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Does The Undertaker vs. John Cena deserve to happen?

For Wrestlemania this year, it’s definitely looking like that the Undertaker vs. John Cena is gonna happen. It probably will happen ’cause a Cena vs. ‘Taker feud has already started on RAW. Cena just started challenging ‘Taker. Ya know, this match I think needs to happen ’cause a Cena vs. ‘Taker match has never happened at a Wrestlemania believe it or not! It’s true! I think a match like that is about to come to a reality.

I used to hate John Cena, but I don’t anymore. My respect for Cena grew pretty slowly over the years but now my respect for him is immense. Love him or hate him, Cena is a work horse in the business. The man works hard. He’s one guy that works in WWE on a full time basis all year round. He does take time off here and there but not much. He’s a hard worker and good performer. He’s also a good wrestler. Many wrestling fans refuses to admit that Cena has put on a lot of exciting and thrilling matches at Wrestlemania over the years.

Many wrestling fans don’t want ‘Taker vs. Cena to happen, but I think it’s a match that deserves to happen. No doubt that ‘Taker and Cena will bring the house down and put on a very exciting match. Undertaker matches are always very exciting. I’m not ashamed to admit that Cena is becoming a favorite of mine. I think ‘Taker and Cena will put on a brilliant match together, and it will probably end up being one of the best matches on the WM-34  card.

Who will end up winning the ‘Taker vs. Cena match? Probably ‘Taker. Remember, ‘Taker lost his WM streak to Brock Lesnar at WM-30 and ‘Taker lost again to Roman Reigns at WM-33 last year. Since ‘Taker lost a WM last year, I think WWE will make him win again so the fans can be happy ’cause fans were upset when he lost to Reigns. Was that ‘Taker’s last match with Reigns? I don’t think so… I think ‘Taker has some more wrestling in him left. I think ‘Taker will have his last match with Cena and win that one so ‘Taker can have his last match as his winning match.

What is the WM-34 card looking like so far? Well as far as I know there are two matches confirmed already: “Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for Universal Title” and “Aj Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakumura for the WWE Title”.

I’m looking forward to Wrestlemania this year as always. I watch it every year and thanks to WWE Network, it gave me the opportunity to watch every single one. I hope this year’s card is gonna be a good one!


Two real things happened on Wrestlemania last night: Undertaker retirement and John Cena/Nikki Bella engagement…

Professional wrestling maybe fake and scripted but not always. Sometimes real things can happen on these shows. Two real things happened last night on Wrestlemania. Undertaker retiring and John Cena finally proposing to his longtime girlfriend, Nikki Bella. I’m almost 100% sure the John Cena proposal to Nikki wasn’t scripted. This brought back to the time when Macho Man Randy Savage proposing to Miss Elizabeth on a past Wrestlemania and they became a real life married couple for a while after that. So if it happened to them, the same can happen to John & Nikki. Well, I’m sure Cena had to get Vince McMahon’s approval first to propose to Nikki in front of the whole world and obviously Vince was all for it ’cause it gave the WWE good publicity. The John Cena and Nikki engagement is all over the news. The Cena/Bella engagement, that’s kayfabe.

After Undertaker removing his wrestling gear and celebrating his retirement and wrestling career with his fans, walking over to ringside to kiss his wife… that was all kayfabe.

The term kayfabe is a wrestling term in the community meaning things that happen in wrestling that is real. It’s when wrestlers go out of character and do unscripted things. Again, wrestling maybe fake but not all the time. Sometimes real things do happen. That word, “kayfabe”. There was some of that last night at Wrestlemania which was cool. WWE needs more kayfabe ’cause it makes the shows more interesting.

I too liked the Cena and Nikki Bella engagement a lot. It showed that Cena is a great guy in real life and after that, I like him a lot more now. Cena and Nikki Bella weren’t the only power couple in wrestling who ended up being real couples in real life: Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth for starters… Undertaker & Michelle McCool, Tyson Kidd & Nattie, Brock Lesnar & Sable, CM Punk & AJ Lee, Jimmy Uso & Naomi, Rusev & Lana, etc.

I wonder if Cena & Nikki will have a private wedding or do an on TV wedding like with Savage/Elizabeth. We’ll have to wait and see. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cena & Nikki films their wedding for “Total Divas” reality show. The Tyson Kidd and Nattie wedding was aired on “Total Divas”, I think.


So the headline main event for “Wrestlemania 33” is gonna end up being John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title? Looks like it!!!

So I watched the Royal Rumble ppv last night and it was good. So the main event for the upcoming ‘Mania 33 is probably gonna end up being John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title. Last night John Cena won the WWE Title from AJ Styles (which was an amazing match btw, more on that later in this post) and Randy Orton ended up winning the 30 Man Rumble matchup. So that basically means that Orton is now automatically slotted to headline ‘Mania 33 for the WWE Championship. Could it actually be Cena vs. Orton @ ‘Mania? Possibly if Cena can keep the belt for that long that is unless someone takes it from him before ‘Mania but I doubt it though. It may not seem like it but Cena and Orton never had a headlining singles match at ‘Mania before so I think it’s finally time. Cena and Orton had other singles matches at other ppv’s before but never ‘Mania. Correct me if I’m wrong. I think Cena vs. Orton should happen at ‘Mania ’cause that would make an amazing match.

It’s sad that the Undertaker lost again but I think the Undertaker will still have a match at WM-33 this year. Who would Undertaker have a match against? Undertaker will probably end up having a match against Roman Reigns. Undertaker got eliminated by Roman Reigns at the Rumble last night so the Undertaker will definitely want his payback. So watch out Roman, you just messed with the wrong guy!

As far as the Rumble match itself goes, it was pretty good but slightly disappointing. Not because that Orton won, though. I’m actually glad that Orton won ’cause that was unexpecting. They made last night’s Rumble match unpredictable this time which was good. I’m disappointed in the Rumble match ’cause they made Brock Lesnar and Goldberg look like babies, they didn’t last long in the match at all. Sad! There were also no surprising superstar returns from the past which also made it disappointing: No Kurt Angle, no Triple H, no Shane McMahon… nobody came back. Just current superstars.

I thought Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns match was really good. I’m starting to like Kevin Owens even more. After watching that match, I thought to myself, did Vince finally lift the ban on chair shots to the head? There were a few of those in that match last night I see.

I thought the best match of the night was Cena vs. AJ Styles. That match was amazing. You see Vince? That’s what we all want to see. GOOD WRESTLING. Technical wrestling finally made a comeback. That match was incredible and will go down as a classic years from now. Both men did a phenomenal job. Ya know, when I used to watch TNA Wrestling… I’ve had my eye on AJ Styles for years and I always knew that guy would be a big WWE Superstar someday and here he is. I used to hate John Cena but I don’t anymore. Cena is becoming my favorite lately and I’m liking him more and more. I don’t understand all the Cena hate ’cause like him or not, that man is very talented and works hard. My respect grew on Cena lately.

It was a pretty good Rumble last night.


John Cena breaks nose for real on last night’s RAW??? Seems so…

Looks pretty real to me. Cena’s nose looks busted up thanks Seth Rollins knee to the face. Even if Cena hurt himself for real, he finished the match anyways like a pro.

I was never a Cena fan but I think I am now. I did watch RAW last night and have noticed it.

Yeah, wrestling is mostly fake and scripted but sometimes wrestlers do get injured for real. When they get injured for real, it is mostly by accident.


The WWE will continue to over hype John Cena to death until he decides to retire!!!

I know how much all of us are getting fed up with WWE over hyping John Cena so much, as if he was the next Hulk Hogan, but the WWE is not going to stop. They will keep giving him so much screen time. Hogging all the main events, and getting all the Wrestlemania spotlights, you get the deal. This is why the WWE will never bring back the Attitude Era. I know us longtime fans want the Attitude Era back, but the popularity of John Cena, the PG era will be around for a long time. Here’s why…

…simply put, John Cena is a powerhouse when it comes to helping marketing the WWE. The Make-A-Wish-Foundation, Fruity Pebbles, etc. Things like that. Even though the ratings are really bad for the PG era, the PG rating stays ’cause of Cena. Cena is only popular with women and children. Not too many men like Cena too much, as he gets a lot of boos at the live shows from the male fans and Cena has his share of haters online.

This is part of why I almost gave up watching WWE several times ’cause like most everyone, I too am sick of Cena. Cena is also never gonna turn heel even though a lot of us would want him to. Even though, I’m not much of a Cena fan, I want to see him turn heel ’cause that would make an interesting storyline. They wouldn’t turn Cena heel ’cause the WWE are afraid to lose their sponsors that he’s good at marketing for, and of course, they don’t want the children to get turned off by him. Cena started off as a heel earlier in his career when he was younger.

I’ll admit it, that Cena had quite a few amazing matches in his career, and you can’t deny that he’s a hard worker, I just think he’s very annoying. I think rap gimmicks in wrestling is awful to begin with. If Cena never had the rap gimmick that he has had for years, then he wouldn’t have gotten this big now. He’s not the next Hulk Hogan, guys. Yes, the Rock will probably keep the title and Cena will probably end up taking it from him at ‘Mania. I don’t even know if I want to watch Wrestlemania this year.

If the Undertaker doesn’t have a match at this year’s ‘Mania, then I wouldn’t even bother. I love Undertaker matches at ‘Mania ’cause they make it worth watching, his undefeated ‘Mania streak.

Back to John Cena, I don’t really hate the guy, honestly, but I just want the WWE to cut him some slack. There are plenty of other talented performers who deserve the same spotlight Cena is getting, like Ryback for example. I think Ryback is the best new performer we have today. Ryback is a great character and I think he’s going to be a big icon down the road, for sure.

John Cena is a pretty young guy, he’s just about my age, actually, lol. Cena will probably be around WWE for a long time. The only time if he’ll get forced to retire if he gets injured for real that prevents him from wrestling. Yes, wrestling maybe fake and scripted, but serious injuries do happen for real in wrestling. I’m not saying that I want Cena to get injured badly so he can be gone, just sayin’. Edge, was forced to retire at a young age ’cause of an injury and he can’t wrestle anymore ’cause of it.

I’m probably gonna watch RAW tonight, to see what’s gonna happen after the Rumble. I want to see Jericho ’cause he’ll be on tonight, I think. I also want to see CM Punk’s reaction now that he finally lost the belt. I’m sure Punk will deliver an amazing speech. I like CM Punk. He’s an amazing performer who I’ve admired for years. A lot of people hate Punk ’cause of his “Respect me, best in the world” stuff, but come on, it’s just a scripted wrestling show. I never take it seriously. On top of that, the bad guys (heels) are more interesting performers to begin with.


WWE to look for different top superstar instead of John Cena soon???

Reports around the world of wrestling news, are saying that the WWE could be looking for someone new to take over the top spot as a main event superstar. For the last several years or more, the WWE has been shoving John Cena in our faces. Acting like he’s the next Hulk Hogan. Cena, being the hero and the face of the WWE. Well, it looks like those days will finally be over for him ’cause Cena is getting older, and with his age, it may be pretty silly to keep the superhero thing going for him. If they’re looking for a new top superstar, that would be the best time to turn Cena heel, they probably will, hoping.

WWE is looking at Sheamus “The Celtic Warrior” to take over the top spot, but the only problem is, Sheamus’s age.

Usually top babyfaces in WWE are always young guys. Remember, when Hulk Hogan used be around WWE years ago, he was young.

There are other guys in WWE right now that are worth that recognition maybe. In my opinion, if they want a young guy that will fit along the lines of Austin, the Rock (who were young back in the Attitude era), I would pick Wade Barrett, but again, his age, he’s 32. I think the Miz or Daniel Bryan could be the best choice.

See the article, here.

If it’s true that they are finally gonna cut some slack on Cena, that’s cool. I’m getting sick of the guy myself like most wrestling fans.


Will Vince McMahon fire John Laurinaitis storywise??? I think no, and here is my prediction…

I didn’t watch last night’s 3 hour RAW, but I caught the last half hour of it when I got back home from the movies. I DVR’d last night’s RAW, and will watch the rest of it tonight. The current storyline is John Laurinaitis, who is a longtime WWE employee, he serves as the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, in real life behind the scenes of the company. Well, he has now been performing on WWE TV for the past couple of months. He’s the General Manager for both RAW & Smackdown for WWE TV. His on TV character is described as a power hungry boss much like Vince McMahon, but a little different. The babyface fans and the superstars both want Laurinaitis to be off of WWE TV because people think he’s a boring character. He’s supposed to be a “heel”, which is what he is. John L., used to be a professional wrestler himself in his younger years, he used to go under the name of, “Johnny Ace“.

Cena has been trying to do whatever it takes to get Johnny L. off of WWE TV. This is all just a storyline, I know. I’m just explaining what’s going on. Vince McMahon returns to WWE TV last night, and there was a lot of speculation that McMahon was going to fire Johnny L. off of TV “storywise”. At the end of RAW last night, McMahon made the announcement that if Big Show loses the steel cage match against Cena at this Sunday’s, “No Way Out” PPV, he will fire Johnny L. then. So does that mean if Cena wins the match (which he probably will), Johnny L. keeps the job? Sounds like it.

My prediction on how this is going to go down, I don’t think Johnny L. will get fired. This will be McMahon’s attempt to get after John Cena. I think there’s another major Cena vs. McMahon feud on the way. I know Vince McMahon’s on TV character quite well. He has always been sick and twisted, mean, and evil. I don’t think he’ll fire Johnny L. to make the fans happy. Vince has never been that type of character. He’s always been unpredictable. I think Vince is about to do something big to get heel heat again.

I agree it will be cool to see McMahon get in someone’s face and growl, “You’re FIIIIRREEDDDDddd….” like he’s most famous for, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

On top of all this, I find Johnny L., a great performer. I think he’s one of the best heel General Manager’s in a long while. He’s great on the mic, just my opinion. As I said, I like the heels more (badguys) ’cause they’re more interesting than the good guys. I think part of this feud is building up for another Brock Lesnar return, he’s been off of WWE TV for the past couple of weeks. In real life, Brock’s deal with WWE isn’t that long, so he’s not going to be on WWE TV a lot. Just occasional appearances, like the Rock.


BREAKING NEWS: Brock Lesnar officially returns to WWE…

I just watched RAW tonight and Brock Lesnar just made his official return. Lesnar showed up at the very end of RAW tonight. See his photo, here.

No matter what you think of Lesnar, WWE is his home. He belongs in professional wrestling. I think he finally realized it if he agreed to return. It was WWE that helped make Brock a big name star, and icon. Without WWE, he wouldn’t have made it in UFC at all. I’m sure of it.

Look like Lesnar is going to feud with John Cena. Hopefully Lesnar will finish the feud with the Undertaker, so it can be Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker for “Wrestlemania 29”.

Lesnar came back with his own theme and he used his signature move, the F5, on Cena. He didn’t use the the F5 move in UFC at all ’cause it’s a trademarked finisher owned by WWE.

Who knows how long Brock will stay around WWE for. I’m just glad he’s finally back for another run.



Even if the Rock hasn’t wrestled in a ring since 2003, he still has it!!!

So the Rock hasn’t been in an actual wrestling match since 2003. What was his previous wrestling match before his match against Cena at last night’s “Wrestlemania”? Rock’s previous match was against Bill Goldberg at “Backlash” ppv in 2003. That was when the Rock was a heel back then. Goldberg was the babyface. Shortly after the “Backlash” ppv, the Rock had a few more feuds with other wrestlers, then retired from WWE to focus on a full time movie acting career. Yes, it’s been a long time since the Rock wrestled in an actual match.

You know what? The Rock still has it, after all these years he’s been gone. As expected, the Rock vs. Cena was the best match of the night. I knew they were going to put on a helluva match as I’m sure everyone else knew it too. The Rock still can do the People’s Elbow and the Rock Bottom signature moves well, and it was good to finally see those moves again. Even if I don’t like John Cena, I’ll respect him just this one time, even he did a good job as well.

Who won the match? The Rock did it, of course. Miami is the Rock’s hometown, so of course, they were going to give them the win for that one reason. The Rock still has the talent after all these years. When most iconic wrestlers retire from the industry, a lot of people expect them to make comebacks. Well, the Rock never really retired. He knows that WWE is his home and where he belongs, so he came back to make the fans happy. He’s a pretty busy as hell guy going back and forth to his wrestling career to his movie career, so much respect for him.

Other thoughts on last night’s Wrestlemania? It was a pretty good ppv. Nothing that amazing, nothing all that special. It was just pretty good and entertaining. The three best matches of the night as I predicted were, “Undertaker vs. HHH – Hell in a Cell”, “CM Punk vs. Jericho”, and “Cena vs. Rock”. Those three matches  had some really good wrestling.

I even liked the Divas tag team match with Kelly Kelly/Maria vs. Beth Phoenix/Eve. Those women actually wrestled, and it was entertaining. The matches that opened Wrestlemania weren’t that great, they were pretty quick and short matches so they can give the main event matches more time. Although, Randy Orton vs Kane was okay, and I’m glad they gave Kane the win. WWE has been making Kane looking ridiculous for years, and I’m happy Kane, actually won a Wrestlemania, finally.

No Brock Lesnar appearance, but who knows, I have a feeling Lesnar will return this year anyway. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s true. It could be Lesnar vs. the Rock, for next year’s ‘Mania.

It was a decent Wrestlemania, just wish, they  gave Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan more wrestling time ’cause that match only lasted for a couple of seconds. It was the shortest match ever.

Hopefully next year’s ‘Mania, they do a better job. I’m glad last night’s ‘Mania, didn’t end with Cena winning again. Something different for a change.