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Brock briefly reviews “Breaking Bad – Season 4″…

So over the weekend, I finally finished the last of Breaking Bad, “Season 4” on DVD. I just had to buy it on DVD since Netflix wasn’t streaming the season yet. I wanted to catch up before “Season 5”, the final season that is. A few words to explain “Season 4”: It was the best season. It was the darkest season of them all. It got very violent too. In this one, it focused on the heated feud between Walt and Jesse. It was pretty much Walt vs. Jesse Pinkman throughout half of it ’cause they had a falling out. Even though they didn’t get along this season, Walt still cared for Jesse and worried for his safety. Why? Because Jesse agreed to team up with Gustavo (better known as Gus), the villain of the show. I don’t want to give too many spoilers, but I thought Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston both played their feud pretty well. Pretty good acting between the two of them. I also liked the guy that played Gustavo. Gustavo is a villain that you want to hate. I also really liked Skyler this season as well.

Glad I’m caught up with the show in time for “Season 5” on the 15th of this month. While “Season 4” was the best season, I’m sure “Season 5” will be even better. It’ll be interesting to see how Season 5, is going to end. Everyone knows, Walt and Jesse will continue to cook meth in “5”. They’ll find new people to work for since Gustavo won’t be around next season. Looking forward to “Season 5”.


Netflix Pick (PS3): Lost – Season 5

Last week, I just finished, “Lost – Season 5” on Netflix. This season gets really deep into the science fiction stuff ’cause this season concentrates mostly on time travel.

As for the plot, some of the survivors have been rescued by the helicopter pilot, Frank Lapidius (Jeff Fahey) from Season 4. They go back home to the US on Charles Widmores boat. The survivors that go back home are Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, and Desmond, but the rest of the survivors either died or stayed on the island. As the rescued survivors: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid and Desmond tries to rebuild their lives back home, Benjamin Linus is trying to get them back together so they can go back to the island. Ben wants the survivors to go back to the island because he claims they need to take care of something so the people can be safe after bad things happened to them after Ben turned the frozen wheel from Season 4.

New characters are introduced that season like Daniel, Miles, and Charlotte who are there to help the survivors stop the time travel experiment that the DHARMA Initiative started. John Locke is appointed as new leader of The Others. Richard Alpert is also a new character introduced that season in which he plays an ageless inhabitant on the island. Richard Alpert teams up with John Locke to try and help find a mysterious man named Jacob. A character named, Horace Goodspeed is also introduced who works for the DHARMA Initiative.

This season is mostly about trying to put an end to time travel. This season is pretty entertaining, but kind of silly and whacky at the same time. I was mostly blown away by the acting of Terry O’ Quinn who plays John Locke and Michael Emerson who plays Benjamin Linus, pretty impressive acting skills by the two of them.

The writing this season can get kind of confusing at times, I guess that’s why they call the show, “Lost” because they want you to get lost with the stories. Season 5 is a good season but not the best, I still say Season 4 is the best season so far.

I’ve just started “Lost – Season 6” only watched the first episode and will watch more of it today. I’m hoping the rest of the show is good.