If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you should check out the “Wheelman” movie, it’s actually a great film and I was surprised!

This movie called Wheelman starring Frank Grillo has been one of the most overhyped movies on the internet especially through social networking. The trailers looked pretty intriguing to me so last night, I decided to check the film out for myself… just out of curiosity. To my surprise, the film turned out really good, and I think it’s the best original film that Netflix has on there. I’ve seen some original Netflix movies, but the only two I liked were Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game and Wheelman. I thought both of those films were really good.

The film Wheelman is about this guy who is a getaway driver… ya know, a getaway driver is someone who gets paid for helping thieves escape after a successful robbery, well Grillo’s character was in a middle of a getaway job with these two thieves and he ends up in a messy situation. Grillo’s unnamed character ends up dealing with some evil men and ends up dealing with some mobsters who wanted that money. Grillo’s character is now in danger and he must deal with it all himself. The movie is about survival for the most part.


At first, I was skeptical of this film but as soon as I started it last night on Netflix… I was hooked and kept watching ’til the very end. I was expecting this movie to be like other action movies with cars… ya know, movies like: Fast and Furious, the Bourne Trilogy, Drive, Baby Driver, etc. This movie Wheelman was nothing like those films at all. Instead, Wheelman was a lot darker and more violent than those other films I mentioned. In the film, the camera never leaves Grillo’s car throughout the film pretty much and it was all in his point of view.

I think this is the best original movie on Netflix. I would like to get it on BluRay too if it’s available. Frank Grillo is a badass in this film too and it’s a must see. Do yourself a favor and check the film out. It’s fucking awesome!


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