Obama doesn’t care about the LGBT community, he cares about Muslims more…


Obama doesn’t care about the LGBT community like many want to believe and his response to the Orlando shooting is proof of that. After Obama’s response to the Orlando gay club shooting, I think you’re definitely gonna see more gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals and Transgenders support Trump even more now. The gay community should be outraged at Obama for refusing to say who the enemy really is and for acting like Islam is more important than gays.

In Obama’s response to Orlando, he acted like Muslims were more important than homosexuals and I think the gay community should be outraged. I agree with Mr. Trump that it’s time for Obama to step-down if he’s still refusing to say who the enemy is. I mean, if Obama really cared for the gay community then he would take care of them but he doesn’t do that at all. Instead, Obama continues to act like Islam is more important.

I find it amazing to see that the gay community finally woke up on Islam which is about time. The gay community finally realized that Islam doesn’t care about them and now the LGBT community are fighting back at Islam. It’s just amazing stuff really.

I think the tables has been turned on liberals. They thought that the LGBT community were for them and now they’re for us.

Even though I’m 100% straight and not gay at all… I still support gays. Always did. Now I support them even more. I think you’re gonna see a lot more gays jumping aboard the Trump Train. They’re gonna turn their backs on Hillary and Obama. Even gays know that Islam was responsible for that attack. Liberals are getting mad ’cause they are realizing that the LGBT community are not on their side anymore and they are now on the side of Republicans.

It’s just amazing really. Islam hates women and they hate gay people, that’s all there is to it.

Obama is a closeted homosexual and the reason he have to keep it hidden still is ’cause he knows that Muslims hates homosexuals. If Obama was open about his homosexuality, he would get into a lot of trouble with his Muslim brothers. That’s why he continues to keep his gay lifestyle a secret. Islam would stop supporting him if they found out he is gay.

The gay community should be in front of the White House protesting against Obama and try to get him to step-down.


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