UFC 118 thoughts…

Yep, so I watched UFC 118 last night. I knew Randy Couture was going to destroy James Toney with no problems. Knew it was going to happen from the very beginning. Randy made it look too easy to beat James Toney down. Randy knew James Toney’s boxing skills. Randy knew how hard Toney punches. Randy did a great job to avoid Toney’s punches. I knew Randy would do his best to avoid them. Randy gave Toney his usual chokehold move that Randy always does.

Hopefully, this will be James Toneys only fight. He needs to get his fat ass back to boxing where he belongs. James doens’t belong in UFC, he can’t handle it. James will get killed if he continues to stay in UFC, so hopefully Dana won’t let him continue on. Watch last night’s fight here.

The other fights were okay, but the best fight of the night was “Florian vs. Maynard”. Although Kenny Florian tried his best to win in his hometown, I was impressed with him last night.


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