ISIS threatens to attack WWE Survivor Series ppv later tonight… like the Rock would say, “Just bring it!”

The FBI claims there is no credible threat but you can’t trust the FBI since the FBI is under the DOJ (Loretta Lynch who is part of the Obama admin). The FBI could be lying. If ISIS wants to take on the WWE as the Rock would say, “Just bring it”.

Will Isis actually attack the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia? The Philips arena is pretty huge which has a capacity like around 20,000 people or more. It’s probably gonna be a sold out show ’cause the Undertaker is headlining the main event.

People don’t think ISIS will actually attack but they could. They could plant bombs all over the arena pretty quickly. They could walk in with suicide vests and walk in with machine guns shooting everybody at random.

Yeah, some of you may say that all these wrestlers would beat up these terrorists but one thing to keep in mind that wrestling is just a show. Wrestlers are not all that tough in real life even though they may look it on TV ’cause they are human like the rest of us, ya know? Terrorists could kill all the performers and the WWE crew and all the fans. The whole arena could blow up.

Like most I’m a little worried of what might happen tonight so hopefully nothing happens. Security at the arena is probably gonna be really tight, though. They’ll probably do pat downs on every fan walking in the arena.

I hope they’ll be able to do the show tonight.


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