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Cool Photo: See Randy, Terry and Dolph sign autographs for fans at SDCC…

Yep, SDCC is happening this week and here are Randy Couture, Terry Crews, and Dolph Lundgren signing autographs for fans at the “Lionsgate” booth at SDCC. Man, I wish I was there, so I can meet Dolph in person. I’ve always wanted to go to a SDCC event but never got to yet, hopefully, someday, I’ll get my chance!

See the photo, here.


Cool Video: “Expendables 2” trailer is finally here, and looks badass!!!

“The Expendables 2” teaser is finally here. There’s nothing much on it for now, it’s just a teaser. It just shows all the cast members. The trailer shows Chuck Norris, and Van Damme. Best of all, it also shows Arnold holding a gun!!!! How cool is it to finally see Arnold with a gun for the big screen? After a 7 year long fucking wait of Arnold’s governor shit, he’s finally back to where he belongs. Action films on the big screen!!!

I did like the first “Expendables” movie, but only for the action & fight scenes. The action scenes for the first film was fine, it was just the writing that had lots of problems. Hopefully the plot will be an improvement for the sequel. I’ll be seeing the new film in theater for sure.

Check out the trailer, here.


Why Randy Couture is my hero and inspiration…

I respect Randy Couture, and I find him as my hero and inspiration for a lot of reasons. He is 47 years old, stays fit and stays athletic. This man is a real athlete. More real than any other athlete out there. Do you know any other men in their 40’s and 50’s or older that can be as athletic as him? NO! There are bodybuilders and fitness people in their 50’s and older, but all they do is lift weights. Randy does a hell of a lot more than that. He’s a fighter and does all kinds of physical things in his life. Things that other men couldn’t do. Randy stays on a very strict diet and he stays in shape all the time.

On his twitter page, he says he doesn’t bench at all ’cause he says it doesn’t help him win fights. Well it could be true because what he means by that, is benching could slow him down. He knows how brutal bench pressing can be. Bench pressing can ’cause you to lose your punching skills because benching uses a lot of arm work, that could be why.

I’d like to meet Randy in person someday, just to shake his hand and say thank you. That’s it. No autograph, no photo. Not to be star struck. Just to tell him what he does means a lot. Most boxers and UFC fighters retire at a young age, but not Randy. I mean think about it. I don’t see Randy retiring anytime soon. He’ll continue to fight in UFC for another several years or more. As long as he keeps winning fights, why not?

I look after him because I can see myself being like that when I turn 47, being able to stay in shape and do all kinds of physical things. Fitness will do that to you. When you don’t give up working out, it’ll help your future. If you don’t want to see yourself walking around with a walker or carrying an oxygen tank, then it’s best you start fitness NOW, so you can be in good physical shape when you’re 50 or older.

Randy is the best.


UFC 118 thoughts…

Yep, so I watched UFC 118 last night. I knew Randy Couture was going to destroy James Toney with no problems. Knew it was going to happen from the very beginning. Randy made it look too easy to beat James Toney down. Randy knew James Toney’s boxing skills. Randy knew how hard Toney punches. Randy did a great job to avoid Toney’s punches. I knew Randy would do his best to avoid them. Randy gave Toney his usual chokehold move that Randy always does.

Hopefully, this will be James Toneys only fight. He needs to get his fat ass back to boxing where he belongs. James doens’t belong in UFC, he can’t handle it. James will get killed if he continues to stay in UFC, so hopefully Dana won’t let him continue on. Watch last night’s fight here.

The other fights were okay, but the best fight of the night was “Florian vs. Maynard”. Although Kenny Florian tried his best to win in his hometown, I was impressed with him last night.


Thought: Maybe James Toney does have what it takes to knock out Randy Couture after all???

When I talk about UFC 118 with other fans, and I ask them, “Who do you think is going to win, James Toney or Randy Couture”? Most answers, were surprisingly James Toney. I’m like what? When I ask them why James Toney, they defend him by saying James Toney is a brutal puncher. He punches really hard, so hard that it will make you feel like you got hit by a truck. Everyone says his punching skills is too powerful.

Maybe James does know more fighting skills than boxing. Maybe he has some martial arts experience under his belt. Never know. He could probably punch Randy out real quick in one round. He is probably training some mixed martial arts moves and skills.

What Randy would have to do to win this fight, he would have to avoid Toney’s punches. If Randy messes up once, and Toney swings at him, it’s done. I’m not much of a boxing fan so I don’t know much about Toney. This will be an interesting fight and an unpredictable one, you just never know who will win this one.

Toney may know boxing only, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to suck in UFC. James Toney is one of the world’s dangerous fighters. I’m certainly am looking forward to this fight.


Thought: James Toney vs. Randy Couture prediction…

I have been following this James Toney vs. Randy Couture feud online, and I must say, it’s even funnier than the Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin feud. Boxing legend James Toney has been signed to UFC to fight Randy Couture. James Toney has been obsessed with wanting to fight Randy Couture for a long time and Dana White gave him what he wanted. James Toney is a BOXER. Not a mixed martial artist. I repeat, a BOXER. Randy Couture has YEARS of mixed martial arts experience.

My opinion, that I think James Toney is challenging the wrong guy. Randy Couture would fucking destroy Toney. Toney might be able to throw a few hard punches at Randy, yes, but the fight will be over quickly once Toney gets a takedown by Couture, and Couture will give him the chokehold to end the fight. Randy Couture is well known for the chokehold. Randy Couture may seem like a nice, friendly and down to earth guy, but in reality, Randy is a monster when it comes to fighting.

Toney thinks he will beat Couture, which is hilarious. Toney thinks he will be successful in UFC. That’s how boxers are, delusional and they have huge egos as well. Why did Dana White agree to sign Toney even if Toney don’t have much MMA experience? I bet the only reason is to help PPV buyrates. Dana didn’t sign Toney because Toney is talented.

So of course, my money on who to win this fight is Randy Couture. Randy is a favorite fighter of mine and looking forward to seeing him fight again.

UFC 118 looks like a great card. I’m looking forward to seeing Edgar vs. Penn again too.


Cool Video: UFC shows exclusive footage from “The Expendables” to hype up UFC 102…

Well…looks like UFC is the first to give out some brief footage from the “Expendables” movie that stars Stallone, and all these tough guy badasses.

Randy Couture has a match against Antonio Noguiera at UFC 102… who are both in Stallone’s movie.

This movie is looking badass and can’t wait! Stallone will show much more of the footage from the film at the Venice Festival.

This looks to be a kick ass action flick and I really want to see it now!


Report: Randy Couture to have a match against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 102…

So you think UFC legend Randy Couture is retired from fighting after losing his title to Brock Lesnar and back to acting in Hollywood film for Sly Stallone’s next movie, “The Expendables”? Think again. Randy Couture is not yet retired from UFC for good.

It’ll be Randy Couture vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for UFC 102 on Aug. 29th in Portland, Ore. Both men who have casting roles for Stallone’s, “Expendables”.

In this article, Randy speaks his experience filming in Brazil, he says he was tired and burnt out. He said shooting went great and he had a good time. How do you like that UFC fans? Two actors in the same ring together to fight each other for real and not in a Hollywood movie!

I think I’ll definitely be watching UFC 102 when it comes up.

See the article here:



Report: UFC fighter, Randy Couture is casted in Stallone’s “Expendables”!!!

It is no secret to me that Sylvester Stallone is a huge fan of UFC. Stallone just casted legendary UFC fighter, Randy Couture, in “The Expendables”.

AintItCool exclusively breaks the news, they also confirm that Forrest Whittaker is also casted.

AintItCool reports:


Looking great so far, Sly!!!

This movie will be a fun action ride. When this movie comes out in the future, expect UFC to promote it pretty heavily since Randy is in it.