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Is “Impact Wrestling” getting cancelled and going out of business?

There’s a rumor going around out there that Dixie Carter’s wrestling company, “Impact Wrestling” is getting cancelled by Destination America which is a cable TV network. Why is it getting cancelled? While the ratings of their shows were pretty good, they feel it wasn’t good enough to justify the total cost of the programming. Plus, advertisers didn’t want to advertise their products and services specifically during Impact Wrestling. There’s also speculation that “Impact Wrestling” (formerly known at TNA) maybe going of business.


While it is sad news, it doesn’t surprise me ’cause I only watched “Impact Wrestling” when Sting, Mick Foley, Ric Flair and Bully Ray were in the company. I lost interest in “Impact Wrestling” after they all left. While I respect the fact that the company stays true to wrestling, their storylines and feuds really suck.

While the company is being cancelled completely by a TV network, I don’t think “Impact Wrestling” is going out of business so there’s nothing to worry about. I think Dixie Carter and the team will find a different network to air their shows. I’m sure they will get picked up by a different network. I don’t think “Impact Wrestling” will be going away anytime soon.

If “Impact Wrestling” is gonna go out of business then that will be pretty sad ’cause I would feel bad for the wrestlers on their roster and all the crew who put the show together ’cause they’ll be out of work. It’s weird ’cause Billy Corgan just signed on to work with them and now they’re getting cancelled?

I totally blame Hulk Hogan on the destruction of “Impact Wrestling”. When Hulk worked for them, he claimed that he was gonna make the company bigger and better but he didn’t. All he did was run the company to the ground just like he did with WCW. Now he destroyed, “Impact Wrestling”.


Billy Corgan joins “Impact Wrestling” but not as wrestler…

The frontman and founder of the Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan, has taken his wrestling dreams to another level. He has officially joined Impact Wrestling (formerly known as “TNA”). Billy didn’t join as a wrestler though, he’s just gonna serve as a senior producer of creative and talent development. Meaning that he is probably gonna be in charge of the creative writing and be a mentor to some wrestlers of it’s roster.

It’s no secret that Billy Corgan is a professional wrestling fanatic like myself.


I don’t think Corgan is gonna compete in an actual wrestling match ’cause I would think he doesn’t have any wrestling skills. He just gets himself involved in professional wrestling ’cause he’s simply a huge fan and he just wants to be a part of it somehow.

I’m sure Corgan will be involved in storylines and feuds with wrestlers… I’m sure he’s gonna make some TV appearances on “Impact Wrestling”.

I haven’t watched “Impact Wrestling” in a long time. I used to watch TNA a lot in the past, though. Stopped for a while. I’ll have to get back into it again.

Wonder what this means for the Smashing Pumpkins? There was some talks that Billy was thinking about hanging up the band for good ’cause he wants to be done and move on. Why do you think he wants to be called, William Patrick Corgan instead of “Billy”? I love the Smashing Pumpkins though, always did.


If wrestling fans aren’t happy with the WWE… here’s an idea… start watching TNA Impact instead!!!

Just so you know that there is another wrestling company called TNA Impact that could use more support. They already do have a lot of support ’cause TNA Impact is getting bigger.


Instead of WWE fans threatening to unsubscribe to WWE Network, why don’t they all give up watching WWE and watch TNA instead? I used to watch TNA a lot and thinking about starting to watch them again.

If you want actual “wrestling” and sexy women, watch TNA instead. Best of all TNA has Kurt Angle who all the wrestling fans like. Fuck WWE.

Someday, I think TNA is gonna be bigger than WWE. It’ll happen. Love TNA or hate ’em, they are becoming more successful.

TNA Impact was a company founded by wrestlers Jeff and Jerry Jarrett but later Dixie Carter took over the company. TNA Impact has a lot of former WWE guys you might recognize.

TNA does have some problems in their writing and matches too but hey, at least they still brought us actual “wrestling”. TNA is not a bad company. TNA is the company that has wrestlers such as Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Awesome Kong, etc. You should check ’em out yourself.

I think one day WWE fans will switch to TNA and many have already done that.


Thought: Is WWE borrowing storylines from TNA’s “Impact Wrestling”????

Last night on RAW, it ended with Vince McMahon being fired as WWE CEO/Chairman by the board of directors, announced by Triple H. Last night, Vince came out in the ring to address CM Punk’s winning of the WWE Championship belt from the “Money In the Bank” PPV match he had against John Cena. Well, CM punk won the match and became the new WWE Champion. However, CM Punk left the WWE with the championship belt.

Read the full story, here.

Last year, Dixie Carter who is boss of TNA’s “Impact Wrestling” got fired by the board of directors when Hogan/Bischoff announced it. Then Hogan/Bischoff are now taking over TNA as owners. It seems that WWE is doing the same thing now.

Now that Vince is no longer CEO/Chairman, Triple H is Vince’s replacement.

There’s a lot of people believing all of this is real, because WWE is doing a good job making it seem like it was real with all the “kayfabe” thrown in.

I don’t think Vince McMahon is really fired. It’s a storyline. Vince is owner of WWE in real life and the only way for him to leave is to sell the company. So there’s no way he could be fired. TNA “Impact Wrestling” have been stealing storylines from WWE in the past, so maybe this is WWE’s payback at TNA?


Cool Video: Mick Foley is the Network Rep, See the return of Chyna on TNA!!!

Last night’s TNA episode, was actually a great episode. Mick Foley ended up being the Network Representative, that’s been busting on Hulk Hogan and Immortal for a long while. Mick made the announcement that TNA changed the name to their Thursday shows to “Impact Wrestling”, making the announcement public and official. TNA’s name change is an attack at WWE for leaving out wrestling out of their new name. Mick also introduced the return of Chyna, Joanie Laurer.

I’ll admit that Chyna is still looking really hot. Yes, she had plastic surgery, breast implants and wears too much make-up but you can’t deny that she turns you on every time you see on her TV. She hasn’t been on wrestling television for a little over ten years, she’s been gone for that long.

I hope Chyna’s run in TNA will be full time, and not just a short run. We’ll wait and see. Enjoy the videos, here, and here.


RANT: Why TNA Impact is better than WWE…

I’ll admit that the WWE’s new direction is kind of crap. It’s getting worse. I don’t like how the WWE is ignoring wrestling and turning it into an entertainment business myself. I’ll always respect Vince McMahon and his superstars, but WWE shouldn’t be “Entertainment” for kids. The WWE started off as “wrestling” in the 80’s and early 90’s but in the 2000’s years, the company changed, big time. WWE really became childlike.

WWE doesn’t like calling their performers, “wrestlers”, they call ’em “superstars”. They don’t like calling wrestling matches, “matches”, instead they call ’em, bouts. Those are just examples of how WWE is trying to ignore wrestling completely.

A lot of fans are complaining that WWE is not wrestling anymore and that’s why a lot of them watch TNA Impact instead. It is why TNA Impact is getting more popular and bigger because fans want more “wrestling”. TNA’ s goal is not only to compete with WWE, what they are doing is that they want to give us wrestling that WWE doesn’t do anymore.

So why is TNA Impact better than WWE??? I can think of these reasons at the top of my head:

  • Wrestling – TNA’s main focus is on wrestling. Since WWE isn’t wrestling anymore, TNA vows to keep it wrestling. They are committed to giving wrestling fans what they want.
  • Better story lines – TNA has more impacting story lines than WWE, in my opinion. There is more intensity in the story lines than WWE would have came up with. Still though, the TNA story lines make true “wrestling” and staying away from the entertainment side.
  • Better main events – You don’t see John Cena and Randy Orton hogging up the main events in TNA do ya? No. That’s because TNA has a lot of main eventers over there, from AJ Styles, RVD, Sting, Ken Anderson, Kurt Angle, Matt Morgan, Samoa Joe, etc. We see different main events in TNA. It’s not always the same main events like WWE is known to having the same boring main events all the time.
  • TNA allows swearing, blood, and violence – There’s plenty of swearing, bloody matches and hardcore violence in TNA. Something that WWE would never have again.
  • Hotter women – TNA has way hotter women than WWE. More cleavage and more skin. Plus, TNA doesn’t call ’em Divas.
  • Better promos (or mic skills) – TNA wrestlers can pull off better promos and in ring speeches than WWE could ever do. All those guys are pretty amazing on the mic, I especially have been impressed with Ken Anderson lately. AJ Styles has great mic work too, same with Bully Ray.
  • Better backstage skits – You know how in WWE when a superstar is being interviewed by a WWE backstage reporter, and then they get into drama with other wrestlers? It’s not like that in TNA. TNA doesn’t do backstage interviews where they ask the wrestlers questions about what happened out there in the ring. TNA wrestlers just do their acting on camera continuing their story lines throughout the show.

I think that pretty much covers it. That’s why I watch TNA every week now because they focus on the “wrestling”. It really is sad to what WWE has become. I’ll still watch RAW and “Wrestlemania” of course, I just don’t watch WWE ppv’s too much anymore.


Report: Vince McMahon changes name for his company to WWE, taking the word “wrestling” out completely…

The WWE has changed it’s company name to, um, WWE. It will no longer be called, “World Wrestling Entertainment”.

Read more on the story, here.

While I do support WWE and wrestling, I do hate how Vince is trying to ignore “wrestling” and turning it into entertainment. As we all know, WWE started out as “wrestling” in the 80’s and 90’s, but in the 2000’s years, the company changed to strictly family “entertainment”.

This is one reason why I’m starting to watch TNA Impact, weekly because they concentrate on the “wrestling” more than the “entertainment” side. WWE is aimed toward family entertainment and TNA Impact is aimed toward the adult audience. TNA Impact is trying their best to reinvent, the “90’s attitude era” of WWE. During the 90’s of WWE, it used to be wrestling with violence, blood, sexy women and all that stuff. TNA wants to give us all that which WWE doesn’t have anymore.

I’ll admit that I am pretty hooked to TNA Impact, I find myself watching it every Thursday. TNA Impact is getting bigger and better with their storylines and wrestling. TNA will never get bigger than WWE, but they are getting pretty close. TNA have been having shows in bigger arenas and their TV ratings are going up weekly. So TNA is doing something right.┬áSome of the storylines in TNA Impact are pretty intriguing and interesting. They do things over there that WWE could never do. I’m enjoying Ken Anderson’s feud with the guys in Immortal, Sting and RVD. TNA is having Ken Anderson feud with at least 10 wrestlers at once, and it’s almost like the whole company is on to him. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have took control of the company “storywise” and I’m sure Dixie Carter will get her job back somehow in a big way. I’m also enjoying Kurt Angle’s feud with Jeff Jarrett which is pretty intense stuff. While TNA tries to compete with WWE, they try to keep their storylines different than WWE. I also think AJ Styles is a phenomenal performer.

Anyhow, back to WWE, even though I still watch and don’t like their “family entertainment direction” myself, I continue to watch because I still respect their performers. It’s sad that “Attitude” is dead in WWE, I miss the old days.


Cool Video: Sting returns to TNA Impact last night and takes the title from Jeff Hardy!!!

WOW!!! I actually enjoyed, TNA Impact last night. While the company is mostly crap, I thought last night’s episode was actually very entertaining.

Last night’s show opened with Dixie Carter coming to the ring to announce her battle with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s new wrestling group, Immortal on who ever takes control of the TNA company. The current storyline is, that Immortal has control of TNA taking over Dixie Carter’s job. Hulk and Dixie battle in court that day storywise to see who gets control. It was announced that Hulk Hogan won the court battle (story wise) and has complete ownership of TNA, leaving Dixie unemployed.

Then it was announced that Jeff Hardy would have a world TNA championship match against an unannounced opponent. The unannounced opponent was the “3-3-11” thing that TNA got going on, similar to the Undertaker’s return at WWE. Well, the “3-3-11” turned out to be Sting.It was a very shocking ending to last night’s TNA and not too expecting. TNA does a good job at unpredictability while WWE makes their story lines too predictable.

Everything else about last night’s TNA was great. The matches were fun and I even enjoyed the Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett feud. Jeff Jarrett who married Karen Angle in front of Kurt’s face at the show.

Last night’s episode was to obviously compete against WWE like usual. Even Hulk Hogan was entertaining last night too. If they keep up the good work like this, I might be a full time fan of TNA. I do watch TNA every week though.

Enjoy the videos below.


Book Review: Countdown To Lockdown by Mick Foley

I have been a longtime die hard fan of wrestling legend, Mick Foley, for years. It was him that kept me hooked to wrestling. I’ve followed Mick Foley’s career for years. Back in his ECW/WCW days, his Japan Pro Wrestling days to WWE to TNA. I’ve also read most of his books. Yes, I even got the opportunity to even meet the man in person. I met Mick Foley at one of his speeches at ACC College in Glens Falls when he was out promoting his book, “Foley Is Good”. I have a pic to prove it, I’ll find it somewhere. I had Foley sign my “Have a Nice Day” Hardcover book and a Cactus Jack T-shirt which I still have both of those. I’ll show you all those things sometime.

Why do I admire Mick Foley so much? It’s simply because, he’s one of the best performers in professional wrestling. He’s one of the only wrestlers who can put on matches and make them historic. He’s a great mic speaker. Even though he doesn’t have a lot of technical wrestling skills, he’s known as a hardcore wrestler, a street fight anything goes type of guy. Plus, another reason I respect him, is because there is no ego in him at all. He’s always very nice, friendly and professional in the wrestling business. He’s one of those rare guys who has never taking drugs. He has never done steroids, dangerous painkillers or any other substance that wrestlers are known to doing these days. Even though he is an obesed guy (he admits it in the book), he has always been very healthy and clean. I also respect him ’cause he is willing to get hurt for real, taking the risks to put on good hardcore matches. Even if it takes losing an ear or a few teeth, he doesn’t care, he’ll do whatever it takes to put on a classic wrestling match. These are reasons why so many people respect the man.

On with the book, “Countdown to Lockdown”, it takes place before the iconic TNA match at “Lockdown” ppv between Foley vs. Sting. Foley talks of the events leading up to the match, giving it a countdown to the ppv. It is not just a book about wrestling. He talks about a lot of serious things. He talks about meeting famous singer, Tori Amos, and how she’s an inspiration to writing this book. He also talks about helping children and talking about being a member of RAINN, a company that helps fight against sexual violence.

What topics about wrestling did he cover? He talked about his departure with WWE, his feud against McMahon. Talked about his off TV feud with Ric Flair. Of course, he mostly talked about the legendary WCW wrestler, Sting. He also talked a lot about wrestler deaths and steroids. He even covered all of the Chris Benoit murder/suicide controversy.

While Ive read most of Foley’s books, I thought this was his best one. It was insightful and intelligent. Foley is a great storyteller. Foley is on a bit of a hiatus from TNA, but not sure if he is on his way back to WWE or not. It’s long rumoured that he could be the next RAW Anonymous GM, but always denied that rumour and says he’s happy with TNA, not WWE…but who knows, maybe he’s lying to tease the fans. The RAW Anonymous GM could be Foley, since he hasn’t been working for TNA lately. This book is a must read for all you wrestling and Foley fanatics out there. Check out the videos below in which Foley talked about those moments in the book.