Cool Video: Ultimate Warrior’s “Karma Coming to Collect” videos on Hulk Hogan is online…

I just got done watching Ultimate Warrior’s 8 part series of videos (plus a bonus) of Ultimate Warrior trashing Hulk Hogan. Warrior explains everything in detail about how Hulk Hogan is a liar, backstabber, selfish person, and ego-maniac. I’m totally on Warrior’s side. He’s right about everything he said about Hulk Hogan.

Warrior went on to saying about how Hogan lied about burying the hatchet with Randy Savage before his death. He went on to explaining how Hogan destroyed Warrior’s career and himself as a person. He gave an example of it, by saying Hulk Hogan made a movie, called, “The Ultimate Weapon”, where Hulk’s character in that film is similar to Warrior’s. He also went on to saying that Hulk Hogan wants to be positive in his life on twitter, yet, Warrior thinks everything about Hulk Hogan’s life is negative (which I also agree with, btw). He talked about how he destroyed his family: Linda, Brooke and Nick. Speaking of Nick Hogan, Warrior says that when Nick acts like a jerk, he gets that from Hulk which I also agree with.

Warrior also goes on about how Hulk Hogan is a sex addict and how he is into drugs and all that stuff. He explained how Hulk Hogan buried wrestler, Edge, when he retired from wrestling not too long ago. He also went into detail on how Hulk buries other wrestlers legacy.

More thoughts on the videos, I was very impressed. Warrior is a very intelligent and honest man, I respect him for that. Plus, Warrior is a great speaker too. Hulk Hogan is on his twitter page saying that he refuses to watch his videos like the coward that he is. He also says that he wishes Warrior well and prays for him.

Hulk Hogan is clearly scared. Look at his twitter.

I think Warrior hit the nail on the head of why everyone hates Hulk Hogan so much. Warrior explained everything very nicely. I agree with Warrior, Hogan needs to pack his bags and leave the wrestling business already. Hogan is doing a terrible job with TNA. Ratings are getting low because of him. TNA doesn’t need Hulk Hogan to be successful, they can do fine without him.

I applaud Warrior for a job well done. These videos are great. Watch through the whole thing when you have the time. You can watch the videos at Warrior’s blog, here.

Sit back, relax, laugh and enjoy. I had a blast watching them! Thanks Warrior!



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