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Is “Impact Wrestling” getting cancelled and going out of business?

There’s a rumor going around out there that Dixie Carter’s wrestling company, “Impact Wrestling” is getting cancelled by Destination America which is a cable TV network. Why is it getting cancelled? While the ratings of their shows were pretty good, they feel it wasn’t good enough to justify the total cost of the programming. Plus, advertisers didn’t want to advertise their products and services specifically during Impact Wrestling. There’s also speculation that “Impact Wrestling” (formerly known at TNA) maybe going of business.


While it is sad news, it doesn’t surprise me ’cause I only watched “Impact Wrestling” when Sting, Mick Foley, Ric Flair and Bully Ray were in the company. I lost interest in “Impact Wrestling” after they all left. While I respect the fact that the company stays true to wrestling, their storylines and feuds really suck.

While the company is being cancelled completely by a TV network, I don’t think “Impact Wrestling” is going out of business so there’s nothing to worry about. I think Dixie Carter and the team will find a different network to air their shows. I’m sure they will get picked up by a different network. I don’t think “Impact Wrestling” will be going away anytime soon.

If “Impact Wrestling” is gonna go out of business then that will be pretty sad ’cause I would feel bad for the wrestlers on their roster and all the crew who put the show together ’cause they’ll be out of work. It’s weird ’cause Billy Corgan just signed on to work with them and now they’re getting cancelled?

I totally blame Hulk Hogan on the destruction of “Impact Wrestling”. When Hulk worked for them, he claimed that he was gonna make the company bigger and better but he didn’t. All he did was run the company to the ground just like he did with WCW. Now he destroyed, “Impact Wrestling”.


If wrestling fans aren’t happy with the WWE… here’s an idea… start watching TNA Impact instead!!!

Just so you know that there is another wrestling company called TNA Impact that could use more support. They already do have a lot of support ’cause TNA Impact is getting bigger.


Instead of WWE fans threatening to unsubscribe to WWE Network, why don’t they all give up watching WWE and watch TNA instead? I used to watch TNA a lot and thinking about starting to watch them again.

If you want actual “wrestling” and sexy women, watch TNA instead. Best of all TNA has Kurt Angle who all the wrestling fans like. Fuck WWE.

Someday, I think TNA is gonna be bigger than WWE. It’ll happen. Love TNA or hate ’em, they are becoming more successful.

TNA Impact was a company founded by wrestlers Jeff and Jerry Jarrett but later Dixie Carter took over the company. TNA Impact has a lot of former WWE guys you might recognize.

TNA does have some problems in their writing and matches too but hey, at least they still brought us actual “wrestling”. TNA is not a bad company. TNA is the company that has wrestlers such as Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Awesome Kong, etc. You should check ’em out yourself.

I think one day WWE fans will switch to TNA and many have already done that.


Why I’m thinking about giving up on professional wrestling for good…

I haven’t been watching WWE RAW. Haven’t been watching RAW for the past 9 or 10 weeks now. Yeah, I take breaks from watching WWE for a long while when they start to get bad again but the company is getting really bad again. The WWE is at their worst right now. Why am I all fed up with WWE and professional wrestling all-around? I even stopped watching TNA wrestling ’cause I refuse to support Hulk Hogan.

The wrestling industry isn’t the same anymore. I miss the old days of Attitude Era of the old WWF and WCW Monday Nitro when they used to be around. They were great days of wrestling! I miss the old days so bad! I can’t stand today’s wrestling. The writing is not getting any better. The wrestling sucks. The card on RAW and the PPV’s are not as good anymore. I’m sick of the WWE shoving John Cena in our faces all the time, I’ve had it. Also matches are too predictable.

I don’t think I’ll ever get back to watching wrestling again. I’m serious about this. Don’t get me wrong, though, I still respect the performers and still LOVE the wrestlers. I just want the good wrestling back like everyone else. It’s sad how the wrestling industry is now. TNA’s Impact Wrestling is even not that good anymore as well. I used to watch TNA but stopped as soon as they signed Hulk Hogan. WWE and TNA are both shit companies right now.

Look, I understand both companies had to change in order to stay in the mainstream. Completely understandable but it would be nice if these companies would give what wrestling fans want to see but they don’t care. All these companies care about is jerking themselves off with money and ratings.

I’ll always be a wrestling fan and will have a passion for professional wrestling but like everyone else, I don’t like how it is right now. Plus, I’m getting too old to be liking this stuff as I’m heading into my 40’s and need to grow out of it. Wrestling should be about wrestling. Not a soap opera or Sesame Street. I like wrestling when it’s dark, intense  and violent. Sometimes WWE can actually be good today as CM Punk is still a great performer and some of the things he does is still worth watching. I just don’t appreciate what wrestling is anymore as I’ve been a fan my whole life. Yes, I’ve been a fan of wrestling ever since I was a child.

Today’s wrestling is not how I want it to be.


The problem will professional wrestling today, will there ever be good wrestling?

Even though I’m still a fan and still respect the professional wrestling industry, I just wish it can all get better. Not just with WWE, TNA needs to get better too. I like both companies. I still watch both as much as I can.

There are some good things and bad things about the WWE. The bad things, I actually don’t mind their “PG” rating, ’cause that’s how WWE started out in the 80’s. I just want their wrestling and promos to get better. The word, “promos”, another wrestling term where a wrestler gives a speech out in the ring. In the WWE, there are very few of today’s wrestlers that puts on very good promos, like CM Punk and Jericho. Those guys are still amazing on the mic, but everyone else in WWE? *yawn*

The guys in TNA seems to be much better at promos than WWE ’cause they are a TV-14 company. I think Bully Ray, who works for TNA, is one of the best wrestling heels I’ve seen in a long time. Bully Ray is what keeps me watching TNA I think. Bully Ray, used to be one of the Dudley Boyz (a former WWE tag team). Bully is a great character and he’s the best at doing promos in TNA, than anybody in their roster. The whole point of TNA is that they are competing against WWE. All of TNA’s ppvs and storylines are pretty much the same as WWE’s but it’s their own version.

The problem with today’s professional wrestling, is that it’s all too mainstream now. It’s not like what it used to be in the old days. The old days was “true” wrestling. The old days, they tried to treat it like an actual sport, but now it’s “sports entertainment”. Today’s wrestling is not special anymore. The old days would have some of the most amazing matches I’ve ever seen, more guys would cut great promos back then too! It really is sad how wrestling is today.

I still do enjoy watching WWE shows live in person though. I just enjoy seeing the performers enjoying themselves out there. Whether they’re badguy wrestlers, or good guys, I respect them all. It’s just a wrestling show! Yes, I have been criticized and been made fun of for my love of professional wrestling, but I’m a fan ’cause I respect what these guys do. They work hard to entertain fans and very good at it. I just want both companies to get better like everyone else. People complain about WWE and TNA ’cause we want to see good wrestling matches and we aren’t getting any of that. It’s all storylines and soap opera stuff these days.


BREAKING NEWS: Kurt Angle will NOT make the London Olympics due to serious knee injury during training…

For a long while now, Kurt Angle has been trying to make a big comeback to amateur wrestling for the Olympics, this year in London. In 1996, Kurt won a gold medal even though he had an injured neck (fracturing two of his cervical vertebrae, herniating two discs, and pulling four muscles), but he won the bout anyway against, Abbas Jadidi, an Iranian wrestler.

Kurt’s been trying really hard to make the Olympics again, but now his dream of an Olympics comeback looks to be over. During training sessions, he tore an MCL in his right knee and tore his right hamstring muscle. He was going to try out for the Team Trials in Iowa, in hopes of making the London Olympics, but he decided to pull out. The injuries look serious.

More on the story, here.

Well, after years of Kurt working for professional wrestling companies like WWE and TNA, and when you’re getting older, your body can’t take it anymore. Amateur wrestling is real wrestling. Not fake wrestling like you see in entertainment. Even though entertainment wrestling is fake, you still have to be physical and yes, it’s still a “sport”, in professional wrestling, no matter what you think of it.

While I feel bad for Kurt, this was expected to happen, so I’m not surprised at all. He shouldn’t have worked for TNA after all these years and put his focus on the Olympics instead. His years of working in the professional wrestling industry is what put his Olympics dream to an end.

It would be cool to see Kurt make it in the Olympics and see him win another medal. He should have seen this coming.


Report: Hulk Hogan sues ex-wife Linda for defamation over domestic violence allegations…

Just two weeks after the Hulkster lost big time with the divorce settlement, Hulk decides to sue his ex-wife Linda, for defamation on domestic violence accusations she made against him in her book. Hulk is not asking for money in the suit, he just wants the trial by jury and wants the books banned in bookstores and internet sales.

More on the story, here.

I’m totally siding with Linda on this one. Hulk is a lying piece of shit, ego-maniac who thinks the world revolves around him. Whether it’s true that he beat her up or not, Hulk needs to get the hint that nobody cares for Hulkamania anymore. I hope the judge dismisses this suit. It’s just proves that Hulk is a coward, he only handles things through lawyers instead of talking to her himself. Idiot.



I think I’m done with WWE for a while…

I think I officially gave up on WWE. Not for good. For a while at least. For the past three or four weeks, I start to watch RAW and then I switch the channel to Monday Night Football on ESPN instead. RAW got interesting for a little bit with the controversial CM Punk storyline, but it went downhill. I don’t like the new storyline going on right now where WWE superstars protest to make RAW a better show which is inspired from the Occupy Wall Street protests. WWE has been bringing a lot of kafayabe and trying to make the product seem real. Plus, this PG rating has gone too far for me. I used to have no problem with the PG rating, but it’s starting to get to me now.

I miss the old days of WWE, the Attitude Era. Those days were amazing. I miss the hardcore violence, blood, sexy women, etc. We don’t get that anymore in WWE. TNA “Impact Wrestling”, has all that now.

So I stick with watching TNA “Impact Wrestling”, every Thursday instead of WWE lately. I’m actually enjoying this Hulk Hogan vs. Sting feud. Sting as the Joker gimmick is pretty entertaining stuff. Sting is currently playing this new gimmick similar to the Heath Ledger Joker from “The Dark Knight” movie. Sting portrays the Heath Ledger, Joker pretty well. It’s pretty much dead on. I hope Sting keeps the Joker gimmick for a while.

I like TNA because that company brings back memories to the old WCW days. I like some of their wrestlers too like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Ken Anderson, and Bully Ray. Plus, TNA has better divas than the WWE, in my opinion. I like Velvet Sky, Mickie James and Miss Techsmacher.

Even though I’m starting to lose interest in WWE, I’ll always respect the performers. WWE is becoming too family friendly for my tastes, and that’s what I don’t like about it.

I like wrestling that is aimed at the adult audience where the true wrestling at, that’s why I’m starting to watch TNA more. TNA writes better storylines and has better wrestling too.


Report: Former WWE/TNA star, Matt Hardy arrested for DWI…

Professional wrestler, Matt Hardy, was arrested in North Carolina for DWI. He was driving in a Corvette, drove off the road and struck a tree. He was not injured, he is perfectly fine.

While on suspension for TNA “Impact Wrestling”, TNA have immediately released him from his contract. In other words, fired from TNA.

TMZ, reports.

I’m not surprised by this at all, to be honest with you. Both of the Hardy brothers, Matt and Jeff had problems with drugs & alcohol for years. Jeff Hardy is currently in rehab for drugs, I think. They both have problems. Pretty sad how they are now. I used to be big fans of these guys.

I got the opportunity to see  the Hardy Boys perform at a WWE Smackdown house show in Glens Falls a few years back. That was back when Matt and Jeff were both in WWE, but they both left the company for TNA. Now they are out of TNA, having some problems.

Matt is a prick for this though. He could have killed himself and other people. He’s lucky to be alive.


Thought: Is WWE borrowing storylines from TNA’s “Impact Wrestling”????

Last night on RAW, it ended with Vince McMahon being fired as WWE CEO/Chairman by the board of directors, announced by Triple H. Last night, Vince came out in the ring to address CM Punk’s winning of the WWE Championship belt from the “Money In the Bank” PPV match he had against John Cena. Well, CM punk won the match and became the new WWE Champion. However, CM Punk left the WWE with the championship belt.

Read the full story, here.

Last year, Dixie Carter who is boss of TNA’s “Impact Wrestling” got fired by the board of directors when Hogan/Bischoff announced it. Then Hogan/Bischoff are now taking over TNA as owners. It seems that WWE is doing the same thing now.

Now that Vince is no longer CEO/Chairman, Triple H is Vince’s replacement.

There’s a lot of people believing all of this is real, because WWE is doing a good job making it seem like it was real with all the “kayfabe” thrown in.

I don’t think Vince McMahon is really fired. It’s a storyline. Vince is owner of WWE in real life and the only way for him to leave is to sell the company. So there’s no way he could be fired. TNA “Impact Wrestling” have been stealing storylines from WWE in the past, so maybe this is WWE’s payback at TNA?