Netflix Pick: Lost – Season 4

So earlier this week, I have just finished watching “Lost – Season 4” on Netflix. So far, I think this is the best season of them all. Just like the last season the survivors expected to get rescued by a freighter that they just learned about. Turns out, that those people on the freighter aren’t there at the island to rescue them, they turned out to be evil people. Benjamin Linus, the guy who was looking like to be a villain from the last season is turning out to be good by helping the survivors of Oceanic 815 survive from the people on the freighter boat.

The freighter has a group of evil mercernaries and Benjamin Linus announced that one of the survivors is a spy on the freighter. I won’t reveal who the spy is, you’ll figure it out for yourself. A man named, Frank Lapidus (played by Jeff Fahey) is a helicopter pilot of the freighter and he was the only one that was willing to help get the survivors off the island so they can go back home to the United States.

The leader of the mercernaries group, Martin Keamy, in which Keamy has a dead man’s switch device under his arm. If he dies and when his heart stops beating, there is a bomb on the freighter that the bomb will explode. This season focuses on Benjamin Linus trying to help the survivors fight off the people on the freighter that is trying to kill them.

That’s enough with the plot. On with my thoughts of this season. I think this is the best season so far. I think the action scenes in this season is very good and fun. I think this season is also more dramatic and more deep than the earlier seasons. I liked the flash forward scenes. This season would show what each character is like when they’re back home from the island. Back home after the island, Jack appears to be a drug addict on pills. Michael appears to be suicidal. Hurley is back in the mental hospital, and Sayid turned out to be a dangerous killer.

My only complaint that they should have left what happened to Jin, a little more unpredictable. They made it to easy to figure out what was going to happen to Jin, the Korean guy later in the show. This show brings in a mix of genres into one: science fiction, fantasy, romance, action, mystery, suspense, comedy, drama, etc.

I’m almost done with the show, two more seasons left. I will start “Season 5” this weekend sometime. I’m taking a day off watching “Lost” today.


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