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Report: Is Matthew Fox a woman beater???

Is the former, “Lost” star, Matthew Fox showing his true colors? He’s not the nice guy we all thought he was? Matthew was detained by police after being accused of getting into a fight with a female bus driver.

More on the story, here.

I’m not sure who’s side am I on for this one. I’m going to be keeping an eye on this news ’cause I am a huge fan of “Lost”. However, I’m not a big fan of his acting though. I was more into the other characters of “Lost”. I didn’t like Dr. Jack Shephard too much. My favorite characters of “Lost” were John Locke, Sayid, Sawyer, the character Michelle Rodriguez played and Danielle “The French Woman” but I never liked Jack.

I finished watching all six seasons of “Lost” a few months back.


Report: Never before seen deleted scene of “Lost – Season 1” revealed at San Diego Comic Con!!!

San Diego Comic Con is happening this week, and at the “LOST” panel, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse crashed the panel in full on geek out style. They revealed a deleted scene from “LOST – Season 1”. The scene shows Dr. Jack Shephard and John Locke having a heated argument about the hatch while Jacob and the man in black looks on.

See the deleted footage, here.

I’m all done watching “LOST” on Netflix, by the way. Finished, Season 6, the last season, a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t get around to writing a review of it yet, but will soon. Fantastic show though. Wish it could have lasted a few more seasons.


Netflix Pick (PS3): Lost – Season 5

Last week, I just finished, “Lost – Season 5” on Netflix. This season gets really deep into the science fiction stuff ’cause this season concentrates mostly on time travel.

As for the plot, some of the survivors have been rescued by the helicopter pilot, Frank Lapidius (Jeff Fahey) from Season 4. They go back home to the US on Charles Widmores boat. The survivors that go back home are Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, and Desmond, but the rest of the survivors either died or stayed on the island. As the rescued survivors: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid and Desmond tries to rebuild their lives back home, Benjamin Linus is trying to get them back together so they can go back to the island. Ben wants the survivors to go back to the island because he claims they need to take care of something so the people can be safe after bad things happened to them after Ben turned the frozen wheel from Season 4.

New characters are introduced that season like Daniel, Miles, and Charlotte who are there to help the survivors stop the time travel experiment that the DHARMA Initiative started. John Locke is appointed as new leader of The Others. Richard Alpert is also a new character introduced that season in which he plays an ageless inhabitant on the island. Richard Alpert teams up with John Locke to try and help find a mysterious man named Jacob. A character named, Horace Goodspeed is also introduced who works for the DHARMA Initiative.

This season is mostly about trying to put an end to time travel. This season is pretty entertaining, but kind of silly and whacky at the same time. I was mostly blown away by the acting of Terry O’ Quinn who plays John Locke and Michael Emerson who plays Benjamin Linus, pretty impressive acting skills by the two of them.

The writing this season can get kind of confusing at times, I guess that’s why they call the show, “Lost” because they want you to get lost with the stories. Season 5 is a good season but not the best, I still say Season 4 is the best season so far.

I’ve just started “Lost – Season 6” only watched the first episode and will watch more of it today. I’m hoping the rest of the show is good.


Netflix Pick: Lost – Season 4

So earlier this week, I have just finished watching “Lost – Season 4” on Netflix. So far, I think this is the best season of them all. Just like the last season the survivors expected to get rescued by a freighter that they just learned about. Turns out, that those people on the freighter aren’t there at the island to rescue them, they turned out to be evil people. Benjamin Linus, the guy who was looking like to be a villain from the last season is turning out to be good by helping the survivors of Oceanic 815 survive from the people on the freighter boat.

The freighter has a group of evil mercernaries and Benjamin Linus announced that one of the survivors is a spy on the freighter. I won’t reveal who the spy is, you’ll figure it out for yourself. A man named, Frank Lapidus (played by Jeff Fahey) is a helicopter pilot of the freighter and he was the only one that was willing to help get the survivors off the island so they can go back home to the United States.

The leader of the mercernaries group, Martin Keamy, in which Keamy has a dead man’s switch device under his arm. If he dies and when his heart stops beating, there is a bomb on the freighter that the bomb will explode. This season focuses on Benjamin Linus trying to help the survivors fight off the people on the freighter that is trying to kill them.

That’s enough with the plot. On with my thoughts of this season. I think this is the best season so far. I think the action scenes in this season is very good and fun. I think this season is also more dramatic and more deep than the earlier seasons. I liked the flash forward scenes. This season would show what each character is like when they’re back home from the island. Back home after the island, Jack appears to be a drug addict on pills. Michael appears to be suicidal. Hurley is back in the mental hospital, and Sayid turned out to be a dangerous killer.

My only complaint that they should have left what happened to Jin, a little more unpredictable. They made it to easy to figure out what was going to happen to Jin, the Korean guy later in the show. This show brings in a mix of genres into one: science fiction, fantasy, romance, action, mystery, suspense, comedy, drama, etc.

I’m almost done with the show, two more seasons left. I will start “Season 5” this weekend sometime. I’m taking a day off watching “Lost” today.


Netflix Pick: Lost – Season 3

Today, on a rainy day, I decided to finish watching the last few episodes of “Lost – Season 3”. The last season, focused on teasing this group of mysterious people called, “The Others” which is what the survivors on the island called them. The last Season wouldn’t reveal “The Others”.

In Season 3, they revealed who “The Others” were. Ben Lupin, who is the leader/boss of “The Others” was the guy that they held captive from the last season. The Others have taken Jack, Sawyer and Kate prisoner, but they sent Hurley home because he wasn’t needed. They wanted Kate and Sawyer to work on “The Others” campsite, while Jack was being used to operate Ben Lupin who was sick. Remember, Jack is a doctor and surgeon of the series.

This season concentrates on the survivors trying to escape “The Others” hideout. Kate and Sawyer got away but Jack stayed because he made a deal with Ben Lupin that if he’ll operate him and makes him stay alive, then Ben would send Jack home to the USA.

There are new characters introduced in this season like Desmond who has psychic visions and knows what happens to the characters in the future. This season is also much darker and more violent than the last two seasons. The show has a big love triangle between Kate, Sawyer, and Jack.

This season gets more serious on the characters of John Locke and Sawyer, on how their lives were destroyed before their characters crashed on the island. The show treated Sawyer as if he was a badguy/villain of the show but they want to show him that he can be a good guy after all.

This season is about battling against “The Others”, fighting them off for survival. “The Others” are crazy and psychotic people who thinks they own their island. The season ends with the survivors thinking they’re going to get discovered and get rescued. I liked the twists and turns this season. They continue to kill off the good characters.

It was a pretty good season. The show is getting interesting now and looking forward to seeing how the show ends. I’m enjoying the show so far. I like the actor who plays Sawyer, he does the best job at acting than all the other cast members, in my opinion. Looking forward to season 4 which I will start tomorrow.


Netflix Pick: “Lost – Season 1”

Yes, I’m real late getting into this show, but I just got Netflix a while back so bare with me. Just finished “Lost – Season 1” today. Yes, watched the entire season from the beginning to the end. Not in one day of course, it took me a couple of months to watch ’em all ’cause this a pretty long season.

The show tells a story of a plane called, Oceanic Air Flight 815, that crashed on a Pacific Island. 48 people survived the plane crash, and they have no choice but to live on the island to survive. It’s a story about survival. The people that survived the plane crash came from different places all over the world. Of course, everyone has a hard time getting along with each other at first, but a man named Jack who is a doctor tries his best to keep everyone together so they can help each other survive and try to get off the island. There is a few enemies of course, like Sawyer (who is a con man, and criminal). Kate who is a dangerous fugitive on the loose and John Locke who seems to know about survival and hunting than everyone else but he is not to be trusted.

As the show goes along, the show would show flashbacks of each character. The flashbacks shows what each character is like before they crashed onto the island. The flashback scenes are pretty nice because it gives you the background of each character. Life in the real world before the crash on the island.

As for the island scenes, it is all an adventure and survival story. They do a good job mixing drama, humor, family entertainment, action, thrills, etc. All into one show. Some of the story lines can be pretty unpredictable and shocking.

Who are my favorite characters of the show? Well so far, my favorite is Sayid, the Iraqi guy. He is the most interesting, in my opinion. I also like Charlie, the musician guy and Danielle the French Woman. All the characters are enjoyable but the ones I listed are my favorite.

The 1st Season is pretty much an introduction. Introducing the characters and opening up the storyline. I’m sure there’s a lot more to the show as I go along. It’s a very good show. I’m pretty hooked to it. I’m a huge fan of JJ Abrams work, I just never got around to seeing this show when it used to air on ABC. Looking forward for “Season 2” which I will start tomorrow.


I didn’t watch the “Lost” finale…

“Lost” was the most talked about TV show last night because of the finale. I understand the show’s popularity but I haven’t seen a single episode. So I didn’t bother watching the finale. I watched “Celebrity Apprentice” finale instead.

Like I always say, I don’t watch much TV.

Only shows I watch on TV are: “Friday Night Lights”, “WWE RAW”, “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” and CNN/MSNBC politics news. Sometimes sports like UFC, professional boxing, golf, and NFL football.

I’m not such a big TV couch potato. I only watch TV at night, just to have something to fall asleep over. I spend most of my time playing guitar, video games and working out. I’ll watch a few movies on DVD on the weekends. Yep, I’m a pretty boring person. I spend a lot of time working out as a way to go outside more and be more active.

Although, “Lost” is no longer on the air, there is another JJ Abrams TV series coming to NBC called, “Undercovers” which I will probably watch.