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The “Top Gun: Maverick” teaser finally drops and it looks pretty amazing!!! I’m stoked to see it!!!

Since today is the first day of San Diego Comic Con, the “Top Gun: Maverick” trailer was shown there exclusively and now here it is online for all to see.

This is a very impressive trailer and I got goosebumps watching it. I know some of you out there may think “Top Gun” doesn’t need a sequel and I know some will be laughing about it but I think a “Top Gun” sequel will work. After you see this trailer, maybe you’ll agree now?

I’m a huge fan of the first “Top Gun” movie. I love it so freakin’ much and I can’t wait for this one. I had a feeling that it would be more like the first movie except the filming technology has improved it looks like.

No matter what your thoughts on Tom Cruise are, I bet you’re getting pumped for this movie. I know I am. I’m definitely gonna see it when it comes out for sure.



What’s Bill Murray doing at SDCC???

It’s that time again. San Diego Comic Con has just begun! Well, Bill Murray the famous actor/comedian just made his SDCC debut to promote his film “Rock the Kasbah”… but what is he really doing in SDCC when the “Ghostbusters” panel is tomorrow? Will Bill make an appearance for the “Ghostbusters” panel tomorrow?

The Ghostbusters panel is tomorrow at 2 p.m.:


For the Ghostbusters panel, I’m sure the four ladies will be in the panel but I wonder if the original three will make appearances to help celebrate the new film with the fans? Will Dan, Ernie and Bill make an appearance to surprise the fans? Who knows. We’ll have to wait and see. I’m sure the “Ghostbusters” panel will show some footage or even release the teaser.

There’s gotta be a reason that Bill Murray is there at SDCC… maybe to make the big announcement that he’s gonna be in the new “Ghostbusters” movie. We’ll have to wait and see.


More thoughts on the “Batman/Superman” team up movie…

While it’s great news that “Batman & Superman” are finally teaming up together for a live-action film… I really think they should get rid of the black rubber suit on Batman. I think the Dark Knight thing is kind of old and it would be great if they give Batman a new style. New suit, new look, new everything. If they did that with Superman, I would think they would do the same with Batman. Since Christopher Nolan would still be the mentor/producer of the “Batman/Superman” film, I would think Chris would let Zack have Batman however he wants the character to be. Over the years, Batman had different styles of suits and in different colors. I think it would be pretty cool if they go back to old-school with Batman… go back to the blue and black. They gave Superman the old-school look for “Man of Steel”, why not do the same with the Batman? Zack’s version of the batsuit will indeed be a little different than Nolan’s take on it. Zack got rid of the red trunks on Superman, think how Zack would change the batsuit? I’m sure Zack would get a lot of people questioning the batsuit just like he got a lot of people wondering about the new Superman suit.

The “Batman & Superman” movie will probably be action packed and intense like “Man of Steel” was. Of course, it’ll probably have impressive visual effects and all that stuff. Who will the leading villain be? Lex? The Joker? Both?

As for the actor to play the new Batman, I’m not really sure yet but like I said before, Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be the most likely choice ’cause of the “Dark Knight: Rises” ending.

It’s great news this is happening finally. I’m sure Hollywood already tried to get a Batman/Superman movie going years ago but failed. It’s gonna be a hard movie to pull off and Zack would be the only guy who can do it right. Batman/Superman had tons of comics together and animated movies. They don’t have a live action movie yet and the wait will be over soon. It will be a box office smash, for sure.

My question is, will Michael Caine still play Aflred? Gary Oldman for Commissioner Gordon? I don’t know if those guys will come back without Christian Bale but we’ll wait and see.

It’s gonna be interesting to see what they’re gonna title it too.


Cool Video: Michael C. Hall gives emotional goodbye to Dexter fans at SDCC…

This video even brought tears to my eyes a little bit. Michael C. Hall, the main star of the hit TV show, “Dexter”, gives an emotional goodbye speech toward the end of the “Dexter” panel at SDCC. As Michael speaks, you can see the other cast watching him too and they look like they’re all choked up. As Michael ends his speech, the large crowd gives the Dexter cast a standing ovation.

Ya know, “Dexter”, is a pretty amazing show. It’s one of my favorite shows on TV. I don’t watch a lot of TV anymore but “Dexter” is one of those few shows that I love. Season 8 is pretty amazing so far. If you don’t have Showtime, I would recommend you watch this show. The stories can be pretty intense. Out of all the seasons of “Dexter”, I still think Season 4 is the best.

Like most Dexter fans, I too can’t believe this show is ending. Here’s hoping for a big screen movie possibility if Dexter doesn’t get killed off anyway.


Zack Snyder confirms “Batman & Superman” movie at SDCC…


Every summer at San Diego Comic Con, there are all sorts of goodies that come out of it and this is one of them. Everyone knew there is gonna be a sequel to, “Man of Steel”, we just didn’t know what Zack Snyder’s plans were. Turns out that he is planning to team Batman and Superman together in one movie. It’s about time too! We always wanted Batman and Superman to have their own movie but the only problem with that is that Christian Bale no longer wants to play Batman. Bale is done with the Caped Crusader so he probably will not be in this or the “Justice League” film. That’s okay ’cause Bale wasn’t that great of a Batman anyways so let him go, ya know? So it’s looking like Batman will have to get replaced by another actor (again).

We won’t see a “Justice League” film for a long while ’cause it’s looking like Zack wants to have all the characters in “Justice League” to get their own film to build up to it. The Flash is getting his own movie too.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they get Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play Batman, though. If you’ve seen the ending to the “Dark Knight: Rises”, you would know exactly what I mean (not trying to spoil things).

Looking forward to seeing what they’re gonna do with the first “Batman/Superman” film. “Batman/Superman” is coming sooner than you think as I think it’s slated for a 2015 release date. Why is it coming this soon? Simply because Zack is a fast worker. He made “Man of Steel” pretty quick. He can get a single film done in less than a year.

In the photo above is the official logo revealed for the “Batman/Superman” movie at SDCC.


Cool Video: Casting revealed for “Game of Thrones – Season 3” but they are still missing 2very important characters…

The season 3 casting of “Game of Thrones”, is looking great so far, but still they are missing a few very important characters. Where is Mance Rayder, and Ramsay Bolton? Hopefully, they’re not gonna leave those characters out.

Check out this great video that was shown at SDCC during the “Game of Thrones” panel.


Cool Photo: See Randy, Terry and Dolph sign autographs for fans at SDCC…

Yep, SDCC is happening this week and here are Randy Couture, Terry Crews, and Dolph Lundgren signing autographs for fans at the “Lionsgate” booth at SDCC. Man, I wish I was there, so I can meet Dolph in person. I’ve always wanted to go to a SDCC event but never got to yet, hopefully, someday, I’ll get my chance!

See the photo, here.


Cool Video: The new upcoming “Tomb Raider” RPG game looks pretty cool, can’t wait!!!

There’s a new Tomb Raider game coming out but the new game is a re-invention. It won’t be like the earlier games. The game series is re-booting, and they will be turned into Role Playing Games. They will also have free roam. At first, I was skeptical of the Tomb Raider re-invention but after seeing the gameplay footage here in this video, I think I’m pretty much sold and will get it. I’m a very big Tomb Raider fan. I love Lara Croft. The games are so much fun.

Yes, San Diego Comic Con is happening right now as I type this, so I will be posting a lot of SDCC stuff, like I do every year in my blogs. Enjoy, the gameplay footage taken at SDCC.


Report: “Man of Steel” footage will be shown by Zack Snyder at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, possible teaser trailer too???

Over the years at San Diego Comic Con, both Superman and Batman has never made appearances to do some marketing for the yearly film conventions. Well this year, Superman will finally be at SDCC, while Batman continues to not want anything to do with it. Look like Zack Snyder got the permission by Christopher Nolan and WB’s to do it. Yes, Snyder will be there to show footage from the film, “Man of Steel“. Will the teaser trailer be revealed as well?

At the Superman, “Man of Steel” panel at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo, they showed the Superman, Jor-El, and Faora costumes out on display. See the pics, here.

I’m not sure why Warner Bros. is still NOT letting us see what Michael Shannon looks like as General Zod, yet? Maybe they’re saving that for SDCC. Hope so. I’m dying to see what the new General Zod looks like.

I’m still praying that “Man of Steel” will be a really good movie. I know Zack Snyder is not everyone’s favorite director, and I know he’s controversial with his “slo mo” scenes, but I truly believe he has what it takes to make an amazing Superman movie. I’m hoping “Man of Steel” will be an action packed ride, it probably will be from the looks of things. I’ve seen some of the Behind the scenes photos that were leaked to the web.

Can’t wait to see a trailer. The trailer should be out later this summer. Hopefully it’ll be a good teaser, and not just the S symbol on the screen.


Report: Never before seen deleted scene of “Lost – Season 1” revealed at San Diego Comic Con!!!

San Diego Comic Con is happening this week, and at the “LOST” panel, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse crashed the panel in full on geek out style. They revealed a deleted scene from “LOST – Season 1”. The scene shows Dr. Jack Shephard and John Locke having a heated argument about the hatch while Jacob and the man in black looks on.

See the deleted footage, here.

I’m all done watching “LOST” on Netflix, by the way. Finished, Season 6, the last season, a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t get around to writing a review of it yet, but will soon. Fantastic show though. Wish it could have lasted a few more seasons.