So I take it that Democrats support human trafficking…

I’m not a big fan of Mitch McConnell but what he did here was awesome. Threatening the Dems that the Loretta Lynch confirmation won’t continue unless they cooperate on the human trafficking bill that the Judiciary Committee just released.

I’ll tell ya right now that when the Dems oppose a bill on human trafficking only because it had anti-abortion language, that means they totally support human trafficking. If the Dems oppose the anti-abortion language instead of human trafficking itself, that means they are secretly all for human trafficking. They are continuing to allow human trafficking to happen.

Good on, Mitch. Doing whatever it takes to stop Loretta Lynch from getting the Attorney General position. I hope the Senate doesn’t confirm her and I think they will succeed. She’s just another Eric Holder but worse.Obama is gonna have a hard time finding a replacement ’cause all he is gonna pick are corrupted people. Obama will keep nominating people similar to him.


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