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Whatever Al Sharpton and Obama wants, they get it… thanks to the traitor GOP for confirming Loretta Lynch

Just so you guys know, I’m not on one side at all. I’m even pretty disgusted with the GOP. Both parties are pretty corrupt: Democrats and Republicans. They’re both the same.

Here are the names of the 10 republican senators who voted in for Loretta Lynch, these are the people who I will never support: Sens. Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), Thad Cochran (Miss.), Susan Collins (Maine), Jeff Flake (Ariz.), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Orrin Hatch (Utah), Ron Johnson (Wis.), Mark Kirk (Ill.), Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

I’m so sick of Al Sharpton. He was the one who helped recommend Loretta Lynch to Obama. Why? Simply because Obama is dumb and not smart at all. Obama would have a hard time trying to find somebody all by himself. So Obama was all for Al Sharpton helping him.

I also hate Mitch McConnell as that guy is cancerous to the GOP. McConnell should absolutely get the blame for the Lynch confirmation ’cause he’s the Senate majority leader. Behind the scenes, Al Sharpton was probably very persuasive to Mitch. Probably talked him into moving the vote forward for Lynch. McConnell probably allowed the vote to move forward ’cause he was too afraid of the race card, obviously. If McConnell didn’t allow the vote to move forward, it would put his career in jeopardy. McConnell did it to save his career. Period. End of story.

I’m glad to see that Ted Cruz and Rand Paul didn’t vote for Lynch so those two guys have my support.

Now that Lynch is the new Attorney General you can expect race relations and divisiveness to get a lot worse in this country… that’s what Al Sharpton wanted her for. I hope you’re happy Al Sharpton, you racist asshole.


So they indict Bob Menendez but give Lois Lerner a free pass? WTF is wrong with this country?

So is that how it’s gonna go in America, hey? Disagree with Obama, get indicted. When you agree with Obama’s criminal actions, get a free pass. That’s the way it’s been since 2008. So many of Obama’s enemies have been either indicted, murdered or fired from their jobs but criminals who are on Obama’s side get nothing. Of course Eric Holder won’t charge Lois Lerner in contempt. You’d think? Why would Holder charge people who are on his team? That’s how their “clique” works.

Once again I’m no big fan of Bob Menendez but the only reason he was indicted was because he stood by Israel. He was one of the very few Democrats who supported Israel and is against Iran. Gov. Rick Perry and Dinesh D’ Souza both got indicted ’cause they disagreed with Obama.

What will it take to get those criminals in the White House charged too? Democrats are not sweethearts like some would like to believe. If you think there’s no reason to arrest Obama and the rest of the administration, then get out of my sight. I don’t bother debating with people who can’t see that this administration are nothing but criminals. If you think they have never broken the law, what planet are you living on? Quit thinking that your precious Obama is innocent ’cause he never was and never will be.


So I take it that Democrats support human trafficking…

I’m not a big fan of Mitch McConnell but what he did here was awesome. Threatening the Dems that the Loretta Lynch confirmation won’t continue unless they cooperate on the human trafficking bill that the Judiciary Committee just released.

I’ll tell ya right now that when the Dems oppose a bill on human trafficking only because it had anti-abortion language, that means they totally support human trafficking. If the Dems oppose the anti-abortion language instead of human trafficking itself, that means they are secretly all for human trafficking. They are continuing to allow human trafficking to happen.

Good on, Mitch. Doing whatever it takes to stop Loretta Lynch from getting the Attorney General position. I hope the Senate doesn’t confirm her and I think they will succeed. She’s just another Eric Holder but worse.Obama is gonna have a hard time finding a replacement ’cause all he is gonna pick are corrupted people. Obama will keep nominating people similar to him.



Hillary’s e-mail is good enough to get raided by FBI but we all know Eric Holder won’t do shit about it…

If Hillary was a Conservative and a republican, Eric Holder’s FBI would have been on her right away and she would have been done but as long as she’s a liberal, the FBI won’t raid her home or her computer. The DOJ would do everything in their power to protect Hillary.

I didn’t bother watching Hillary’s response to the e-mail scandal today ’cause I know she’s gonna do nothing but spew out bullshit and lies too which she did exactly that.

My question is what will it take for the liberal left to be held accountable for their criminal actions? I’m tired of them thinking they’re above the law and they go off scot-free. What will it take for libtards in America to realize that Democrats are just as bad as Republicans?

I’m tired of misinformed left-wingers acting like Hillary and Bill are heroes. It’s even amazing to me that Bill Clinton being friends with a billionaire pedophile is not good enough to wake them up about the Clinton’s. We can point out all kinds of bad things about the Clinton’s to liberals all we want to but all the left is gonna do is ignore us and give us a bunch of bullshit.

The government will get their hands on Hillary’s server somehow. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got it locked away in a safe place in the White House somewhere.

Just think of all the information about Benghazi that they would have on it.

No matter all the bombshells and negative things revealed about the Clinton’s, Americans are still gonna treat them positively and treat them like heroes. They’re still gonna be all over the news. Hillary may as well be our next president.

Our country is really messed up.


Bob Menendez getting charged by DOJ for corruption, this was all because he’s a big supporter of Israel…

The only reason Bob Menendez was charged by Eric Holder of the DOJ was that he was one of the few Democrats and die-hard liberals who is Pro-Israel. He’s supports Israel, big time as the proof is in the link here from Menendez’s AIPAC speech. I think Menendez was charged for that speech.

Holder was just desperate in trying to get somebody charged since he failed to give charges for Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman. He had to charge someone just so he can look like a tough guy. Anybody that criticizes Obama, you’re gonna get indicted by this administration like what happened to Dinesh D’ Souza and Rick Perry when they criticized Obama.


While Menendez is a die-hard Democrat, I give him props for siding with Israel.

Eric Holder and Obama are all for freedom of speech until they are disagreed with. You disagree with them and criticize their views… you’ll either be fired, arrested or worse… dead.

On top of that, I thought Eric Holder resigned and he’s still Attorney General when the Senate just confirmed Loretta Lynch as his replacement?

Something fishy is definitely going on here.


Obama & Holder finally caught in IRS scandal but it doesn’t surprise me…

This would have been a huge breaking news story if the mainstream news media wasn’t so liberal bias. Conservatives like Dinesh D’ Souza and Gov. Rick Perry gets indictments but I’m sure Obama & Holder will get nothing. Are libtards gonna hate Forbes now for doing some honest reporting on the Obama administration? Are libtards gonna call this writer a conspiracy theorist or a racist???



“Operation: Fast and Furious” documents finally released by the Judicial Watch…

The Judicial Watch were successful at forcing the “Operation: Fast and Furious” documents out of the DOJ finally… thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. While it’s good news that they got the documents; however, no bombshells about Obama and Holder have been exposed predictably.

I took a look at through some of the documents. While there is a back and forth discussion going on with the people of the ATF all that stuff, the e-mails and the letters have a lot of blank spaces. The Judicial Watch didn’t put the blank spaces on some of these documents, the DOJ did… I would think. They left a lot of spaces blank in some of the documents ’cause if they showed the whole thing… it would have showed Obama’s and Holder’s name on them. They hid stuff to keep Obama and Holder from getting in trouble.

One thing that these documents did prove was that they tried to target Sharyl Attkisson for reporting the story and it proves that this administration knew about this gun-walking scandal when they claimed they didn’t know anything about the “Operation: Fast and Furious”.


Speaking of Sharyl Attkisson, I’m in the middle of reading her book “Stonewalled” and I’ve read the “Operation: F&F” chapter. It’s pretty interesting stuff. Holder is in the middle of this and being accused of it ’cause he claimed he never heard of the “Operation: F&F” and people are trying to prove that he knew. That’s what this is about.

It doesn’t yet prove that Obama and Holder started the gun-walking scandal but getting there.


Obama administration finally exposed for IRS targeting…

This is why Lois Lerner wouldn’t talk. She was protecting the DOJ and Obama. That’s why she pleaded the 5th. Surprised?


Look like we’re finally getting to the truth of the IRS scandals. Hopefully, this will get Obama and Holder busted. They need go to jail along with Lerner.

I knew all along that Obama was behind this.


The “Operation: Fast and Furious” defendant sentencing is just a cover-up for Eric and Barack…

The family and friends of Brian Terry may have finally gotten the answers of who killed him but they still didn’t get the full-answers on who started the “Operation: F&F” which made this shoot-out happen in the first place. So the big news is that Manuel Osorio-Arellanes, the man who shot and killed Brian Terry in cold blood was just sentenced to 30 years in prison. Manuel was just one of the 5 individuals who was charged in the death of Brian Terry that was announced by the Justice Department. Noticed how the 5 men charged for the murder of Brian Terry was announced by the Justice Department who is led by Eric Holder. That’s because these men were sent out by the Justice Department as a way to cover up their crimes.

What’s funny is that a lot of people don’t realize that the real criminals are none other than Eric Holder and Barack Obama who started this whole gun-running operation. Eric and Barack Obama should have been the ones in trial instead.

They are putting these men who killed Brian Terry on trial and sentencing them so they can give people answers on, “Operation: F&F”, and so political media can finally move on from this. Eric and Barack were behind this gun-running operation sentencing all the people involved. I agree that these men deserve to be sentenced but 30 years isn’t long enough. They deserve life in prison and I think the Justice Department wanted 30 years on Manuel intentionally. This is just the Justice Department’s way of hoping to get people to shut up about, “Operation: F&F”. It’s a cover-up. Period. End of story. Manuel may have been responsible for killing Brian Terry but Eric and Barack was responsible for making that happen.

They are willing to hold those accountable for, “Operation: F&F” and nothing’s being done about Benghazi??? This is Eric protecting President Obama, nothing more… nothing less. I’m happy for the family of Brian Terry but they don’t realize who the real criminals are who started this thing. The DOJ is not doing this to help Terry’s family… they are doing this for themselves… to protect themselves and Barack.