The arrogance and egotism of local musicians… it just never ends but that’s okay…

It is interesting how musicians responds to honest criticism. I’ve been interacting with musicians in the local music community for more than ten years or so. I can tell you right now that most of them have a problem with being arrogant and egotistical most of the time. Whenever I talk about this stuff, some usually don’t believe me and they think I’m full of shit most of the time but that’s okay. I’ve seen how musicians are online and offline… I just go by what I see. I don’t make these things up, why would I?

I think it’s safe to say that most musicians don’t like criticism of any kind. They really don’t. If you say anything negative — whether it’s about their music, their image, their stage presence, the way they promote themselves, the way they handle their live gigs, their attitudes, etc. — if you say anything negative about any of that stuff, you can expect some kind of retaliation by them in return. They usually throw a nasty temper tantrum when you do. I’ve dealt with that many times over the years, trust me.

Why is it that some musicians get pissed over criticism? Like the title of the topic says, I think it’s merely arrogance and egotism. You see, the thing is there are too many musicians who love themselves… they love themselves a bit too much. They think they’re important and they think they’re better than others just because they had some successes with their music. Like I said before, some musicians just want to feel like that they’re more superior than you just because they’re more established than you. They just try to put you below their level. So because they’ve had some successes with their music, they think they know everything and think they know what they’re doing. They feel that you don’t deserve to give them criticism or advice. The more success they get with their music, the bigger their ego becomes. That’s how they are.

Yeah, I understand that some musicians and bands are proud of all the success they achieved and making their dreams come true, but is responding to criticism is the best attitude to have? No. Absolutely not! As some of you know, I get a lot of bad publicity and I have nasty critics too, but I just learned to ignore them over the years. I don’t respond to anything negative anymore like I used to.

There are musicians out there that can’t take criticism at all. I’ve seen musicians respond to every criticism and attack aimed at them and they try to defend themselves each time. Not really a good thing to do. It’s an unprofessional thing to do is to react toward the critics especially responding in an angry manner.

That’s the name of the game in music, ya know? When you want to play music and get yourself out there, you’re gonna get criticized. I wish some bands would understand that but they don’t get it yet. Many of them live under the delusion that they are great and thinking that everybody likes them. Well not everybody is gonna like you and not everybody is gonna agree with you. You’re just going to learn how to deal with it.

I’ve said this before and will say it again that I find it funny that people think it’s okay to criticize me but when I do the same, they don’t like it. They get all pissy. Many of these musicians acting like keyboard warriors… attacking me through blogs, social networking, anonymous pages and message boards… yet when I do the same to them they’re like: “Oh no, Brock is the big bad internet troll”. They play innocent victim almost all the time. Funny how that works. Musicians having negative thoughts about me for years but I can’t criticize other bands. You get the point of where I’m getting at? This is messed up.

I’ve been dealing with musicians for many years. Trust me, the local music community is crazy. It’s not all that great and wonderful like some say it is. They’ve been brainwashed by the local music websites and blogs that are out there (not naming who they are but you’ll figure them out).

Don’t get me wrong. Not all musicians in the scene are arrogant and a bunch of assholes… there are some that are actually wonderful people, humble and down to Earth. Wish we had more musicians like that ’cause being humble is important. I never thought I was better than others, and I never thought I was a rock star either. I play music ’cause I love it. I was never into it for the money or popularity. Just want to play and rock out. That’s all I want to do.


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