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Cool Video: “The Expendables 2” trailer is finally here with an introduction by Sylvester Stallone!

I’m hoping, the sequel to the “Expendables” will be much better than the first one, like everyone else. I did like the first, “Expendables” movie, but I’ll admit that the first film did have some problems. Hopefully, the sequel will be an improvement. What I enjoy most about the “Expendables”, is the character of Dolph, he’s probably my favorite character out of the group. Dolph does the best acting out of the cast, in my opinion, I just want the movies to do more with him. Hopefully, the sequel will have more Dolph screen time.

The trailer is full of 80’s action stars I grew up watching over the years. Arnold made an announcement in the trailer saying, “I’m back”, which is what he means that he’s back in the movies. This is Arnold’s first big screen movie since after his governor run.

While I’m a huge fan of Sly, I don’t like his look in this movie though, the mustache kind of bothers me. I’m hoping this film will be good. I’m pretty excited about the film, but I’m more excited to see, “The Avengers”, and “The Dark Knight: Rises”.


Cool Video: “The Cold Light of Day” trailer is here!!!

The “Man of Steel” star Henry Cavill is creating a lot of buzz in the movie industry lately. He starred in the epic Greek mythology movie, “Immortals”, which was a great film and here’s Henry next action movie. It’s called, “The Cold Light of Day”. The film also stars, Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver. This looks to be a fun action film even if it’s PG-13 rated. I guess you can add this film to the list of my most anticipated movies of 2012. I’m definitely there to see this movie.

See the trailer here at AICN.


Cool Video: “Expendables 2” trailer is finally here, and looks badass!!!

“The Expendables 2” teaser is finally here. There’s nothing much on it for now, it’s just a teaser. It just shows all the cast members. The trailer shows Chuck Norris, and Van Damme. Best of all, it also shows Arnold holding a gun!!!! How cool is it to finally see Arnold with a gun for the big screen? After a 7 year long fucking wait of Arnold’s governor shit, he’s finally back to where he belongs. Action films on the big screen!!!

I did like the first “Expendables” movie, but only for the action & fight scenes. The action scenes for the first film was fine, it was just the writing that had lots of problems. Hopefully the plot will be an improvement for the sequel. I’ll be seeing the new film in theater for sure.

Check out the trailer, here.


Report: John Travolta, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Chuck Norris rumored castings for “The Expendables” sequel…

The filming for the next “Expendables’ movie will start filming this Sept. Yes, the original cast you see in the picture above is expected to reprise their roles (except for Steve Austin who was killed in the first one). Arnold and Bruce are expected to return but everyone is expecting Bruce and Arnold to have longer roles, not just cameos.

Of course, the film will add some more big name tough guys and there was a few more names brought up who are rumored to be part of the sequel. Those actors are: John Travolta, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Chuck Norris. These are just rumors so don’t believe them as of yet.

Read the full story, here.

Van Damme is definitely a possibility, so I can see Van Damme in the film. John Travolta is a possibility too ’cause Sly and Travolta have been friends for years (they already worked together in “Staying Alive”, Sly directed that movie, John starred in it). I’m not so sure about Chuck Norris.

I hope the Chuck Norris rumor is true ’cause he hasn’t done any acting in years, I hope he makes a huge comeback. If Chuck is in the movie, I can see him being one of the villains, not the Expendables team. It would be great to see Chuck back in Hollywood, I enjoyed his action movies in the 80’s. Especially films like “Firewalker”, “The Octagon”, “Forced Vengeance”, “The Missing In Action” trilogy, etc. Loved all of his flicks in the 80’s.


Report: Jean Claude Van Damme nows wants in “Expendables 2″…

Ever since, Jean Claude Van Damme, turned down the first, “Expendables” movie, fans been begging him to star in the sequel. Well it looks like, Jean Claude heard the fans and listened to y’all, now he wants in.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is also interested in starring in the sequel.

Read more on the story, here.

It’s great to see, Jean Claude have a change of heart with Sly and “The Expendables”. Trust us, Jean Claude, it’ll be a great opportunity for you. It will make you an action star again!



BREAKING NEWS: Jean Claude Van Damme suffers minor heart attack on his new film, “Weapon”!!!

Action star, Jean Claude Van Damme, suffers a minor heart attack before filming any of his scenes on his new movie, “Weapon”. He was admitted to New Orleans hospital before returning back home to, Belgium, where he lives. His wife and children joined him in New Orleans. It was just a small heart attack, so he is expected to make a full recovery quickly.

More on the story, here.

Well JCVD, did have a huge addiction with cocaine in the past. Yes, he was very addicted. Cocaine WILL do this to you. This is only the beginning for Jean Claude. The next heart attack might be worse. I know he doesn’t do cocaine anymore, he cleaned up his act a long time ago, but your past with drugs will come back and hit ya, no matter if you’re clean or not.

I wish Jean Claude well.


Report: Sly on Jean Claude Van Damme, “We’re cool!”

Sly wants fans to know that he has no bad blood with Jean Claude Van Damme. After JCVD dropped a role of “The Expendables” movie, a heated feud broke out on the internet between the two action stars. It was claimed that the two action stars don’t get along too well.

On Sly’s twitter page…Sly tweeted:

By the way jvcd has been a buddy for years and what I say is friendly teasing.He is a great action star, a one off, an original..

So there you have it. Sly and JCVD officially have no personal hatred against each other in real life. All Sly has been talking about on his twitter page is making fun of Jean Claude.

Is this a hint that JCVD agreed to do the sequel? We’ll keep our fingers crossed for now. 😉


Report: “Expendables” casts wants Justin Bieber and Jean Claude Van Damme for sequel…

The cast of the “Expendables” is already speaking out about their ideas for casting for “The Expendables” sequel. Who do they want for the next film? They want Justin Bieber and they plan to try asking JCVD again.

Sly also says he’s already talking with Arnold and Bruce to reprise their roles.

MTV Movies Blog reports:


I’m not sure if they are joking or serious about their choice with Justin Bieber, but if they are serious on Justin, who would he play and what would they use him for? Barney Ross (Sly’s character) has a son? I hope they’re joking about Justin Bieber, ’cause if he was casted, they might have to make “The Expendables” PG-13 rated so all the tweens can see their hero in the film. I don’t think we’d want that do we? Judging by the video MTV posted, I think they are joking.

Terry should be more careful when he says, “I want Justin Bieber’s ass”. I know Terry meant to say he wants to fight him, but some might take that out of context since Justin is a young kid.


Report: Finally, here is the truth of why JCVD and Steven Seagal turned down, “The Expendables”…

Everybody wanted Steven Seagal and JCVD for “The Expendables” but both of those men, turned the movie down. Why? Because JCVD was originally written to have a fight scene with Jet Li, but Jean Claude didn’t want to lose a fight to a short guy. Steven Seagal, however, wasn’t into this whole action comedy thing.

More on it here:


To be fair to JC, I’m kind of on his side. People may hate JC turning down the movie because of his huge ego problem, but hey, all movie stars have egos right? Sly is the biggest ego here and he admits it. It would be kind of silly for JC losing a fight to Jet Li. JC is a martial arts expert, well, Jet Li is too but having JC losing to Jet would be a little embarrassing. Really think about it. It was better for Dolph to do it instead.

Who knows, maybe Sly will actually try to get JCVD for the sequel? Maybe they can negotiate and make a deal. Bury the hatchet, so they can make fans happy that JC should be in the next movie. The internet wants JC in “The Expendables”, everyone wants him, but don’t get your hopes up. Maybe Jean Claude will agree to star in “Expendables 2” after the huge internet popularity with him wanting to be in it.

Sly doesn’t  like JC too much, I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. Sly might try to talk him into the sequel again. I always wanted to see Sly and Jean Claude work together myself. We’ll just have to cross our fingers for now.