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Cool Photo: See Randy, Terry and Dolph sign autographs for fans at SDCC…

Yep, SDCC is happening this week and here are Randy Couture, Terry Crews, and Dolph Lundgren signing autographs for fans at the “Lionsgate” booth at SDCC. Man, I wish I was there, so I can meet Dolph in person. I’ve always wanted to go to a SDCC event but never got to yet, hopefully, someday, I’ll get my chance!

See the photo, here.


Cool Video: “The Expendables 2” trailer is finally here with an introduction by Sylvester Stallone!

I’m hoping, the sequel to the “Expendables” will be much better than the first one, like everyone else. I did like the first, “Expendables” movie, but I’ll admit that the first film did have some problems. Hopefully, the sequel will be an improvement. What I enjoy most about the “Expendables”, is the character of Dolph, he’s probably my favorite character out of the group. Dolph does the best acting out of the cast, in my opinion, I just want the movies to do more with him. Hopefully, the sequel will have more Dolph screen time.

The trailer is full of 80’s action stars I grew up watching over the years. Arnold made an announcement in the trailer saying, “I’m back”, which is what he means that he’s back in the movies. This is Arnold’s first big screen movie since after his governor run.

While I’m a huge fan of Sly, I don’t like his look in this movie though, the mustache kind of bothers me. I’m hoping this film will be good. I’m pretty excited about the film, but I’m more excited to see, “The Avengers”, and “The Dark Knight: Rises”.


Cool Video: “Expendables 2” trailer is finally here, and looks badass!!!

“The Expendables 2” teaser is finally here. There’s nothing much on it for now, it’s just a teaser. It just shows all the cast members. The trailer shows Chuck Norris, and Van Damme. Best of all, it also shows Arnold holding a gun!!!! How cool is it to finally see Arnold with a gun for the big screen? After a 7 year long fucking wait of Arnold’s governor shit, he’s finally back to where he belongs. Action films on the big screen!!!

I did like the first “Expendables” movie, but only for the action & fight scenes. The action scenes for the first film was fine, it was just the writing that had lots of problems. Hopefully the plot will be an improvement for the sequel. I’ll be seeing the new film in theater for sure.

Check out the trailer, here.


Another “Expendables” poster hits the web, first look at Terry Crews as Hale Caesar!!!

More “Expendables” pics. New teaser poster which is badass and Terry Crews in his Hale Caesar costume for the film. Enjoy!

And for the record, I believe them Expendables teaser posters at Cannes could be photoshopped, and not real, can’t really tell.




Report: Terry Crews talks “Expendables”, could it get an R rating after all?

Did Sly change his mind about, “The Expendables” being a family friendly Pg-13 movie like he once said, and he may actually make it, R rated? It seems to be heading that way, because Terry Crews hints that this movie may actually be a blood fest just like “Rambo” was.

MTV Movies Blog reports:


Very cool. I hope Sly makes it an R rated bloodfest film like everybody wants! I can’t wait to see this flick, why do we have to wait for all the way to 2010 to see it?


Confirmed: Arnold has a cameo in “Terminator Salvation”…

Actor Terry Crews who is currently in Brazil filming, “The Expendables” with Stallone, confirmed the news that Arnold Schwarzenegger has a cameo in the new, “Terminator Salvation”. For the longest time, McG and the other cast and crew of the film has been pretty secretive about it. It looks like McG gave Terry Crews the permission to break out the news. There were talks on whether or not, Arnold will appear in “Terminator Salvation” in CGI or live in person, Terry says, he doesn’t know how Arnold will be in it.

He also revealed the news that Terry will be filming in the same scene with Arnold for Stallone’s new movie, “The Expendables”, filming right now. Terry and Arnold already worked together in the sci fi action adventure, “The 6th Day”.

MTV Movies Blog reports: