Ferguson shooter who shot at two police officers caught!!!

The shooter who shot at two police officers in Ferguson has been caught by Ferguson police. The shooter turned out to be a young 20 year old African-American man named Jeffrey Williams. Surprised? We’ve all already predicted that the shooter was probably a black person.


And sure enough, you’re never gonna see the mainstream news media mention the race of the shooter like in CNN for example, they do reveal the shooter’s name but they refuse to say that he’s an African-American black male.


The same goes for NBC:


And everywhere else in liberal news media sites you will never see the media calling Jeffrey Williams an African-American or black. I’m sure the mainstream news won’t even post his mugshot in which you can see right here:

At least, NPR had the guts to call Jeffrey Williams an African American:


Can you see all the liberal bias in the mainstream media now? Why is the mainstream media so afraid to admit that some black people can be a bunch of thugs and losers? Why is the media so afraid to admit that blacks can be racist against whites too?

I really can’t stand our news media.


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