Kurt Angle is officially back in the WWE, but as a wrestler this time…

Kurt Angle returned to WWE earlier this year (back in the Spring time, I believe), but he returned as a performer… not as a wrestler yet. Kurt Angle is now the RAW GM. Now he’s more than just a RAW GM, he is finally back as a wrestler. Roman Reigns pulled out of the Main Event match at the TLC ppv which will take place this weekend, so Kurt Angle took his place as a wrestler. Reigns pulled out of the match ’cause he got sick, and he wasn’t able to perform. Kurt is now officially part of the 5 on 3 TLC match in which he teams with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz, Braun Strowman, Kane, Cesaro and Sheamus.

Bray Wyatt also got sick, and he won’t be able to compete against Finn Balor aka The Demon King. Aj Styles took over Wyatt’s place.

Interesting… two superstars pulled out of the ppv due to illness. Are they really sick, or did they just do it so Kurt can return to action?


Kurt may not have wrestled in WWE in over a decade, but I’m pretty sure he still got it in the ring. During those ten long years Kurt has been away from WWE, Kurt worked for TNA Impact full time so I know he can still wrestle very well. I’m sure Kurt will still kill it after all these years. It’ll be great to finally see Kurt wearing Olympic attire again.

I’m usually not that excited for WWE ppvs, but I’m actually looking forward to this one. Kurt Angle return to the ring and Asuka debut. Plus, to see Braun Strowman ’cause that dude is a fucking badass. That Strowman dude is quickly becoming a favorite superstar of mine!

I’m definitely watching TLC this Sunday as I’m sure it will be a good ppv.

Some of you may ask, why is Kurt Angle wrestling again? Well the news doesn’t surprise me ’cause Kurt has said repeatedly he’s not quite done wrestling yet. He said he still got some left in him. Kurt wrestling again is probably gonna lead to his final match at Wrestlemania. That’s probably where it’s gonna lead to. Who should Kurt have his Wrestlemania match against? I think it should be Brock Lesnar, really. Yes, Lesnar vs. Kurt already happened at Wrestlemania 19, but I think a Wrestlemania rematch between those two would be awesome.

I like Kurt Angle. He has always been a phenomenal performer and wrestler. I’ve watched him through WWE in the past, and I’ve watched him on TNA Impact a lot too when I used to watch that. I don’t watch TNA Impact anymore, but I used to watch it a lot. I’m sure Kurt Angle returning to the ring this Sunday won’t be disappointing. Looking forward to it.


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