If wrestling fans aren’t happy with the WWE… here’s an idea… start watching TNA Impact instead!!!

Just so you know that there is another wrestling company called TNA Impact that could use more support. They already do have a lot of support ’cause TNA Impact is getting bigger.


Instead of WWE fans threatening to unsubscribe to WWE Network, why don’t they all give up watching WWE and watch TNA instead? I used to watch TNA a lot and thinking about starting to watch them again.

If you want actual “wrestling” and sexy women, watch TNA instead. Best of all TNA has Kurt Angle who all the wrestling fans like. Fuck WWE.

Someday, I think TNA is gonna be bigger than WWE. It’ll happen. Love TNA or hate ’em, they are becoming more successful.

TNA Impact was a company founded by wrestlers Jeff and Jerry Jarrett but later Dixie Carter took over the company. TNA Impact has a lot of former WWE guys you might recognize.

TNA does have some problems in their writing and matches too but hey, at least they still brought us actual “wrestling”. TNA is not a bad company. TNA is the company that has wrestlers such as Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Awesome Kong, etc. You should check ’em out yourself.

I think one day WWE fans will switch to TNA and many have already done that.


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