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There are good Muslims and bad Muslims, I just realized that after Trump’s visit in Saudi Arabia…

Like most conservatives, I used to believe that all Muslims are bad people but after seeing Trump’s visit in Saudi Arabia… my thoughts on Muslims began to change. I thought to myself, Muslims in Saudi were surprisingly very kind and nice to the Trump family… maybe Muslims aren’t all that bad? Not all Muslims are bad. Just some of them. There are peaceful Muslims and there are “radical” Muslims too so there is such a thing as good Muslims and bad Muslims.

The good Muslims don’t encourage violence and killing of innocent people but they let some of their religion get “radicalize”; therefor, some Muslims becoming evil and they let it happen. Trump’s message to Muslims that he urged the good Muslims to drive the evil Muslims out.

Even Piers Morgan happens to agree with Trump on that and I really like this write-up:


Yeah, there are good Muslims out there, I just wish some Trump supporters and conservatives would stop painting all Muslims like they’re bad people. Some of them are bad but not all of them. Islam is peaceful but “Radical Islam” is the problem.

I agree with Trump and Piers, it’s finally time for the good Muslims to speak out about “terrorism” and they need to help fight terrorism too. That’s why Trump gave them an arms deal so they can “drive” out the terrorists.

What happened at Manchester was sickening and we really need to destroy Isis pretty badly. “Radical Islam” and ISIS are the two reasons why we elected Trump to begin with. You would think the Manchester concert attack would be good enough for liberals to wake up but of course not. They will always be blind, ignorant and dumb. Always worried about offending Muslims and calling Trump supporters “Islamophobes”, “bigots” or “racists”. Nothing new here, y’all.

I’m not a big fan of Ariana Grande’s music at all but my thoughts and prayers go out to her too. Glad she’s okay and glad she’s safe. Hope that taught her a good lesson that Islamic terrorism is real. God bless the UK. We really need to take out ISIS pretty badly. It’s what we voted Trump for pretty much. It’s not that hard to understand.


So the FakeTrump crowd wants to bail on Trump while he’s doing all this winning??? Let that sink in…

I want you to think about something. So Trump is doing all these good things for America already and after the Syrian strike happened, all the so-called Trump supports have been exposed aka the FakeTrump crowd… haters pretending to be supporters. I’m gonna call them FakeTrump from now on.

We’re getting jobs back in this country. Illegal aliens crossing the border has plummeted. Law and order is being restored in this country. Now we finally have a conservative SCOTUS (congrats to Neil Gorsuch, btw) and next we just bombed an ISIS area in Afghan.

So if many are jumping off the Trump Train being FakeTrumpers then President Trump must be doing something right.

I bet those that opposed the Trump Syrian strike are going out of their minds about ISIS getting their asses kicked today which is about time. Do they regret opposing the Syrian strike now? What part of “I’m gonna bomb the shit out of Isis” you don’t understand? Trump proved today he wasn’t kidding at all.

Trump is doing all the things we elected him to do. Yeah, yeah, the FakeTrump crowd are gonna whine and cry about how he’s not doing enough.  I’m seeing FakeTrumpers saying stuff that he’s not draining the swamp like he promised, not building the wall, not repealing and replacing the ACA like he promised… blah blah blah… I understand but keep in mind that draining the swamp, building the wall and the ACA are all pretty tough to do so give him time. It’s funny how the FakeTrumpers are complaining how he’s not doing enough when I disagree with all of them. Trump has already been accomplishing so much ever since he got sworn into office.

I think it’s clear that the FakeTrumpers crying about Trump are just jealous that he’s winning so much. Nothing more. Remember that old saying, “We’re gonna win so much, we’ll get sick of winning”… well I guess those FakeTrumpers are getting sick of it, LMAO! I’m not sick of it, though.

Trump’s already making America great again like he’s been promising for over a year. His approval rating has gone up to 48% and after today’s ISIS strike in Afghan, his approval rating could go up to 50% before you know it.

I understand how many are used to Obama destroying the country but this isn’t Obama anymore, y’all. Get used to it.


Obama wants to disarm Americans so we won’t have anything to defend ourselves against Muslims…

… and that’s how Obama plans to destroy America.

Like the title of this topic says, Obama wants to disarm all Americans and that includes the police. That’s why Obama goes after the police with all this race baiting stuff ’cause he’s trying to take away guns from our law enforcement. He wants real Americans like us to have no guns as well. Why do you think Obama is trying to make our military weaker? All this stuff he is doing is just his plan to destroy America. He’s trying to take away our guns while he’s giving them to terrorists overseas. That’s what Benghazi and Operation F&F were about to begin with. Those two gun running operations. That’s why Obama gives guns to terrorists instead of letting us have them.

Don’t you see? Obama wants to kill us all. He’s doing all of this intentionally. Obama is a madman and evil. When will liberals wake up?

First the Supreme Court rejected Connecticut’s gun control and now the Senate rejected Gun Control nationally. Sorry, Chris Murphy you lose. Chris Murphy wasted 15 hours talking about nothing. Liberals are gonna have to learn that “Gun Control” will never happen. Why? It’s because the “2nd Amendment” is tough to get rid of. That’s a fact.

No matter what Obama and the government tries to pull, you’re never gonna take away our guns no matter what you do. Even if “gun control” does happen, there is no possible way you could get rid of guns permanently. There are too many guns everywhere. Bad people don’t follow laws anyway. Even if gun control happens, that’s not gonna stop gun violence.

It’s pretty insane that stupid liberals blame conservatives, guns and the NRA for the gun violence. It’s also insane that liberals blame the gun itself. A gun, no matter what kind it is… don’t operate by itself. A gun is controlled by a human being which is you. You’re responsible if you have a gun in your hand. People blaming guns itself is pretty ludicrous.

Obama wants to take our guns away to weaken us. So we have nothing to defend ourselves with. Get the picture now? Obama wants to take our guns away, he gives them to terrorists. Now Obama is letting Muslims and illegal immigrants into our country. Obama wants to kill us all. Period. End of story.

I don’t care what anyone says, I’m a huge believer in the 2nd Amendment and will always support it. The more liberals obsess with “gun control” the more it makes me want to get a legal gun myself and I’m actually thinking about it. Someday I would like to get trained on how to use a handgun or a pistol ’cause I love target practice, I really do.

You can’t beat the 2nd Amendment and it will never be repealed either. Dumb liberals living in fantasy land like usual. I hate how liberals are all for something just because people like Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary and the media says so. It’s real sad that liberals would listen to them. I’ll have a rant about that in another post soon.


Does Bernie really care about gay people? I think no…

Bernie just tweeted that today. He says that blaming an entire religion when it comes to terrorism is bigotry. Notice how Bernie was careful not to mention Islam and “gays” in one tweet. He’s just another coward who refuses to say that Islam is responsible for this attack.

As soon as Bernie posted that tweet, I’m sure the entire LGBT community just turned their back on him. In other words, they just stopped supporting him. Why? Bernie fails to mention that people killing gays is bigotry too. Gays getting murdered in cold blood is definitely bigotry and Bernie fails to mention that. Bernie appears to be a gay activist huH?

When Bernie made this statement about the attacks, he was willing to bring up LGBT up in facebook but again refuses to mention “Islam”:

No wonder you don’t see Bernie fans saying anything about this attack is ’cause he’s good at brainwashing them.

Hey Bernie, this is not just an attack on the LGBT in Orlando, it’s an attack on ALL Of the LGBT. It’s not just an attack on all of the LGBT, it’s also an attack on the American people over all. Bernie fails to mention that as well.

I hate Bernie Sanders so much and I hate his insane followers as well. I don’t think Bernie really cares for the gay community.

The left is going crazy ’cause they are realizing that they can’t support both LGBT and Islam at the same time. I’m noticing that liberals have decided to side with Islam ’cause I’m not seeing too many liberals showing sympathy for the LGBT community. It’s just crazy and messed up.

I’ve been called homophobic for years and liberals should be proud that I’ve sided with the LGBT crowd now. They should be happy but apparently they aren’t. When Bernie says that blaming Islam is bigotry, killing gays is bigotry too. Also, gays have woken up about Islam and they are calling Islam evil for hating gays. Islam hates gays and that’s not bigotry as well?

If you look at Bernie’s tweet, what he’s really saying is that gays are bigots for criticizing Islam. Calling gays “bigots” is “bigotry” so Bernie better watch what he says. He’s a messed up and delusional old man. Shame on people for supporting that old clown.


Obama doesn’t care about the LGBT community, he cares about Muslims more…


Obama doesn’t care about the LGBT community like many want to believe and his response to the Orlando shooting is proof of that. After Obama’s response to the Orlando gay club shooting, I think you’re definitely gonna see more gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals and Transgenders support Trump even more now. The gay community should be outraged at Obama for refusing to say who the enemy really is and for acting like Islam is more important than gays.

In Obama’s response to Orlando, he acted like Muslims were more important than homosexuals and I think the gay community should be outraged. I agree with Mr. Trump that it’s time for Obama to step-down if he’s still refusing to say who the enemy is. I mean, if Obama really cared for the gay community then he would take care of them but he doesn’t do that at all. Instead, Obama continues to act like Islam is more important.

I find it amazing to see that the gay community finally woke up on Islam which is about time. The gay community finally realized that Islam doesn’t care about them and now the LGBT community are fighting back at Islam. It’s just amazing stuff really.

I think the tables has been turned on liberals. They thought that the LGBT community were for them and now they’re for us.

Even though I’m 100% straight and not gay at all… I still support gays. Always did. Now I support them even more. I think you’re gonna see a lot more gays jumping aboard the Trump Train. They’re gonna turn their backs on Hillary and Obama. Even gays know that Islam was responsible for that attack. Liberals are getting mad ’cause they are realizing that the LGBT community are not on their side anymore and they are now on the side of Republicans.

It’s just amazing really. Islam hates women and they hate gay people, that’s all there is to it.

Obama is a closeted homosexual and the reason he have to keep it hidden still is ’cause he knows that Muslims hates homosexuals. If Obama was open about his homosexuality, he would get into a lot of trouble with his Muslim brothers. That’s why he continues to keep his gay lifestyle a secret. Islam would stop supporting him if they found out he is gay.

The gay community should be in front of the White House protesting against Obama and try to get him to step-down.


Prayers go out to Orlando, FL… media pisses me off so much…

So a Muslim gunman and registered Democrat goes in a gay bar called Pulse in Orlando Florida and kills & injured a bunch of people in the LGBT community. Like usual the dishonest media won’t call things like they really are. Media won’t call it “Islamic terrorism” and they won’t say who the victims really are. In other words, the media won’t say that the victims were gays, lesbians and transgenders partying at Pulse. That’s why you won’t see liberals mention LGBT when it comes to the Orlando gay bar shooting. Most of the mainstream media keep calling it a “Nightclub” which is actually a gay bar.

And also, liberals want to accuse Conservatives like me of being “homophobic” which is totally untrue. Us “right-wingers” do care about the LGBT community and after this shooting, makes me want to care about the LGBT even more.

I hate the media so much. Like usual liberals keep blaming guns when they refuse to admit that Islamic terrorism is responsible. It’s been widely known for years that Muslims kill people for being gay. Example of this is that Iran hangs people for being gay. It’s against the law to be gay in a Muslim country like Iran.

Why aren’t I seeing liberals putting the rainbow in their profiles to honor the Orlando victims? It’s because the liberal media refuses to say who the victims are. They don’t want it known that Muslims kills homosexuals. That’s why they refuse to say LGBT and Islamic Terrorism. Media refuses to call it “terrorism” but instead they call it “mass” shooting which is dumb.

I get called “homophobic” all the time by stupid liberals but I’m not “homophobic” at all. I care for gay people, for sure. Like I said above, this shooting makes me want to care for them even more.

I think it’s finally time for the gay community to turn their back on Obama, Hillary and other liberal politicians. I think the gay community should support Trump now.


So now twitter finally gets on the move to kick ISIS off of twitter…

Well, it’s about freakin’ time, I would say. Over the past year or so I have been checking out some of those Isis twitter accounts and a lot of them are very disturbing. Scary stuff too. When you check out those Muslim Isis accounts you see a lot of photos of dead bodies, threats to America and blah blah blah. When I look at that stuff, I say to myself… “twitter allows this stuff to be posted on here”??? I could have sworn I tried to report some of those pages myself but of course nothing gets done about it. Something sounds a bit fishy though and I don’t really trust twitter either.



Obama is weak on ISIS ’cause HE IS ISIS, he wouldn’t kill what he created…

Matt Drudge is about to sacrifice his career by revealing some truth behind the Obama admin. that they’ve been arming ISIS. While this isn’t really “shocking” news to me at all, I’m sure Matt Drudge is about to drop some hard evidence to prove it once and for all. He’s probably gonna post a big article about it on the Drudge Report website.

Why is Obama weak on battling ISIS? I’ve been saying from day 1 that Obama is ISIS. ISIS was started by the CIA and MOSSAD. John McCain was caught in Syria visiting ISIS members and even posed for photos with them so that should be good enough to show that our government is behind ISIS.

Yeah, yeah, I know stupid liberals are gonna make speculations that ISIS was started around the BUSH presidency but ISIS didn’t exist back then and there’s no evidence either. It’s just a libtard’s lousy attempt to defend their precious Obama. Liberals can’t take the truth that Obama is evil and he’s capable of anything. Obama is not only arming ISIS, he’s also funding them money. Once again, where do you think they get all them Toyota trucks from and all those military style like weapons & vehicles from? I believe all the weapons that Isis got, they got them all from the Benghazi shipment which is what the Benghazi attacks were about. The Rise of Isis happened after Benghazi.

People defend Obama ’cause they don’t think he’s capable of doing anything evil like starting a terrorist group to scare Americans but like I said, Obama is capable of anything. Don’t kid yourselves.

ISIS is a really stupid name for a terrorist group, though. Who came up with it? I don’t wanna know.


ISIS threatens to attack WWE Survivor Series ppv later tonight… like the Rock would say, “Just bring it!”

The FBI claims there is no credible threat but you can’t trust the FBI since the FBI is under the DOJ (Loretta Lynch who is part of the Obama admin). The FBI could be lying. If ISIS wants to take on the WWE as the Rock would say, “Just bring it”.


Will Isis actually attack the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia? The Philips arena is pretty huge which has a capacity like around 20,000 people or more. It’s probably gonna be a sold out show ’cause the Undertaker is headlining the main event.

People don’t think ISIS will actually attack but they could. They could plant bombs all over the arena pretty quickly. They could walk in with suicide vests and walk in with machine guns shooting everybody at random.

Yeah, some of you may say that all these wrestlers would beat up these terrorists but one thing to keep in mind that wrestling is just a show. Wrestlers are not all that tough in real life even though they may look it on TV ’cause they are human like the rest of us, ya know? Terrorists could kill all the performers and the WWE crew and all the fans. The whole arena could blow up.

Like most I’m a little worried of what might happen tonight so hopefully nothing happens. Security at the arena is probably gonna be really tight, though. They’ll probably do pat downs on every fan walking in the arena.

I hope they’ll be able to do the show tonight.


Video: Newest ISIS video threatening Washington D.C. is so fake…

The background is totally green screen. You can totally tell they’re filming in a Hollywood like studio. Filmed like a b-movie. You can tell they’re reading off a teleprompter too. Those guys in the video also look American.

Here’s an example of a green screen behind the scenes of ISIS videos leaked to the internets. Whoops…