WWE is starting to get real good again, they usually get really good before “Survivor Series” ppv…

Well I watched the TLC 2017 ppv  last Sunday and I watched RAW last night to see what happens after TLC. I must say WWE is getting better. They usually improve whenever one of the big four ppvs come around: Summerslam, Survivor Series, The Royal Rumble and of course, Wrestlemania. Before one of those big ppvs, WWE have to get better to hype up those shows.

I was very impressed with the TLC ppv this year. TLC which stands for “Tables, Ladders and Chairs”. I enjoyed every match on that ppv, but of course, I think the best matches of that night were the 5 on 3 handicap TLC match (which was the main event), Finn Balor vs. Aj Styles and Asuka vs. Emma. Every match was good but those three matches I listed were the most exciting.

As for Asuka vs. Emma, I’m so glad Asuka is finally on the main roster. I’ve been watching older NXT shows ’cause of Asuka. I want to see every match Asuka did in NXT so I’ve been watching a lot of NXT on the WWE Network lately. I can understand why NXT is the hottest show on television right now ’cause the wrestling on that show is way better than the main roster. As far as Asuka vs. Emma goes, both women killed it and did a great job. I’m usually never that enthusiastic over female WWE stars, but I fuckin’ love Asuka! I just love her character, her gimmick and most importantly, she’s phenomenal in the ring. She’s already getting a lot of attention. She had her rematch with Emma on RAW last night and that was a great match too. Asuka is a female performer who actually knows how to wrestle, that’s why she’s getting so much attention very quickly. I think Asuka is gonna be around WWE for a pretty long time ’cause she’s gonna sell WWE a lot of merchandise. She’s already selling a lot of merchandise ’cause I’m seeing fans in the audience wearing Asuka masks and t-shirts. She’s absolutely gonna be the John Cena of the women’s division for sure.

As for Finn Balor vs. Aj Styles, that was one of the best matches I’ve seen in a long time and that’s the kind of wrestling we all want to see. Yeah, that match was “wrestling” all the way. It was a thrilling and exciting as hell match. Finn Balor is one of my favorites right now and so is AJ Styles. I’m glad those two finally had a match together. I’m sure those two guys will have more matches together… hopefully we’ll get Balor vs. Styles II for the next Wrestlemania ’cause that would be awesome.

As far as the main event match goes at TLC 2017 the other night, that was thrilling and exciting too. Kane is back as the big red monster again which is how we all want to see him. We want to see Kane as evil and dangerous, not weak and stupid. For the past years or so, WWE has been making Kane look weak and stupid for a long while. They make Kane lose a lot of matches, and I’m glad WWE is finally making Kane the way we want to see him. Kane is a great character, and we just don’t want to see WWE ruin him. I’m glad Kurt Angle got to wrestle again finally and yes, he still got it. Angle killed it the other night like he usually does and I figure he would put on a hell of a show.

As for last night’s RAW, that was an even better show. I see that WWE is going for another “RAW vs. Smackdown” storyline which is nothing new. WWE tried “RAW vs. Smackdown” storylines many times in the past but they fail each time they try. I hope they keep up the good work with this one. The ending for last night’s RAW reminded me back in the old WCW days when nWo took over the company in the 90’s. WWE tried experimenting with “RAW vs. Smackdown” storylines in the past and they also tried “WCW taking over WWE” which also failed. They tried nWo taking over WWE when Hogan, Hall and Nash first returned in WWE and that failed too., they also tried D Generation X taking over WWE and I remember the Nexus taking over RAW storyline which failed also. Each time WWE tries a group “taking over the company” storyline, it fails each time ’cause it’s a hard storyline to do. With all this being said, it was interesting to see the entire Smackdown roster turn heel on RAW, though. It was interesting. This could also lead to a match between Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon at Survivor Series and I hope that match happens. It was nice to see Shane turn heel again.

WWE is getting really good again and I’m liking the Survivor Series card so far too. Definitely better than last year. I’m actually looking forward to Brock Lesnar vs. Jinder Mahal too. Looking forward to Survivor Series.

I’m so glad that I got the WWE Network. Had it for a few years now and I’ve been addicted to this streaming service. I’ve watched every Wrestlemania on it and also I’ve seen every Royal Rumble and every Survivor Series. Haven’t started “Summerslam” on it yet ’cause I’m still watching a  lot of NXT on it. WWE Network is cool stuff for sure.


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