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Cool Photo: Pam Anderson dons the Baywatch bathing suit again…

The left side of the above pic is her back in the Baywatch days for TV, the right is a recent photo of her filming for a Brazillian commercial. I know she hasn’t worn the Baywatch suit in years, but in my opinion, she looks awful in it. She still looks the same in the swimsuit yes, but she’s old, and her bad plastic surgery ruins it. She’s not HOT anymore like she used to be. Such a shame, ’cause I used to like Pam. Sure, she’s always been a plastic barbie doll, but when she was younger, there was something likeable about her. Pam looks like a disgusting old woman now. Tommy Lee and Kid Rock enjoyed banging that? Wow. Her plastic surgery is worse now than before. Thanks to the media for the before & after pic. I used to like Baywatch though.


Report: Stallone ends filming in Brazil…

According to the Expendables blog, they just reported that the cast and crew, packed it up and left on the airplane. They finished with the Brazillian scenes already.


The blog also said that the cast and crew will take a few weeks hiatus, then they will film some more in New Orleans in the United States so Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren, Charisma Carpenter, etc. can film their scenes.

And after the scenes in New Orleans, they go to Cali to film Arny’s cameo.

I’m sure we’ll get some pics surfacing the net of the cast at the Brazillian airport sooner or later.