Netflix Pick: Lost – Season 3

Today, on a rainy day, I decided to finish watching the last few episodes of “Lost – Season 3”. The last season, focused on teasing this group of mysterious people called, “The Others” which is what the survivors on the island called them. The last Season wouldn’t reveal “The Others”.

In Season 3, they revealed who “The Others” were. Ben Lupin, who is the leader/boss of “The Others” was the guy that they held captive from the last season. The Others have taken Jack, Sawyer and Kate prisoner, but they sent Hurley home because he wasn’t needed. They wanted Kate and Sawyer to work on “The Others” campsite, while Jack was being used to operate Ben Lupin who was sick. Remember, Jack is a doctor and surgeon of the series.

This season concentrates on the survivors trying to escape “The Others” hideout. Kate and Sawyer got away but Jack stayed because he made a deal with Ben Lupin that if he’ll operate him and makes him stay alive, then Ben would send Jack home to the USA.

There are new characters introduced in this season like Desmond who has psychic visions and knows what happens to the characters in the future. This season is also much darker and more violent than the last two seasons. The show has a big love triangle between Kate, Sawyer, and Jack.

This season gets more serious on the characters of John Locke and Sawyer, on how their lives were destroyed before their characters crashed on the island. The show treated Sawyer as if he was a badguy/villain of the show but they want to show him that he can be a good guy after all.

This season is about battling against “The Others”, fighting them off for survival. “The Others” are crazy and psychotic people who thinks they own their island. The season ends with the survivors thinking they’re going to get discovered and get rescued. I liked the twists and turns this season. They continue to kill off the good characters.

It was a pretty good season. The show is getting interesting now and looking forward to seeing how the show ends. I’m enjoying the show so far. I like the actor who plays Sawyer, he does the best job at acting than all the other cast members, in my opinion. Looking forward to season 4 which I will start tomorrow.


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