manuel intentionally. This is just the Justice Department’s way of hoping to get people to shut up about, “Operation: F&F”. It’s a cover-up. Period. End of story. Manuel may have been responsible for killing Brian Terry but Eric and Barack was responsible for making that happen.

They are willing to hold those accountable for, “Operation: F&F” and nothing’s being done about Benghazi??? This is Eric protecting President Obama, nothing more… nothing less. I’m happy for the family of Brian Terry but they don’t realize who the real criminals are who started this thing. The DOJ is not doing this to help Terry’s family… they are doing this for themselves… to protect themselves and Barack.


Interesting discussion on “Operation: Fast and Furious” in this video at the Blaze…

I really liked this little discussion of “Operation: F&F” at the Blaze here. So a gun from “Operation: F&F” turns up after a recent gun shoot-out at a Mexican resort and this made debates about “Operation: F&F” start back up again. This is a pretty interesting discussion about “Operation: F&F” in this video.

Just like with Benghazi, no answers came out of “Operation: F&F”. I also agree that all those guns that was a part of this operation has spreaded out all over the place. I also wouldn’t compare Bush’s “Wide Receiver” to “Operation: F&F” as both are totally different operations. Both operations are unrelated together as explained in this video. Bush never started “Operation: F&F”.

It doesn’t matter how long it will take. It could take years to get to the bottom of “Operation: F&F” and “Benghazi” but we’ll get the truth either way. The Obama administration is being blamed for both tragedies ’cause they seem to know more than we do and they won’t give us answers on anything. If they won’t give us answers, then we’ll get the answers ourselves.

This administration needs to be in jail. Not just Obama, the whole administration. If you honestly believe they had nothing to do with both then you are an ignorant piece of shit with no heart. Benghazi and Operation: F&F will not go left unanswered. People are investigating on their own and most of us wants answers ’cause we care for our fellow Americans.



Mother of murdered border patrol agent calls out President Obama over “phony scandal” comment…

The mother of Brian Terry, the murdered border patrol agent who was killed at “Operation: Fast and Furious” speaks out on President Obama’s comment over “phony scandals”. She is outraged and offended over Obama’s comments which is understandable. She says her son’s death was too real and she even invited Obama to her son’s grave to have a long talk about it. She wants answers for her son’s death and just like with the 4 Benghazi victims, she got nothing in return.

Read the full story, here.

I understand how Obama may think these scandals maybe a little silly which is probably what he meant but Obama needs to learn how to word things better so he won’t upset people. Obama’s been upsetting people with his last few speeches.

Operation: F&F and Benghazi maybe slowly fading away from the media but we won’t forget about these two tragedies. Everybody knows that Obama has something to do with them. Even Brian Terry’s Mom knows Obama had something to do with “Operation: F&F”. It doesn’t matter how long ago these two tragedies were… we’re gonna get to the bottom of both of them somehow. The dead victims of both tragedies deserve their justices just like you think Trayvon deserve his justice like I said before.

Some of you guys kept saying that we should move on from “Operation: F&F” and “Benghazi”? Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and see how much of a hypocrite you guys sound? This is a perfect example of liberals being hypocrites. They all whine and cry about Trayvon not getting his justice when you should do the same and move on since these tragedies happen all the time. Do you get the point of how this makes you a hypocrite? If you’re not gonna move on from Trayvon then don’t fucking tell me to move on from Operation: F&F/Benghazi.

F&F/Benghazi are both pretty serious and they can’t be ignored. What do both Operation: F&F and Benghazi have in common? Yes, that’s right. They’ve been both left mysterious and they have no answers so that’s how you can tell that Obama definitely had something to do with both of them.

For him to call these two tragedies, “phony”, makes him a disrespectful and careless piece of shit.


More on Obama’s Benghazi/Operation: F&F crimes…

Ya know, I understand why some people in America wants to mistakenly believe that Obama is innocent in Benghazi and Operation: F&F. Why? Simply because there hasn’t been enough evidence yet to prove Obama’s guilt. There has been plenty of Benghazi hearings but still nothing has come out of them. The news media have also been investigating Benghazi on their own (most notably Sharyl Atkinsson who is doing the best job) and the news media is also investigating Operation: F&F. There has been no answers on F&F either. You have to ask. How come these horrible tragedies happen and there has been no answers on either of them? They have both been left mysterious. The House is doing all they can to get Obama questioned and investigated on both of these crimes but they are almost always unsuccessful. Only very little information has come out of both of them. Not much but a little bit, here and there.

I’ll have to say though, that what if Obama is proven to be responsible for Benghazi and F&F? I’m not saying he will be but what if he turns out guilty after all? What if myself and many other Republicans happen to be right about all of this? If Obama turns out guilty on both of these crimes… prepare for a day full of entertainment online. The internet will blow up about it, indeed. It could go on for days. All the people who once supported Obama and thought he was a great leader, they will lose respect for him for sure — at least, I hope so, anyway. That’s when everyone in America will beg for impeachment and arrest — even the Democrats/liberals will side with us Republicans.

Then, I’ll be the one to tell you all, “I told you so, you should have listened to me!!!” If he’s found guilty of both of these crimes… it’s going to be a big media frenzy for sure.

I’m hoping this day will happen and when it does, I’ll make a video of myself to celebrate with a champagne bottle and glass. I’ll have an American flag near me on the video and will say, “It’s a great day for America”.

This day will come.

It’s going to be difficult for Michelle and the two daughters, for sure but even they need to know what kind of man he is. It wouldn’t surprise me if Michelle knows everything — she’s helping to protect Obama too.

Hopefully, they do get him this summer. The sooner, the better. We can’t have any more deaths of American citizens and we’re going to put an end to this.