Don’t assume my posts are about you, but if you’re affected by them, that means you’re guilty of something…


I came across this little message… it’s another one that totally reminded me of myself so I decided to share it here. Ya know, whenever I’m blogging, tweeting and facebooking about my opinion and thoughts on certain stuff… someone replies to you in sudden bursts of anger thinking the posts was written about them. I’m sure this happens to you, and this absolutely happens to me all the time.

When I’m speaking my mind on stuff there are some people who always think I’m writing about someone without naming names. Why do they always believe that? Ya know, if I wanted to write about someone and call them out publicly, I won’t be afraid to use names. When I’m not using names then that means I’m not writing about anyone in particular. I’m actually writing about the majority of a certain group of people. It’s interesting how someone gets pissed off thinking I’m writing about him/her when that’s not what I do at all.

That’s okay, though. When that happens, don’t let that bother you. It usually means that when someone gets pissed at something you wrote (when it wasn’t about that person or persons at all) then you might of said something that bothered them. It pretty much means they’re guilty of something. They know you’re right and they just didn’t like hearing it. When I go on my rants, voicing out my opinions on things… it doesn’t mean I’m writing about someone. It’s just funny to me why some people think I am writing about someone when I’m not at all. They’re just guilty of what you’re saying is all. It’s like the trash taking itself out is what it is so don’t worry about it.



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