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What I can’t understand about liberals and terrorism…

Liberals really are a bunch of losers. Especially when it comes to things like Islamic terrorism and stuff. While it’s great that liberals are feeling compassionate and mourning the so-called deaths of ISIS victims, how come they don’t have a care for the 4 victims of Benghazi? If they claim they care for Americans so much, how come they show constant disrespect toward the 4 victims of Benghazi and Brian Terry who was killed at “Operation: Fast and Furious”??? They claim that these things happen all the time, American deaths happen under terrorism and it’s nothing new when they don’t feel the same toward ISIS.

Benghazi and Operation: Fast and Furious were pretty similar things to what’s going on with ISIS. Liberals care more for ISIS victims but they don’t have a care for other terrorist attacks and scandals that killed our Americans?

I think libtards care more for ISIS victims because they know that ISIS doesn’t potentially land Obama and Hillary into a lot of trouble. Libtards won’t care about American lives unless the terrorist attack could land Obama and Hillary into trouble with things like Benghazi and Operation: F&F, they would paint that stuff as “conspiracy theory” and would think that Americans should focus on more important things.

Liberals want justice for ISIS victims but they don’t care to get justice for Benghazi victims and Brian Terry??? Wow. This is messed up. Pretty funny coming from the same people who gave Bush so much garbage about the Iraq/Afghanistan wars due to the events of 9/11/01 that killed so many Americans.

Like they all say liberalism is a mental disorder and it really is.


“Operation: Fast and Furious” documents finally released by the Judicial Watch…

The Judicial Watch were successful at forcing the “Operation: Fast and Furious” documents out of the DOJ finally… thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. While it’s good news that they got the documents; however, no bombshells about Obama and Holder have been exposed predictably.

I took a look at through some of the documents. While there is a back and forth discussion going on with the people of the ATF all that stuff, the e-mails and the letters have a lot of blank spaces. The Judicial Watch didn’t put the blank spaces on some of these documents, the DOJ did… I would think. They left a lot of spaces blank in some of the documents ’cause if they showed the whole thing… it would have showed Obama’s and Holder’s name on them. They hid stuff to keep Obama and Holder from getting in trouble.

One thing that these documents did prove was that they tried to target Sharyl Attkisson for reporting the story and it proves that this administration knew about this gun-walking scandal when they claimed they didn’t know anything about the “Operation: Fast and Furious”.


Speaking of Sharyl Attkisson, I’m in the middle of reading her book “Stonewalled” and I’ve read the “Operation: F&F” chapter. It’s pretty interesting stuff. Holder is in the middle of this and being accused of it ’cause he claimed he never heard of the “Operation: F&F” and people are trying to prove that he knew. That’s what this is about.

It doesn’t yet prove that Obama and Holder started the gun-walking scandal but getting there.


Could Obama finally get impeached over “Operation: Fast and Furious” scandal???

Finally, Obama have been exposed for his cover-ups in one of his scandals… “Operation: Fast and Furious”. Obama have been caught protecting Eric Holder and his wife over the gun running operation. The gun running operation where they sent guns to Mexican drug lords which ended up in gun violence leaving one American dead… Brian Terry.

Obama have used executive privileges as a way to help hide Eric Holder’s e-mails to his family which had evidence that Holder lied to Congress when he first found out about “Operation: Fast and Furious”.



While this is good news, could this lead to Obama impeachment proceedings? Hopefully. We’ll just have to wait and see.

All this shows is that all Obama does is cover up all the crimes that happened under this administration. Obama have been covering up Benghazi, IRS, NSA and everything else you can think of.

When will people wake up that Obama is nothing but a fraud and a criminal? Will this latest report on “Operation: Fast and Furious” be good enough for liberals to see what kind of man Obama really is? I think no.

Hopefully this does get Obama in big trouble. He should have been in big trouble a long time ago as has done lots of impeachable offenses long before this. It’s amazing that he’s still standing and in the White House. Hopefully, he gets impeached and thrown in jail soon ’cause that’s what he really needs.

Now you know exactly why Eric Holder resigned all of a sudden.


Federal Judge orders DOJ to hand in Operation: F&F log documents by Oct. 1st…

Yep, no matter how long ago these crimes were… they won’t rest until they get to the bottom of them. That’s the way it works. There’s no moving on from anything.

A federal judge orders Eric Holder to hand in Operation: F&F log documents by Oct. 1st. The judge orders Holder to hand over the documents to Darrel Issa’s, Oversight and Government Reform Committee.


I wonder what the judge will do if they get nothing by Oct. 1st? Possible indictment for Eric Holder??? They don’t say what they will do if Eric Holder doesn’t hand in the documents. There’s gotta be a reason they are hiding the documents ’cause I’m willing to bet it’ll expose Obama and Holder working together on sending guns to drug lords in Mexico.

Some idiots think “Operation: F&F” was started by the Bush administration like with Operation: Wide Receiver and maybe others but I still stand by it that “Operation: F&F” was all Holder/Obama. Hopefully, those documents will prove that Holder/Obama started, “Operation: F&F” and not Bush.

Everyone’s got to blame Bush and it’s getting old. That’s the only defense people can come up with when it comes to Obama.