Report: “Expendables” casts wants Justin Bieber and Jean Claude Van Damme for sequel…

The cast of the “Expendables” is already speaking out about their ideas for casting for “The Expendables” sequel. Who do they want for the next film? They want Justin Bieber and they plan to try asking JCVD again.

Sly also says he’s already talking with Arnold and Bruce to reprise their roles.

MTV Movies Blog reports:

I’m not sure if they are joking or serious about their choice with Justin Bieber, but if they are serious on Justin, who would he play and what would they use him for? Barney Ross (Sly’s character) has a son? I hope they’re joking about Justin Bieber, ’cause if he was casted, they might have to make “The Expendables” PG-13 rated so all the tweens can see their hero in the film. I don’t think we’d want that do we? Judging by the video MTV posted, I think they are joking.

Terry should be more careful when he says, “I want Justin Bieber’s ass”. I know Terry meant to say he wants to fight him, but some might take that out of context since Justin is a young kid.


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