My progress photos…

Ya know. I just love it when I post fitness progress pics of myself in this blog, the pics gets posted in other forums and other people’s facebook pages, making fun of my physique and appearance. I’m okay with that. Negative criticism on my body doesn’t offend me. If people truly thought my body was that bad, then they wouldn’t post my pics and wouldn’t comment on it. This just kind of proves that people know that I have a successful ripped physique. My pics gets passed around at other places online because jealousy is a small part of that.

I know, my body isn’t perfectly straight. There’s nothing I can do about that, because I have to live my life like this. What I have is scoliosis. I had back surgery when I was a kid, they put a metal rod in me. Back then I wasn’t allowed to do physical things and wasn’t allowed to do heavy lifting after surgery for a while, but now I’m all good and healthy to do all the physical things I want to do.

There are many fitness people and bodybuilders who had major surgeries in their lives, but they continue to do fitness anyway. There are professional bodybuilders who have gone through major heart surgeries, but even though they shouldn’t be working out in a gym, they do it anyway.

People just don’t want to admit that what I do is pretty inspiring to everybody.

Anybody can get into fitness & bodybuilding. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like or how your body is. Anybody can get into it. You don’t have to be a perfect pretty boy to get into the bodybuilding world.

I like people giving me feedback on my physique whether it’s good or bad. I don’t post progress pics for my own ego or for attention. I post progress pics to get honest feedback on my work. I can’t tell how good I look, so I post pics to get honest criticism. Plus, posting progress pics publicly, keeps me motivated and keeps me going in fitness.

I know some people are going to mention my curvy back when I post the pics, but like I said, you have to admit that I what I do is impressive. Make fun of it all you want. This is how I am. People are a little jealous that I’m able to get a fit physique even with the surgery.

Nobody’s perfect and don’t need to be. I’m proud of my fitness physique. I may need improvement on the pecs, obliques and need to lower body fat some, but I’m working on it, and not rushing things.



3 thoughts on “My progress photos…”

  1. I see your photoes, I have scoliosis too, but not severe as yours. I admire your perseverance, if you want I would tell you only one advice: when I start training, I have no clue about training and I do everything, worsen my condition. Starting from 4 years ago, my goal is improve simmetry-that anyway isn’t that bad from what my gf says- but that’s my goal. I can’t really reach perfect simmetry- but I can developed muscles so that they mask my condition. So my pec aren’t simmetrical and you can see the right clavicle more than the left-so I train upper pec with only front dumbbell rises- so they seem to match perfectly! no they’re not match perfectly in reality, but they seem so. My next goal are left lat smaller than right, and so are the serratus anterior. So from 2 years to now I do a lot of one arm dumbbell row, my chest is grow 5 cm in circumference (I’m a hard-gainer), and I think another year and they seem to match not perfectly, but satisfyingly(does this word exists? 😀 ). So, I think that despite your scoliosis and what people say, with the right training you can improve even more.

      1. Thanks. I’ve been working out several years now and haven’t had any serious injuries. Haven’t had anything happen to my back yet but I’m being careful and cautious, though. Yeah, some people can be a bit judgemental with me working out in the gym having scoliosis but I don’t care what people say. Nothing’s stopping me from reaching my goals and dreams. Thanks for your post. A great read.


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