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Kurt Angle is officially back in the WWE, but as a wrestler this time…

Kurt Angle returned to WWE earlier this year (back in the Spring time, I believe), but he returned as a performer… not as a wrestler yet. Kurt Angle is now the RAW GM. Now he’s more than just a RAW GM, he is finally back as a wrestler. Roman Reigns pulled out of the Main Event match at the TLC ppv which will take place this weekend, so Kurt Angle took his place as a wrestler. Reigns pulled out of the match ’cause he got sick, and he wasn’t able to perform. Kurt is now officially part of the 5 on 3 TLC match in which he teams with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz, Braun Strowman, Kane, Cesaro and Sheamus.

Bray Wyatt also got sick, and he won’t be able to compete against Finn Balor aka The Demon King. Aj Styles took over Wyatt’s place.

Interesting… two superstars pulled out of the ppv due to illness. Are they really sick, or did they just do it so Kurt can return to action?


Kurt may not have wrestled in WWE in over a decade, but I’m pretty sure he still got it in the ring. During those ten long years Kurt has been away from WWE, Kurt worked for TNA Impact full time so I know he can still wrestle very well. I’m sure Kurt will still kill it after all these years. It’ll be great to finally see Kurt wearing Olympic attire again.

I’m usually not that excited for WWE ppvs, but I’m actually looking forward to this one. Kurt Angle return to the ring and Asuka debut. Plus, to see Braun Strowman ’cause that dude is a fucking badass. That Strowman dude is quickly becoming a favorite superstar of mine!

I’m definitely watching TLC this Sunday as I’m sure it will be a good ppv.

Some of you may ask, why is Kurt Angle wrestling again? Well the news doesn’t surprise me ’cause Kurt has said repeatedly he’s not quite done wrestling yet. He said he still got some left in him. Kurt wrestling again is probably gonna lead to his final match at Wrestlemania. That’s probably where it’s gonna lead to. Who should Kurt have his Wrestlemania match against? I think it should be Brock Lesnar, really. Yes, Lesnar vs. Kurt already happened at Wrestlemania 19, but I think a Wrestlemania rematch between those two would be awesome.

I like Kurt Angle. He has always been a phenomenal performer and wrestler. I’ve watched him through WWE in the past, and I’ve watched him on TNA Impact a lot too when I used to watch that. I don’t watch TNA Impact anymore, but I used to watch it a lot. I’m sure Kurt Angle returning to the ring this Sunday won’t be disappointing. Looking forward to it.


Did Kurt Angle tease a future return to WWE??? That’s what it’s looking like…

Kurt Angle finally retired from TNA wrestling. Now it’s looking like he maybe coming back to WWE. If he is, it’s probably not for a full time run, probably part time ’cause Kurt never liked to work in wrestling full time… that was the reason why he worked for TNA in the past.

It’s looking like Kurt is finally making a WWE comeback. Kurt left WWE in 2006 so it was a long 10 year hiatus from the company. Could he be coming back? If so in what form? I think he’ll come back as a wrestler but maybe for one final match @ Wrestlemania 33 probably.

Who would Kurt feud against when he returns? I would like it if Kurt would feud with any of the new guys but it’s looking like that Kurt will come back to feud with the McMahon’s. So it’s probably gonna be Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon at WM-33? Kurt and Shane already had a match together at King of the Ring in 2001 but it be cool if they go at it again.

I like Kurt Angle. Always did. I’ve watched Kurt Angle a lot in WWE and I even watched him a lot when he was in TNA (I used to watch TNA wrestling a lot but quit watching that too).

I hope Kurt comes back ’cause that would be cool. He probably will. I miss the “You suck” chants.


In defense of wrestlers getting into the movies…

These days, more and more wrestlers have been getting away from professional wrestling to act in movies more. With wrestlers such as, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Kurt Angle are becoming pretty big movie stars lately. I’m sure many movie fans are accusing them of not having acting talent and I’m sure they think these wrestlers don’t deserve to be in the movies, but in this post, I’ll take a little time to defend them.

People think that wrestlers don’t have acting experience, sorry to say, but these wrestlers have PLENTY Of acting experience. How? Well, professional wrestling is acting. Think of professional wrestling as theater. Both wrestling and acting in movies are pretty much the same thing. When you have years and years of professional wrestling experience, you don’t need to go to college for acting or any of that stuff. Wrestling taught them how to be an actor. They don’t need to be on the Broadway theater stage or do commercials on TV to get their start. They can get right into the movies, right away.

Wrestling helps them become a big name, so they get recognized in the movies easier. The bigger these guys become in the wrestling industry, they accomplished everything they needed to accomplish in wrestling, that there’s nothing left for them to do anymore. That’s why they move away from wrestling, and move on to movies. So they deserve to be in the movies for sure.

I think Dwayne, Steve Austin and Kurt are all doing a good job in movies so far. I’ve seen some of their work recently. I expect even more wrestlers to retire from the business to focus on movies more. I think Triple H could be next. There are rumors he might be retiring from WWE soon, not sure. Triple H has been doing a bunch of straight to video movies for WWE Films. Triple H didn’t do any major big screen movies yet, but I’m sure he’ll get into big screen movies soon when he gets done with wrestling officially.


BREAKING NEWS: Kurt Angle will NOT make the London Olympics due to serious knee injury during training…

For a long while now, Kurt Angle has been trying to make a big comeback to amateur wrestling for the Olympics, this year in London. In 1996, Kurt won a gold medal even though he had an injured neck (fracturing two of his cervical vertebrae, herniating two discs, and pulling four muscles), but he won the bout anyway against, Abbas Jadidi, an Iranian wrestler.

Kurt’s been trying really hard to make the Olympics again, but now his dream of an Olympics comeback looks to be over. During training sessions, he tore an MCL in his right knee and tore his right hamstring muscle. He was going to try out for the Team Trials in Iowa, in hopes of making the London Olympics, but he decided to pull out. The injuries look serious.

More on the story, here.

Well, after years of Kurt working for professional wrestling companies like WWE and TNA, and when you’re getting older, your body can’t take it anymore. Amateur wrestling is real wrestling. Not fake wrestling like you see in entertainment. Even though entertainment wrestling is fake, you still have to be physical and yes, it’s still a “sport”, in professional wrestling, no matter what you think of it.

While I feel bad for Kurt, this was expected to happen, so I’m not surprised at all. He shouldn’t have worked for TNA after all these years and put his focus on the Olympics instead. His years of working in the professional wrestling industry is what put his Olympics dream to an end.

It would be cool to see Kurt make it in the Olympics and see him win another medal. He should have seen this coming.


Film Review: Warrior

Starring: Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, Nick Nolte, Kurt Angle

Directed by: Gavin O’ Connor

Today, I decided to go to the mall to check out the movie, “Warrior”. Here is my review…

Plot/Synopsis: Ex-Marine, Tommy Conlon (Hardy) returns home to Pittsburgh, from serving the country, and he enlists his father (Nolte) to help train him for a big MMA tournament where the winner gets $5,000,000. However, Tommy, and his father don’t get along because his father is a recovering alcoholic and their family is about to fall apart.

While Tommy focuses on getting into fighting, his brother, Brendan Conlon (Edgerton), is a school teacher and he’s in a financial ruin with his family. Brendan wants back into fighting so he can have the money to care for his family who is also about to fall apart. The two Conlon brothers must go face to face in the tournament to fight for the prize of a lifetime. 

If you like sports films and if you’re a fan of MMA/UFC, then you’re definitely going to love this movie. Also, this movie isn’t just for sports and MMA fans. This movie can be enjoyed by everyone. This movie is more than just about MMA and cage fighting. It can be about family life and things that can happen for real. This film wants to give you insight on what it’s like being an MMA fighter. Some may think the MMA lifestyle is easy and fun, but this film wants to show you it can be difficult. Families can fall apart because of your fighting lifestyle and your life can get ruined very quickly as well, just like that. This film also wants to show you that fighting can bring out the positive things about your life as well.

This is a perfect film over all. It was very intelligently written. The acting of the cast was phenomenal. Especially Nick Nolte who I was most impressed with. I think Nick Nolte deserves the Oscar nod for Best Supporting actor for this role and I have a feeling he might get one. His acting was very powerful in this movie.

This film has so much different emotions. It can be sad at times, there are scenes where it makes you pissed off, and the fighting scenes just make you want to jump up and cheer. The fighting scenes were great. I was even impressed with Kurt Angle, who is an Olympic gold medalist wrestler, and former WWE star/current TNA star. Kurt Angle didn’t talk at all in the movie. Kurt Angle plays one of the fighters who Tom Hardy fights in the movie.

I was completely blown away and in awe about this film. This film is definitely 10x’s better than, “The Fighter”, starring Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg. “Warrior” is even better than “The Wrestler” starring Mickey Rourke. I’d say “Warrior” is the best sports movie since the Rocky series.

I must warn you though, that “Warrior” didn’t have a lot of fighting in this movie and there’s a good reason for that too. Like I said before, it wanted to show you the life of a fighter outside of a cage. I think that’s the whole point of this movie. Real life MMA fighters like in Strikeforce and UFC, live their lives the similar way it is shown in this movie. All they do is train, fight, and live their lives with their families. Fighters are just normal people like us. It’s what they do for a living because that’s all they have. A lot of fighters can’t get jobs and have a hard time making money to survive, so they fight in a cage to survive.

This movie is very inspiring and I would definitely say this is the best movie of 2011 so far. Whether you’re into MMA or not, you gotta check this movie out. You’ll understand this sport better, when you do.

Score for “Warrior” (**** “4 stars” as in “excellent”)


Cool Video: “Chyna” Joanie Laurer returns to professional wrestling after a long 10 year hiatus…

Guess who’s back to pro wrestling? That’s right, Chyna – Joanie Laurer has returned to wrestling after a long 10 year break from the wrestling business. Chyna left WWE in 2001. After she left WWE, she worked for New Japan Pro Wrestling for a few years, after she left that company, she didn’t do any wrestling at all. During her break from wrestling she did appear in a lot of TV shows and in some movies, but the reason she didn’t do much in her career after her WWE days is because she was having a lot of personal problems in her life.

She became a drug addict, and suffered depression, all kinds of stuff. She must of gotten her personal life straightened out if she is finally ready to return to wrestling.

This is not a very good video, look like it was shot on a cell phone camera, but Chyna’s TNA debut is set to air next Thursday May 12th. She is revealed as Kurt Angle’s mysterious, mistress.


Cool Video: Sting returns to TNA Impact last night and takes the title from Jeff Hardy!!!

WOW!!! I actually enjoyed, TNA Impact last night. While the company is mostly crap, I thought last night’s episode was actually very entertaining.

Last night’s show opened with Dixie Carter coming to the ring to announce her battle with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s new wrestling group, Immortal on who ever takes control of the TNA company. The current storyline is, that Immortal has control of TNA taking over Dixie Carter’s job. Hulk and Dixie battle in court that day storywise to see who gets control. It was announced that Hulk Hogan won the court battle (story wise) and has complete ownership of TNA, leaving Dixie unemployed.

Then it was announced that Jeff Hardy would have a world TNA championship match against an unannounced opponent. The unannounced opponent was the “3-3-11” thing that TNA got going on, similar to the Undertaker’s return at WWE. Well, the “3-3-11” turned out to be Sting.It was a very shocking ending to last night’s TNA and not too expecting. TNA does a good job at unpredictability while WWE makes their story lines too predictable.

Everything else about last night’s TNA was great. The matches were fun and I even enjoyed the Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett feud. Jeff Jarrett who married Karen Angle in front of Kurt’s face at the show.

Last night’s episode was to obviously compete against WWE like usual. Even Hulk Hogan was entertaining last night too. If they keep up the good work like this, I might be a full time fan of TNA. I do watch TNA every week though.

Enjoy the videos below.


Report: Kurt Angle wants WWE return…

Former WWE star, Kurt Angle is still currently working for TNA. Even if he signed another contract to stay with TNA even longer, he still wants a big WWE return. He still plans to stay with TNA too. How can he work with two different shows at the same time?

See the article, here.

That’s good that Kurt Angle finally wants to return. Could he actually be, the RAW Anonymous GM? Heh, who knows. The WWE could certainly use him back since their ratings has been down as of late. Kurt Angle would also make a great member of the Nexus ’cause the Nexus could use a member that have wrestling talent, and Kurt Angle has that. Pretty much all members of the Nexus suck at wrestling, except for Justin Gabriel who seems pretty promising.

I’d like to see a Kurt Angle return. I’m all for it.