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Last night’s “Survivor Series” was mostly great except for that terrible main event, Lesnar vs. Goldberg sucked!!!

So I watched last night’s Survivor Series ppv on WWE Network and it was mostly good except for that terrible main event with Brock vs. Goldberg. Goldberg just delivered Brock a couple of spears and a jackhammer, it was over just like that. See the quick match in the video above.  After all that hype and buildup for this match, the match only lasted for a little over one-minute, really Vince?

Anyway, I’m sure the Brock vs. Goldberg feud isn’t over yet so I’m feeling there’s going to be a third match with them pretty soon. Brock vs. Goldberg #3 for Wrestlemania 33? I’m willing to bet that’s what the plan is so maybe their next match will be longer and more exciting hopefully. Storyline wise, Brock is definitely gonna want his payback tonight on RAW so I’ll watch RAW to see what happens.

For the most part, though, most of last night’s Survivor Series was really good. The best matches of the night last night were the Women’s 5 on 5 matchup with Team Charlotte and Team Natalya. I definitely think Charlotte is making women’s wrestling more exciting again for sure, that was a pretty exciting match to watch too. Another female star I’ve been liking lately is Bayley, she’s been catching my attention. I’m feeling a Charlotte vs. Bayley match for WM-33. I’m loving Charlotte the more I see her, though, she’s my favorite right now.

Another match that was real good was Team RAW vs. Team Smackdown Live 5 on 5 with Team AJ Styles and Team Kevin Owens. That match was pretty amazing and so much fun to watch.

The other matches were okay but the ones I talked about above I liked the most except for that horrible Brock vs. Goldberg match. Not sure why that match was so short. Maybe it’s because of Goldberg’s age, I don’t know? If Goldberg lasted in that match for more than 5 minutes he would’ve been out of breath. I guess WWE wanted to give Goldberg the spotlight to keep the fans happy. Is this gonna be Goldberg’s final match? I’m feeling one more is coming on and it’s probably gonna be at WM-33.


ISIS threatens to attack WWE Survivor Series ppv later tonight… like the Rock would say, “Just bring it!”

The FBI claims there is no credible threat but you can’t trust the FBI since the FBI is under the DOJ (Loretta Lynch who is part of the Obama admin). The FBI could be lying. If ISIS wants to take on the WWE as the Rock would say, “Just bring it”.


Will Isis actually attack the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia? The Philips arena is pretty huge which has a capacity like around 20,000 people or more. It’s probably gonna be a sold out show ’cause the Undertaker is headlining the main event.

People don’t think ISIS will actually attack but they could. They could plant bombs all over the arena pretty quickly. They could walk in with suicide vests and walk in with machine guns shooting everybody at random.

Yeah, some of you may say that all these wrestlers would beat up these terrorists but one thing to keep in mind that wrestling is just a show. Wrestlers are not all that tough in real life even though they may look it on TV ’cause they are human like the rest of us, ya know? Terrorists could kill all the performers and the WWE crew and all the fans. The whole arena could blow up.

Like most I’m a little worried of what might happen tonight so hopefully nothing happens. Security at the arena is probably gonna be really tight, though. They’ll probably do pat downs on every fan walking in the arena.

I hope they’ll be able to do the show tonight.


BREAKING NEWS: Two new champions crowned from last night’s “Survivor Series” ppv!!!

So last night I watched the WWE ppv “Survivor Series”. While I find it no surprise that Triple H and Chris Jericho were going to lose their title run, the WWE crowned two new champions, two superstars just returning from their long break.

Triple H had a championship match with Russian wrestler Vladmir Kozlov. Triple H’s original opponent was supposed to be Jeff Hardy but since reports all over the national news you’ve probably read about it that Jeff Hardy was found unconscious in a hotel room. So Vladmir Kozlov was Triple H’s replacement. Triple H was wrestling Vladmir throughout most of the match with the audience yelling “Boring” throughout most of it. Toward the end of the match, Vicky Guerrero the Smackdown GM came out with a microphone and she announce the Champ match has turned into a triple threat and she says “He’s here”, trying to get the audience to think Jeff Hardy is here. But nope….Edge’s theme song blasts through the speakers, and Edge himself came out running to the ring.

Edge is sporting a new look with a huge bushy beard looking like someone from the Allman Brothers Band or something. As soon as Edge jumped into the ring, he gave Triple H the spear, and pinned him a 1,2, and 3, just like that, the match is over. Edge is the new WWE Champ. Then Jeff Hardy himself came running to the ring trying to beat up Triple H, Vladmir and Edge all at the same time but Edge gave Hardy the spear too.

For the main event John Cena vs. Jericho, Cena is the new Champ. I want WWE to stop giving the belts to Edge and John Cena everytime they return. I wasn’t going to watch last night’s PPV, but the only reason I watched it last night ’cause I was bored and just wanted to watch something on TV.

It was an ok ppv. All the matches were nothing special this time around and I was kind of getting bored watching it.


Official “Survivor Series” 2008 poster with John Cena on it…

That’s the official poster for this year’s “Survivor Series” that’s been leaked all over wrestling websites early. Well John Cena haters, look like Cena is coming back very soon probably sometime this fall before “Survivor Series”. And look like he’s going to be the main event again. *yawn*

I just hope Chris Jericho will still be champion at Survivor Series so we can get a Jericho vs. Cena match instead of another Cena vs. Orton that we’ve seen so many times.

I’m sick of Cena being gone and then he comes back again this soon. Everybody hates Cena whether he plays a good guy or bad guy. Everyone knows he’s such a shitty performer. Horrible mic worker and he only knows one or two wrestling moves.

If Cena becomes champ at Survivor Series, then I’m done watching Raw for a while.