When you treat someone the same way they treated you, they don’t like it… so true, unfortunately…


Yes. Knowing from my own experience about this meme, it’s so true!

I’ve had quite a bit of people treat me pretty badly over the years… online and offline. Some people enjoy giving me a hard time, criticizing me, judging me and bashing me. Yet, when you do the same to them, they don’t like it. They get all pissed off for sure.

It’s the same with online. Yeah, I get a lot of trolls and haters. Each time I find out who they are and when I call them out, pretty much all of them think they never do anything wrong. They almost always play innocent victim all the time. Later on, when you decide to treat the person the same way he/she treated you, they get all offended and pissed off. I believe they usually do that ’cause they always try to make it seem  like you started it when you’re in a feud with somebody. It happens every time someone has a negative grudge against me.

A lot of people like to insinuate that I go around the internet starting shit for no reason. Some believes I’m so horrible to people online. Wrong. I’m actually “very good” to most people, but when people treat me like crap first that’s when I go off. They expect me to be happy after some writing a bunch of  negative shit to me?

Interesting how people think they can get away with online harassment. I deal with it all the fucking time, hahahaha. It’s worse with local musicians, though. They can be the worst cyberbullies for sure. People can talk about me however they want to, but I can’t talk about others. I’ve always tried to figure that out.


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