Talia Shire, what does she look like now? (see photo here)…

The last time Talia Shire played the character Adrian in the Rocky franchise was Rocky V in 1990. She hasn’t played the character in over a decade. Why? Simply because Sly wrote her out of Rocky Balboa and she’s no longer part of the Rocky franchise, but she will always be a crucial part of the series, though.

Here she is at the John G. Avildsen memorial event… posing for a photo with Frank Stallone who is Sly’s brother. Some of you may ask, why is Frank there? Well, Frank who is a musician/actor did have some cameo appearances in the Rocky films. Frank was part of the street singers you see in the first Rocky when they sang “Take You Back” (which is a song that Frank wrote himself for the movie). I’m sure you all remember the “Take You Back” song… yes, Frank wrote that.

Back to Talia Shire though, she’s still looking beautiful even at 71 years old.


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