The problem will professional wrestling today, will there ever be good wrestling?

Even though I’m still a fan and still respect the professional wrestling industry, I just wish it can all get better. Not just with WWE, TNA needs to get better too. I like both companies. I still watch both as much as I can.

There are some good things and bad things about the WWE. The bad things, I actually don’t mind their “PG” rating, ’cause that’s how WWE started out in the 80’s. I just want their wrestling and promos to get better. The word, “promos”, another wrestling term where a wrestler gives a speech out in the ring. In the WWE, there are very few of today’s wrestlers that puts on very good promos, like CM Punk and Jericho. Those guys are still amazing on the mic, but everyone else in WWE? *yawn*

The guys in TNA seems to be much better at promos than WWE ’cause they are a TV-14 company. I think Bully Ray, who works for TNA, is one of the best wrestling heels I’ve seen in a long time. Bully Ray is what keeps me watching TNA I think. Bully Ray, used to be one of the Dudley Boyz (a former WWE tag team). Bully is a great character and he’s the best at doing promos in TNA, than anybody in their roster. The whole point of TNA is that they are competing against WWE. All of TNA’s ppvs and storylines are pretty much the same as WWE’s but it’s their own version.

The problem with today’s professional wrestling, is that it’s all too mainstream now. It’s not like what it used to be in the old days. The old days was “true” wrestling. The old days, they tried to treat it like an actual sport, but now it’s “sports entertainment”. Today’s wrestling is not special anymore. The old days would have some of the most amazing matches I’ve ever seen, more guys would cut great promos back then too! It really is sad how wrestling is today.

I still do enjoy watching WWE shows live in person though. I just enjoy seeing the performers enjoying themselves out there. Whether they’re badguy wrestlers, or good guys, I respect them all. It’s just a wrestling show! Yes, I have been criticized and been made fun of for my love of professional wrestling, but I’m a fan ’cause I respect what these guys do. They work hard to entertain fans and very good at it. I just want both companies to get better like everyone else. People complain about WWE and TNA ’cause we want to see good wrestling matches and we aren’t getting any of that. It’s all storylines and soap opera stuff these days.


3 thoughts on “The problem will professional wrestling today, will there ever be good wrestling?”

  1. There will be good and great wrestling. Good wrestling will be on free TV most every week, but contained within 5 – 10 minutes. Soak it up now. I saw a Dusty Rhodes vs Bob Baclund classic from the 70s where they did everything in 20 minutes that most WWE matches do in 4.

  2. Wow. Dusty Rhodes. Now there’s a blast from the past. I loved wrestling back in those days. After about the third Wrestlemania is when it started losing it for me.

    1. yeah, I remember, Dusty Rhoads. Did you know that wrestler, Goldust, is really Dusty’s son? It’s true, look it up yourself.

      I hear ya though, I used to love 80’s wrestling myself. They were the best days of wrestling indeed. I used to love Hulk Hogan like everyone else before he turned himself into an egomaniac asshole. I still love all the other guys from the past though: Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart (I love all the Harts), Macho Man, Jake the Snake, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, etc.

      Wrestling was better when Vince McMahon’s father used to own the business, I’m sure he’s rolling in his grave about how wrestling is today.


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