Cool Video: Ultimate Warrior says that the Hulk Hogan shoot videos are still coming later today…

This is not the 55 minute uncensored shoot video on Hulk Hogan yet, but Ultimate Warrior here did respond to Hulk Hogan’s twitter video. In Hulk’s video, Hulk asked Warrior if he wanted to bury the hatchet and put the feud behind them. Warrior said in this video that is not going to happen. Warrior is not the forgive and forget type like I said before, and he said the videos are still coming today.

Warrior also explained why he is going after Hogan. Warrior said Hogan destroyed him as a person, his career, and his fans. Warrior had enough and wants to put an end to it.

I also agree with what he said that Hulk Hogan destroyed Hulkamania. Hogan blames other wrestlers for destroying Hulkamania, but I totally agree that Hogan did it all to himself.

I once respected Hulkamania. Hulk Hogan was a childhood hero of mine like everyone else, but I lost all my respect for Hogan because of his overblown ego and his power of destroying other wrestler’s legacy. Karma’s a bitch, right Hulk?

I’m looking forward to the videos later today, and like I said, I’ll post ’em asap. It’s gonna be interesting. Yes, Warrior’s shoot videos on Hogan will get the press going wild, the media will be all over it for sure.


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