Confirmed: Arnold has a cameo in “Terminator Salvation”…

Actor Terry Crews who is currently in Brazil filming, “The Expendables” with Stallone, confirmed the news that Arnold Schwarzenegger has a cameo in the new, “Terminator Salvation”. For the longest time, McG and the other cast and crew of the film has been pretty secretive about it. It looks like McG gave Terry Crews the permission to break out the news. There were talks on whether or not, Arnold will appear in “Terminator Salvation” in CGI or live in person, Terry says, he doesn’t know how Arnold will be in it.

He also revealed the news that Terry will be filming in the same scene with Arnold for Stallone’s new movie, “The Expendables”, filming right now. Terry and Arnold already worked together in the sci fi action adventure, “The 6th Day”.

MTV Movies Blog reports:


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