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Sting finally signs WWE contract???

Legendary WCW/TNA superstar, Sting, never worked for WWF/WWE. Wrestling fans was always hoping that he “might” ’cause they wanted him to wrestle a match against the Undertaker for a Wrestlemania which was a dream match that fans always wanted. WWE have been trying to sign Sting for many years but Sting kept saying, “No”.  Look like Vince McMahon was finally successful at signing, Sting.


Of course, this news blew up pretty huge in the wrestling community. Not sure if it’s true or not. I’ll believe it when WWE themselves confirm the news.

Since it may not be possible that Sting will wrestle Undertaker, I can see Sting having a match against John Cena or Triple H at the next Wrestlemania.

If it’s true that Sting finally signed with WWE, that’s pretty cool. It could be just an excuse for him to get into the WWE Hall of Fame and release a 3 disc Sting DVD which would be cool.

I never watched WCW too much but I did watch a lot of Sting on TNA Impact. I think Sting is a great performer and wrestler for his age.


Thought: It really is sad what WWE has become, I lost interest in WWE completely…

Even though I haven’t been watching RAW for the past several weeks, I had to watch last Monday’s RAW ’cause the Rock was going to appear. I love the Rock. Dwayne Johnson is always awesome, but last Monday’s show was terrible. It was a 3 hour special of RAW. Mick Foley came back that night, who is another hero of mine.

They’re really trying to make everything you see in WWE TV being real, when it isn’t. They’re trying to make all the storylines believable. I just don’t like how they’re ignoring the wrestling part of it and concentrating on the entertainment stuff.

I totally miss the old days of WWE, man. Back in the old days were really great. That’s when WWE was special, the Attitude Era. Now WWE is for kids.

It is why I watch TNA Impact every week now, ’cause they concentrate on the wrestling part of things. I want to see wrestling, not a fucking circus or a soap opera, come on. Even though I don’t like how WWE is going, I’ll always respect the performers. There are still talented performers in the WWE today, it’s just that I don’t like the PG rating like everyone else.

I’ve watched WWE pretty much my entire life and I didn’t think I would ever give up on them. I’ve had it with WWE. Their storylines lately are looking like stuff that you can read from pre-school childrens books. That’s how family friendly they’re getting. Almost feels like you’re watching Sesame Street.

I really miss the old days. At least TNA knows what real wrestling is all about, they’re doing a good job. I”ve been liking TNA more and  more as I watch. I’m about to watch TNA Impact, tonight.


Cool Video: Ultimate Warrior’s “Karma Coming to Collect” videos on Hulk Hogan is online…

I just got done watching Ultimate Warrior’s 8 part series of videos (plus a bonus) of Ultimate Warrior trashing Hulk Hogan. Warrior explains everything in detail about how Hulk Hogan is a liar, backstabber, selfish person, and ego-maniac. I’m totally on Warrior’s side. He’s right about everything he said about Hulk Hogan.

Warrior went on to saying about how Hogan lied about burying the hatchet with Randy Savage before his death. He went on to explaining how Hogan destroyed Warrior’s career and himself as a person. He gave an example of it, by saying Hulk Hogan made a movie, called, “The Ultimate Weapon”, where Hulk’s character in that film is similar to Warrior’s. He also went on to saying that Hulk Hogan wants to be positive in his life on twitter, yet, Warrior thinks everything about Hulk Hogan’s life is negative (which I also agree with, btw). He talked about how he destroyed his family: Linda, Brooke and Nick. Speaking of Nick Hogan, Warrior says that when Nick acts like a jerk, he gets that from Hulk which I also agree with.

Warrior also goes on about how Hulk Hogan is a sex addict and how he is into drugs and all that stuff. He explained how Hulk Hogan buried wrestler, Edge, when he retired from wrestling not too long ago. He also went into detail on how Hulk buries other wrestlers legacy.

More thoughts on the videos, I was very impressed. Warrior is a very intelligent and honest man, I respect him for that. Plus, Warrior is a great speaker too. Hulk Hogan is on his twitter page saying that he refuses to watch his videos like the coward that he is. He also says that he wishes Warrior well and prays for him.

Hulk Hogan is clearly scared. Look at his twitter.

I think Warrior hit the nail on the head of why everyone hates Hulk Hogan so much. Warrior explained everything very nicely. I agree with Warrior, Hogan needs to pack his bags and leave the wrestling business already. Hogan is doing a terrible job with TNA. Ratings are getting low because of him. TNA doesn’t need Hulk Hogan to be successful, they can do fine without him.

I applaud Warrior for a job well done. These videos are great. Watch through the whole thing when you have the time. You can watch the videos at Warrior’s blog, here.

Sit back, relax, laugh and enjoy. I had a blast watching them! Thanks Warrior!


Cool Video: Ultimate Warrior says that the Hulk Hogan shoot videos are still coming later today…

This is not the 55 minute uncensored shoot video on Hulk Hogan yet, but Ultimate Warrior here did respond to Hulk Hogan’s twitter video. In Hulk’s video, Hulk asked Warrior if he wanted to bury the hatchet and put the feud behind them. Warrior said in this video that is not going to happen. Warrior is not the forgive and forget type like I said before, and he said the videos are still coming today.

Warrior also explained why he is going after Hogan. Warrior said Hogan destroyed him as a person, his career, and his fans. Warrior had enough and wants to put an end to it.

I also agree with what he said that Hulk Hogan destroyed Hulkamania. Hogan blames other wrestlers for destroying Hulkamania, but I totally agree that Hogan did it all to himself.

I once respected Hulkamania. Hulk Hogan was a childhood hero of mine like everyone else, but I lost all my respect for Hogan because of his overblown ego and his power of destroying other wrestler’s legacy. Karma’s a bitch, right Hulk?

I’m looking forward to the videos later today, and like I said, I’ll post ’em asap. It’s gonna be interesting. Yes, Warrior’s shoot videos on Hogan will get the press going wild, the media will be all over it for sure.


Cool Video: Ultimate Warrior to release video on June 17th to expose Hulk Hogan…

The Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior internet feud isn’t over yet. It’s still going. In this video Ultimate Warrior plans on releasing a full fledged video bashing Hulk Hogan, plus, Warrior plans on announcing his return to TV.

Does this mean he did get signed to TNA’s “Impact Wrestling”? Even though Warrior didn’t say anything about a wrestling return, you know that’s what this is. It’s just a tease for his return to professional wrestling on TV. I bet he did get signed to TNA.

He’s doing this internet feud with Hulk Hogan to help hype it up. Yes, I’m sure this internet feud between Warrior and Hulk is scripted. Warrior and Hulk  don’t hate each other in real life.


Cool Video: “Chyna” Joanie Laurer returns to professional wrestling after a long 10 year hiatus…

Guess who’s back to pro wrestling? That’s right, Chyna – Joanie Laurer has returned to wrestling after a long 10 year break from the wrestling business. Chyna left WWE in 2001. After she left WWE, she worked for New Japan Pro Wrestling for a few years, after she left that company, she didn’t do any wrestling at all. During her break from wrestling she did appear in a lot of TV shows and in some movies, but the reason she didn’t do much in her career after her WWE days is because she was having a lot of personal problems in her life.

She became a drug addict, and suffered depression, all kinds of stuff. She must of gotten her personal life straightened out if she is finally ready to return to wrestling.

This is not a very good video, look like it was shot on a cell phone camera, but Chyna’s TNA debut is set to air next Thursday May 12th. She is revealed as Kurt Angle’s mysterious, mistress.


Cool Video: Is Bully Ray the best heel in TNA Impact? I would say so!

If there was one thing that I like about TNA Impact, is a wrestler named Bully Ray. As some of you may or may not know, Bully Ray, used to Buh Buh Ray from the Dudley Boyz in WWE. Bully Ray is his TNA name. Most performers in TNA wrestling are really bad, but I think Bully Ray is the only one worth watching the show for. I think that is what keeps me watching TNA wrestling every week because of Bully Ray.

TNA Impact is just another version of the Attitude Era of WWE.

This segment from last night’s TNA Impact is creating a lot of controversy. Bully Ray put AJ Styles through the table off the ramp with the help of Ric Flair. You can tell TNA Impact have been borrowing these things from WWE.

Last night’s TNA was actually a good show last night. The company seems to be getting better.


Cool Video: Sting returns to TNA Impact last night and takes the title from Jeff Hardy!!!

WOW!!! I actually enjoyed, TNA Impact last night. While the company is mostly crap, I thought last night’s episode was actually very entertaining.

Last night’s show opened with Dixie Carter coming to the ring to announce her battle with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s new wrestling group, Immortal on who ever takes control of the TNA company. The current storyline is, that Immortal has control of TNA taking over Dixie Carter’s job. Hulk and Dixie battle in court that day storywise to see who gets control. It was announced that Hulk Hogan won the court battle (story wise) and has complete ownership of TNA, leaving Dixie unemployed.

Then it was announced that Jeff Hardy would have a world TNA championship match against an unannounced opponent. The unannounced opponent was the “3-3-11” thing that TNA got going on, similar to the Undertaker’s return at WWE. Well, the “3-3-11” turned out to be Sting.It was a very shocking ending to last night’s TNA and not too expecting. TNA does a good job at unpredictability while WWE makes their story lines too predictable.

Everything else about last night’s TNA was great. The matches were fun and I even enjoyed the Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett feud. Jeff Jarrett who married Karen Angle in front of Kurt’s face at the show.

Last night’s episode was to obviously compete against WWE like usual. Even Hulk Hogan was entertaining last night too. If they keep up the good work like this, I might be a full time fan of TNA. I do watch TNA every week though.

Enjoy the videos below.


Report: Awesome Kong, finally signs contract to WWE!!!

Long time, TNA star, Awesome Kong (real name: Kia Stevens, the huge black woman pictured above) just signed a contract to WWE. How long did it take WWE to finally notice her? She revealed the news herself on her twitter page. This is great news because the Divas division in WWE could use a big woman. I can definitely see WWE using Awesome Kong, as this unstoppable female monster. She’ll come in as a heel for a while, but maybe babyface sometime in the future.

Read more on it, here.

I do watch TNA wrestling sometimes and for some reason, I’m fascinated with Awesome Kong. She’ll do good with WWE. They need her.

I wonder if Samoa Joe or AJ Styles will ever go to WWE? They will at some point.


Thought: Hulk Hogan wedding fight, is set up for a TNA storyline???

Guys, don’t take this Hulk Hogan wedding brawl stuff seriously. Anything that involves Hulk Hogan will turn out to be a work or fake because of Hulk’s ego with wrestling. With him working with TNA wrestling still, it could be possible that this could be a setup for a TNA storyline. The current storyline that TNA is having is Hulk’s new stable with Eric Bischoff, Immortal, has taken over TNA wrestling. Took over Dixie Carter’s job. Could it be that Dixie Carter hired the photographers to start drama at Hulk’s wedding? Maybe they videotaped Hulk’s wedding so it can be aired on TNA Impact. It could be a wrestling angle that could involve Hulk’s new wife and Dixie Carter could start a big feud with her.

Read more on the story, here.