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RAW last night was surprisingly a pretty great show… I enjoyed it all the way through… wasn’t bored at all this time…

I was considering taking a long break from watching WWE since it’s been so bad for a long while but now I don’t think I will and will continue watching. I was really surprised to see how great RAW was last night. It was actually an excellent show all the way through. Why? It’s because Vince is no longer in control of RAW now and Paul Heyman is in charge of running RAW. Paul Heyman is on fire and is already doing a great job.

Why was RAW so good last night? Well for starters, there were a lot more wrestling matches than superstars cutting promos which was shocking. For months and months, there have been less wrestling on RAW in the past but there were a lot more of it last night. Every match on RAW last night were really good too.

Paul Heyman really knows his wrestling and I’m glad Vince put him in charge. It was a smart move.

While it’s a nice idea that AEW is gonna be bigger than WWE, it’s never gonna happen ’cause all AEW is gonna do is force WWE to do better. WWE could quickly go back on top in the ratings again now that Paul and Eric are in charge of the two brands.

Now I’m gonna be watching Smackdown tonight to see how much that show has improved now that Eric Bischoff is in charge of running SD Live. I actually can’t wait for tonight. WWE is trying all they can to improve themselves and it’s great to see actually. I think Vince finally woke up and now wants to give fans what they want… “wrestling” and they gave us that on RAW last night.

This is definitely gonna be a war between WWE and AEW. No doubt.



Paul Heyman to be in charge of RAW and Eric Bischoff to be in charge of SD Live… interesting…

Well this is interesting. Just announced today, Paul Heyman has been named by WWE as the executive director of Monday Night RAW and Eric Bischoff has been named as the executive director of Smackdown Live. Both of these men were hired to be in charge of those brands. While those two are now in charge of running those two shows; however, it looks like Vince McMahon is still calling the shots ’cause like the article says the two must report to Vince McMahon.

Both of these men have one thing in common, though. They have experience in running wrestling companies. Like the article says Paul Heyman used to own ECW and Eric Bischoff was the president of WCW.


I know a lot of wrestling fans are getting skeptical of this but I think this is a pretty good idea. Heyman and Bischoff both know their wrestling ’cause they have a lot of experience in the business and they are very knowledgeable with wrestling. They definitely know their stuff.

I would give them a chance to see how they would do.

Some of you may ask, why is Vince doing this? Over the years in the WWE, Vince had full control of both RAW and Smackdown. He called the shots of everything and now it looks like Vince is finally giving up some control in WWE.

Is Vince finally waking up and realizing that he isn’t good anymore creatively? That could be a part of it but I think the real reason is that the XFL is about to be launched and he won’t have time to run both brands anymore. So he needs to give someone else to take over.

Another reason Vince is doing this is that ratings for both RAW and SD are still in trouble and this could be a ploy to help bring the ratings up. Could Paul and Eric shape up the wrestling business and take it to the next level? AEW is exploding and you can see that Vince is trying everything to compete with them.

I’m going to wait to see how Paul and Eric will do. I know a lot of wrestling fans out there will be skeptical of this but I’m gonna give these guys a chance. Paul and Eric could bring wrestling back to the WWE and that’s what I’m hoping and praying for. We’ll have to wait and see how they do.


Does Roman Reigns really have leukemia or not??? I think not… it might be a work…

On RAW last night, Roman Reigns was the first one to come out in the ring to deliver a promo. During his promo, Roman says he’s been living with leukemia cancer for 11 years and says he has kicked it ass once. Now he says it came back and he’s going to take a hiatus from the company to battle leukemia again. Of course, Roman relinquishes the title as you see in the video above.

There’s a little controversial debate over this, though. There’s a bit of an argument between wrestling fans on whether or not Roman Reigns really has cancer. The question is does Roman Reigns really have leukemia or is it a work (part of a story line).

I look through some wrestling message boards and forums. Most fans are being compassionate for Roman by giving him his well-wishes and all that stuff; however, there are some wrestling fans that will think this is all part of a storyline aka a “work”. Roman having leukemia could possibly be all scripted and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it turns out to be scripted ’cause why? It’s WWE. You really can’t tell whether or not things are true on WWE TV. You can’t believe everything you see on WWE TV, including this.

When some fans want to believe this is part of a storyline, they’ll get attacked by the other side who believes it’s real. The other side who believes it’s real will make arguments like: “Cancer is no laughing matter”, “WWE will not go this low since they deal with people with cancer” and blah blah blah. Yeah, WWE deals with bringing awareness to cancer a lot like with their “Make a Wish” foundation that they’re known for and their October breast cancer awareness month that they do. They believe Roman’s cancer diagnosis is real ’cause WWE does a lot of stuff for cancer victims. Yeah, it’s true that WWE does a lot of that stuff for cancer victims but that still doesn’t mean Roman’s cancer diagnosis is real.

What’s funny is that wrestling fans don’t believe the WWE will go way out of line with their storylines. Seriously? If they really believed that then they haven’t watched WWE in over a decade or so. This wasn’t the first time WWE went “out of line” with their storylines… check this article out:


Vince McMahon is one crazy guy and this guy will do anything for “ratings”, trust me.

You see, Roman Reigns has been one of the most hated wrestlers for a while. What gets me the most about this whole thing is how quickly the haters flipped from being a “hater” to a Roman Reigns “fan” after that speech. A lot of wrestling fans hated on Reigns so much through blogs and forums. I’ve seen fans bash the man like crazy over the last few years. I can see that they won’t admit that they hated the man… they keep making lies like, “I hate Roman Reigns the character, not the man himself”. They despised the man and they wanted him gone from the company. Fans hated Reigns ’cause they were tired of the WWE over pushing him so much, they also knocked his wrestling ability and gimmick. So now fans are all loving him now after that speech above? Oh please! The WWE tried all they could to get fans to stop hating on Reigns and now it looks like they finally found a way.

For the record, I don’t hate Reigns. Never did. I’ve always been a Roman Reigns fan and always found him a talented guy. He always put on exciting as hell matches. I just don’t believe his cancer diagnosis is real. If it turns out to be real then my bad, my heart goes out to him. I just believe it’s a work ’cause it’s leading up to something with the Shield, the wrestling faction with Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose turned heel last night at the show and a few between him and Seth Rollins started. Now Ambrose and Rollins will feud while Reigns will be off of WWE TV for a long while. Then I predict about a year later, Reigns will make his big return.

I know my opinion on this might offend some but I don’t care. We should have a right to believe whether or not this is a storyline and I’m pretty sure it is. Just wait. I just think WWE is up to something. I think they want Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins to feud on TV for a long while without Roman Reigns getting in the way, I think that’s what the goal is? They need to explain a way for Reigns to take time off of TV and him having leukemia was the best they could come up with. There’s no doubt in my mind that this a work, a storyline and I’m sticking with it.

This is WWE. A mostly scripted show… you can’t believe everything they do.


Why WWE RAW ratings have been tanking lately… my take on it…

I’m a huge fan of WWE and wrestling but I’m not afraid to admit that RAW is getting bad again. It’s not the superstars fault ’cause they are just doing their jobs; getting paid to perform on TV and at live events. They are getting paid to follow the script and doing what the creative team tells them to do. With the tanking ratings, who’s fault do I think it is? Well, I think it’s definitely Vince McMahon’s fault and the creative team, duh.

Check this article out:


I think the reason why a lot of wrestling fans out there are getting turned off by WWE is for a few reasons. I can think of 5:

  1. We’re getting tired of part-timers coming around just to get WWE Championship belt and you don’t see them on TV much. A lot of us believe that there are other superstars worthy of the belt but the WWE doesn’t give it to them. They mostly give the title to part-timers. I kind of agree, it is pretty stupid if you think about it. We’re fed up of Brock Lesnar holding the belt for so long and he’s hardly ever on TV, just occasionally.
  2. Most of us are not watching RAW anymore ’cause we’re fed up with WWE ramming Roman Reigns down our throats. A lot of complaints I’m seeing is that we think Roman doesn’t deserve the huge push he’s getting and many of us think he’s a horrible wrestler and performer. Many of us believe there are other superstars worthy of that push. The main event status.
  3. WWE fans are getting tired of the creative team burying talented wrestlers that they like for example stars like Asuka and Bobby Roode. Both of those stars were real hot in NXT but once they made it on the roster, it seems like WWE is trying to make them look bad all the time. Losing a lot of matches and things like that. Making them look weak. We’re tired of WWE making talented people look weak and that’s what’s been going on a lot.
  4. We’re fed up with the family-friendly bullshit and want the Attitude era back. Ya know, bring back the good wrestling, bring back the blood, bring back hardcore wrestling, bring back chair shots to the head, bring back sexy women, etc. WWE wants to ignore the wrestling part of it and that’s what we’re all getting frustrated on.
  5. Bad booking of matches and bad writing of story lines. Both are getting horrible lately, I’ll have to agree there. The ppvs have been shit lately as well. The story lines have been boring and stale lately except for the Kevin Owens vs. Braun Strowman feud which is actually entertaining but the rest of RAW? *yawn* RAW has been a real sleep fest lately.

Some of you know I’m a huge wrestling nerd. WWE needs to step their game up and give what the fans want if they want people watching again. I think Vince is out of touch with what the fans want.

I don’t blame the performers at all ’cause they’re all talented people (even Roman Reigns, I like the dude), it’s just the creative team is crap.

It’s sad to see how wrestling is today. That’s the thing, ya know? The wrestling industry changes all the time. It always does. I miss the old days of wrestling during the 80’s and 90’s when it used to be a blast to watch. On the WWE Network, I’ve been watching every episode of old-school WCW Monday Nitro back to back and I’m like 83 episodes in right now. Old WCW Nitro was classic stuff. I’m loving it ’cause I’ve never watched WCW before and thanks to the WWE Network, I get to watch it finally. I’m watching old WCW Nitro ’cause I want to learn the history of it as a wrestling nerd. If I want to be a true wrestling nerd, I gotta know WCW.

I love the WWE Network, though. It’s the best streaming service for sure. I got it for the old school wrestling ’cause that’s what I like. I prefer old-school than new wrestling anyways.


WWE is starting to get real good again, they usually get really good before “Survivor Series” ppv…

Well I watched the TLC 2017 ppv  last Sunday and I watched RAW last night to see what happens after TLC. I must say WWE is getting better. They usually improve whenever one of the big four ppvs come around: Summerslam, Survivor Series, The Royal Rumble and of course, Wrestlemania. Before one of those big ppvs, WWE have to get better to hype up those shows.

I was very impressed with the TLC ppv this year. TLC which stands for “Tables, Ladders and Chairs”. I enjoyed every match on that ppv, but of course, I think the best matches of that night were the 5 on 3 handicap TLC match (which was the main event), Finn Balor vs. Aj Styles and Asuka vs. Emma. Every match was good but those three matches I listed were the most exciting.

As for Asuka vs. Emma, I’m so glad Asuka is finally on the main roster. I’ve been watching older NXT shows ’cause of Asuka. I want to see every match Asuka did in NXT so I’ve been watching a lot of NXT on the WWE Network lately. I can understand why NXT is the hottest show on television right now ’cause the wrestling on that show is way better than the main roster. As far as Asuka vs. Emma goes, both women killed it and did a great job. I’m usually never that enthusiastic over female WWE stars, but I fuckin’ love Asuka! I just love her character, her gimmick and most importantly, she’s phenomenal in the ring. She’s already getting a lot of attention. She had her rematch with Emma on RAW last night and that was a great match too. Asuka is a female performer who actually knows how to wrestle, that’s why she’s getting so much attention very quickly. I think Asuka is gonna be around WWE for a pretty long time ’cause she’s gonna sell WWE a lot of merchandise. She’s already selling a lot of merchandise ’cause I’m seeing fans in the audience wearing Asuka masks and t-shirts. She’s absolutely gonna be the John Cena of the women’s division for sure.

As for Finn Balor vs. Aj Styles, that was one of the best matches I’ve seen in a long time and that’s the kind of wrestling we all want to see. Yeah, that match was “wrestling” all the way. It was a thrilling and exciting as hell match. Finn Balor is one of my favorites right now and so is AJ Styles. I’m glad those two finally had a match together. I’m sure those two guys will have more matches together… hopefully we’ll get Balor vs. Styles II for the next Wrestlemania ’cause that would be awesome.

As far as the main event match goes at TLC 2017 the other night, that was thrilling and exciting too. Kane is back as the big red monster again which is how we all want to see him. We want to see Kane as evil and dangerous, not weak and stupid. For the past years or so, WWE has been making Kane look weak and stupid for a long while. They make Kane lose a lot of matches, and I’m glad WWE is finally making Kane the way we want to see him. Kane is a great character, and we just don’t want to see WWE ruin him. I’m glad Kurt Angle got to wrestle again finally and yes, he still got it. Angle killed it the other night like he usually does and I figure he would put on a hell of a show.

As for last night’s RAW, that was an even better show. I see that WWE is going for another “RAW vs. Smackdown” storyline which is nothing new. WWE tried “RAW vs. Smackdown” storylines many times in the past but they fail each time they try. I hope they keep up the good work with this one. The ending for last night’s RAW reminded me back in the old WCW days when nWo took over the company in the 90’s. WWE tried experimenting with “RAW vs. Smackdown” storylines in the past and they also tried “WCW taking over WWE” which also failed. They tried nWo taking over WWE when Hogan, Hall and Nash first returned in WWE and that failed too., they also tried D Generation X taking over WWE and I remember the Nexus taking over RAW storyline which failed also. Each time WWE tries a group “taking over the company” storyline, it fails each time ’cause it’s a hard storyline to do. With all this being said, it was interesting to see the entire Smackdown roster turn heel on RAW, though. It was interesting. This could also lead to a match between Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon at Survivor Series and I hope that match happens. It was nice to see Shane turn heel again.

WWE is getting really good again and I’m liking the Survivor Series card so far too. Definitely better than last year. I’m actually looking forward to Brock Lesnar vs. Jinder Mahal too. Looking forward to Survivor Series.

I’m so glad that I got the WWE Network. Had it for a few years now and I’ve been addicted to this streaming service. I’ve watched every Wrestlemania on it and also I’ve seen every Royal Rumble and every Survivor Series. Haven’t started “Summerslam” on it yet ’cause I’m still watching a  lot of NXT on it. WWE Network is cool stuff for sure.


RAW ratings getting lower & lower? No surprise. Hey Vince, people want to see “wrestling”, not “family entertainment”…

Last Monday’s RAW which was May 29th was the second lowest rated in WWE HIstory. There was one WCW Monday Nitro episode that did a lot lower. RAW ratings has been getting lower and lower these days.

Check out this article:


Since the RAW ratings has been getting so low, this made former WWE writer, Vince Russo reach out to Vince McMahon in hopes of maybe returning to WWE as a writer. There’s a lot of talk that Vince maybe all for Russo in coming back ’cause pro wrestling these days needs a lot of help.

Why are WWE shows tanking in the ratings these days? Hmmmmmm let me guess these reasons, shall we?

  • People don’t like the PG era of wrestling: The PG era of wrestling has been going on for too long now and we’re fed up with it. Watching WWE shows these days feels like watching Disney almost which is sad.
  • Vince McMahon ignores “wrestling” completely: Vince doesn’t want anything to do with wrestling in WWE anymore. He can ignore the wrestling part all he wants but WWE will always be wrestling no matter what you think of it. We just want Vince calling it “wrestling” again like he used to do in the 80’s and 90’s.
  • Bad storylines: Storylines in WWE are starting to get bad again. Sometimes they get real good and sometimes they go downhill. Well, they’re going downhill. I think this Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt feud is really dumb.
  • Bad booking of ppv shows: Enough said? The booking of matches is getting horrible these days as well.
  • Vince pushes the WWE superstars that he likes, not giving what the fans want: For example, Vince keeps ramming Roman Reigns down our throats. A lot of wrestling fans don’t like Roman Reigns and they feel that Vince should be pushing some of the other talent to the top that deserve it more… for example superstars like Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, Luke Harper deserves to get pushed more.
  • We want to see Hardcore wrestling back and bring back the blood too: I really miss the hardcore days of wrestling back in the day. Wow. That was some great shit! Back in the days when WWE used to be real good. Lots of barbed wire, thumb tacks and all kinds of weapons were being used. I miss all the blood in wrestling too ’cause the blood is what makes wrestling matches exciting as hell. God, I miss the old days!

There, you get the idea. For the most part, people are getting fed up with wrestling being for children. How about something for everybody, ya know?

The problem is Vince just like to please himself when it comes to WWE shows. Everything you see on TV goes through Vince’s approval. If he likes it, he’ll use it. If he doesn’t he’ll trash it. Read Chris Jericho’s books for proof on that. He really needs to concentrate on giving what the fans want but he never does.

How about changing the WWE shows that are more aimed toward the “smart” fans instead of trying to reach an audience who are “marks”? The wrestling term “mark” is a fan who believes wrestling is real. A “smart” fan means the complete opposite.

Yeah, I’m a huge wrestling fanatic but would like to see the business improve myself. Sad ’cause there are so many talented new and young talent like Finn Balor, Aj Styles and Samoa Joe are a few of my favorites right now. Another favorite performer of mine is Asuka, who is a female wrestler on NXT but she’s not on RAW yet. She’s fucking awesome, though.

The WWE really need to step up their game. How about bringing back “wrestling”? That’s what people want to see!


When are we going to see Asuka on RAW or Smackdown Live??? She’s getting a lot of attention on NXT…


I know I’m late getting into NXT wrestling but late is better than never. I just started watching finally out of curiosity to see what it’s about. What NXT is, it’s a wrestling show from WWE in which Triple H is in charge of. NXT was founded by legends Triple H and Dusty Rhodes. NXT is a a third wrestling brand for young wrestling rookies where they could get their start in pro wrestling. That’s where all these new wrestler superstars on RAW/Smackdown Live are coming, from they’ve come from NXT.

I’ve just started watching NXT on WWE Network ’cause that’s the only place where you can watch NXT is on the Network, WWE’s own streaming service. I’m glad I started watching NXT ’cause it’s good stuff really. Which is no surprise since NXT is owned by Triple H and that man seems to know what he’s doing running his own shows.

The reason I started watching is ’cause this wrestling character by the name of Asuka caught my attention. She’s a Japanese wrestler. She’s currently NXT Women’s Champion and she’s been undefeated for a while. I’m impressed by her look, her image and her gimmick is supercool too. I guess I have a huge thing for Asian women ’cause I love ’em. Most importantly, she’s also a very talented wrestler. Most female wrestlers in WWE don’t do much in the ring but Asuka is pretty technical. She does way more than slap, punch, pull hair and kick.

Asuka is getting a lot of attention on NXT and she’s already getting so many fans. I’ve watched NXT Takeover and she definitely caught my attention and I’m already a fan of hers. So this weekend, I’ve started watching older NXT shows just so I can watch more of her. The more I watch of Asuka and I only saw two matches of hers so far, the more I think she’s going to be something special in the WWE. You’re looking at the next icon… she could be bigger than Sable, Trish Stratus, Lita, Chyna, etc.

Asuka needs to be on RAW or Smackdown Live soon and I think she will. I haven’t watched Smackdown in many years but if they put her on there, I’ll watch Smackdown for her but if they put her on RAW that’ll be cool. Hopefully they put her on RAW/Smackdown ’cause she deserves to be on the next Wrestlemania card.

Charlotte, Bayley and Sasha Banks maybe getting a lot of attention on RAW/Smackdown Live lately but once Asuka comes around, they’ll be quickly forgotten. Asuka is one star wrestling fans should look out for. I’m going to watch more Asuka matches on NXT tonight.