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Thoughts on Justin Bieber vs. Tom Cruise fight, who do I think will win???

Well, I think Tom Cruise will win, of course. As you all should know by now Justin Bieber challenged iconic actor Tom Cruise to an MMA fight in the Octagon and requested Dana White to do it for them. I know Biebs is probably joking but who knows, maybe he’s actually pretty serious and this fight could end up happening for real. It’s gonna be interesting to see how Tom is gonna respond to this.

Some of you may ask, why would Biebs challenge Tom to a fight? Does he hate him? No. Not at all. I don’t think Biebs hate Tom at all as I think he’s probably a huge fan of Tom’s movies. Justin probably watched the “Jack Reacher” and “Mission Impossible” movies and thought it would be funny to challenge Tom to a fight.

Some of you may say, “Well, movies aren’t real and Tom really doesn’t know how to fight.” Oh yes he does! While Tom didn’t have any martial arts and MMA experience, he was a wrestler back in his high school years so he does know some “fighting” skills before Hollywood.

Look at the response in this post in Quora:


Movies maybe fake but since Tom wanted to do all of his own stunts, including all of the fighting… yes, all the fighting scenes he has done over the years in movies were all him. I’m sure he was trained by martial arts professionals and MMA coaches to learn how to fight for film so Tom definitely does have plenty of fighting experience in film.

I think everybody knows that. Maybe Biebs doesn’t really want to fight Tom at all, he’s just joking and stuff, ya know? I think this is just Biebs way of showing Tom respect for doing his own fighting in action films. People are finally starting to catch on about Tom doing his own stunts and people are finally starting to give him respect for it.

I’m pretty sure Tom will respond to this challenge. I’m sure he already heard about it. Will Tom accept and could it actually happen??? Who knows. I doubt it will ’cause Tom is a pretty busy guy and I’m sure he has better things to do like making movies. He’s still working on “Top Gun 2” right now, I believe. I’m sure Tom heard about that tweet Justin posted and I’m sure Tom had a good laugh about it. Hopefully Tom responds this week.


Justin Bieber cancelling the rest of his tour to relax and have some time for himself is pretty dumb, this kid is an egomaniac…

Justin Bieber cancelling the rest of his 14 date tour just to relax and have some free time for himself. Really? That is absurd and really arrogant of him to do as well. This caused his fans to be infuriated and they’re disappointed in him too. Is there a special reason for him to cancel the tour suddenly? Apparently, no. He felt that he was burnt out; and he just wanted a long break. That’s pretty much it really. There’s nothing wrong with him or anything.


I think the kid is a bit of an egomaniac and narcissist for sure. I don’t think he’s into the music business for the fame or the fans… I think he’s just into it for the money alone. The kid is so rich that he doesn’t need to work in the music business if he doesn’t want to.

You see, being a professional performer and touring artist is a pretty big responsibility. Just ask the guys in Metallica. The boys in Metallica doesn’t believe in taking vacations or long breaks. Metallica tours pretty heavily all year and all year round. When they do decide to take a break, the band will hit the studio to make a new a record. There’s no slowing down with Metallica at all.

It’s sad what the kind of music kids are listening to nowadays. When I was a kid.. I was listening to stuff like the Monkees, Twisted Sister, Billy Joel, The Beatles, Jethro Tull, The Talking Heads, The Knack, The Clash, Elvis, U2, Springsteen, Sammy Hagar, Van Halen, etc. I was listening to real music.

I find it sad when I see young kids going to Justin Bieber concerts or when I hear young kids singing his songs and seeing them wearing his t-shirts too. It’s not hard getting kids into real music. It’s not hard to tell them what music they should or they shouldn’t be listening to.

It may not seem like it but there are plenty of young children out there who are into rock & metal which is why a lot of young kids play guitar and other instruments… that’s because they have smarter parents.




Joan Jett posts selfie with Justin Bieber on Instagram, her fans freak out and get angry…

A photo posted by Joan Jett (@joanjett) on

While Justin Bieber is strictly a pop artist, it seems that the guy is very supportive of other artists so kudos to him. To me Bieber seems like a down to earth and humble kid but music fans still want to treat him like he’s the enemy of the music industry.

It’s no secret that I always had no problem with Justin Bieber. You probably should know by now that I always defended him and he had my back over the years on this blog. I don’t think I’ve ever really bashed him that much. I never really had a problem with him at all.

Each time Bieber shows his support for another artist like Metallica or Nirvana, music fans treat him like it’s a bad thing for him to do. So what? Bieber shows his support for other artists, that’s not a bad thing ain’t it? Bieber is trying to show that he is a pretty humble guy. He’s not all about himself when it comes to his music. He’s leaving his ego at the door and wants to show love for other talent. What’s wrong with that?

Nope… anything this kid does is a bad thing. Doesn’t matter if Bieber does something positive to people, haters will always bash him no matter what he does.

I’ve never bought Justin’s music over the years but I respect the hell out of him, though. I know he’s done some bad things in his life but hey, he’s trying to straighten himself out and become a better person. He did just that so give the kid a break for once. He doesn’t deserve all of this hate, in my opinion.


Nirvana fans shamefully trash Justin Bieber for wearing Nirvana shirt at AMA Awards…

I’m a huge Nirvana fan myself. I’m pretty much a huge Nirvana fanatic. I fuckin’ love Nirvana but I’m not gonna trash Justin Bieber for wearing a Nirvana shirt at the AMA’s. Just like the rest of us, Justin seems to be a Nirvana fanatic himself so he wanted to pay his respects to that band and honor them in a cool kind of way so Nirvana fans bash Justin. Nirvana fans think Kurt Cobain would be rolling in his grave.

Ummmmmmm… no, if Kurt was still alive and he saw that today, I’m pretty positive Kurt would have been extremely flattered. Kurt would have been happy to see that. I’m pretty sure Dave and Krist thought it was pretty cool.


Justin is a music fan like the rest of us. He probably likes rock music like the rest of us too. That’s the sad part… people would bash Justin on everything. Hey, I wasn’t the biggest Justin Bieber fan but the kid gained my respect after that Comedy Central Roast thing he did earlier this year. I find nothing wrong with Bieber now. He’s okay, in my book.


After watching the “Roast of Justin Bieber” finally, I think Justin has my respect now…

I think the reason why Justin Bieber wanted to get on “The Roast” was that it was just his way of apologizing to the world for his mistakes. You know how Biebs got into so much trouble with the law like with his reckless driving, vandalism and all that stuff. He knows all the mistakes he did and I think he finally learned from them. He wanted to get on the roast as an opportunity to learn from his mistakes and apologize for them.

I know people are always gonna hate Justin Bieber no matter what he says or does but come on, guys. What he did here was ballsy. It’s time to forgive him for that. It was very brave of him to get on national TV and admit his mistakes and apologize. I totally respect him now for his honesty and bravery. He just wanted to give other people an opportunity to give him a good kick in the ass for all his past mistakes. That’s what he did this for, in my opinion.


Anyway, “The Roast of Justin Bieber” was pretty good. Could have been better but was pretty good. Most of the roasters were too easy and kind on him, in my opinion. Most of them spent most of their time roasting the other roasters instead of Bieber. Although, Natasha and Jeff Ross were the only two that were brutal on him. Then Will Ferrell came out at the end as the Rod Burgundy character from “Anchorman” and of course, he stole the show.

Justin’s speech at the end was powerful but at the same time, he was funny and humorous too! Justin even made fun of himself.

I know Justin has a lot of haters and still do but I think it’s time to forgive him after this. He’s got my respect now. I was never into Justin’s music and probably never will be but I’ll respect him as a human being. He’s no longer a child. He’s a full grown man now. It’s time to treat him like a full grown man.

I think all the trouble and controversy that Justin got himself into over the years, he was just a kid having too much fun with his fame and I think that’s what it was all about, in my opinion. He’s just finally starting to realize that enjoying fame “a bit too much” is sometimes a bad thing.

It was a pretty good show. I’m glad I watched it. Love him or hate him, you gotta give him credit this time, folks. Admit it now!


Justin Bieber to get roasted on Comedy Central’s “The Roast”…

Like most, I’m not a fan of Justin Bieber but I’m probably gonna watch this. Justin Bieber finally gonna get roasted on Comedy Central by other comedians, actors and celebrities.

Do you think Biebs could handle this? The comedians aren’t gonna be so kind to him for sure. All the comedians are probably gonna insult him and make fun of him the whole time. He’s gonna face a lot of harsh criticism about his hard partying, drinking alcohol, smoking weed, girls and all that stuff. Somebody’s gonna bring up Biebs getting carried on the Great Wall of China, remember that?

It could be a good show and funny as hell. I’m sure Comedy Central is happy as hell that they finally got him. This is gonna be a ratings boost for sure.


A little rant about Justin Bieber fanatics…

Are those Justin Bieber fanatics this obsessed with him? I’d  have to say that those “Beliebers” are the most pretentious fans I’ve ever come across from. They absolutely worship the kid as if he is god or something. I understand being a big fan of a music artist is all cool and good but I wouldn’t exactly be that obsessed with them. I maybe a huge fan of Led Zeppelin but I’m not that obsessed with the band. If Led Zep do or say bad things, I’m not gonna smile at everything they do as I even think Robert Plant  is an asshole sometimes, I’ll admit it.

Whenever other celebrities bash Justin Bieber like say Patrick Carney of the Black Keys for example, the Beliebers will start attacking that celeb by sending him/her death threats and all that stuff.

No matter how many times Justin Bieber gets in trouble in his life, his Beliebers will back him no matter the situation. He could continue to piss in public places and throw eggs at peoples homes, those Beliebers will still love him. They even stayed loyal to him through all this drunk drag racing stuff. It doesn’t matter what Biebs does. He could take out a knife and stab someone or rob a bank and those Beliebers will still love him. Even if he committed murder and stuff like that, they would still love him. Even if Biebs says something offensive and if he harassed women… once again… they would still love him.

Biebs is always a trending topic on twitter… almost all of the time.

I never really understood the Bieber obsession, ya know? It’s all pretty moronic.

That’s the way fans are in this day and age of music I know but Bieber fans are a different story. If you think Bieber is bad, I think his fans are worse. They are almost like a cult.

Someday the Justin Bieber obsession by those kids will fade out when he gets older. By the time he reaches 30, I don’t think he’ll be doing pop music then and kids will no longer care for him when he’s older.

That’s kind of how fans were when the Beatles were young but Bieber fans today even make the Beatles look bad. Justin Bieber is NOT the Beatles of this generation, that’s for sure. I wish parents would teach their kids on what music artists to support and Justin Bieber shouldn’t be one of them. It’s just crazy. All of it. Despite Justin’s troubled life, he’s still doing the music thing ’cause he still have a lot of fans.

I hate the way the music industry is today. The music industry used to be something special in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s but today??? Blech. I can’t stand all that manufactured and auto-tuned pop shit myself. Back in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, there was none of that auto-tuned and lip syncing bullshit. I don’t see the music industry getting better anytime soon. It’ll continue to get worse each year.


About Justin Bieber getting arrested for drag racing while drunk thoughts…


Welp, the big news all day is that Justin Bieber have been arrested this morning for drag racing while drunk on alcohol and resisting arrest from the cops. Sure enough, mixed feelings and reactions toward this on the internet. The haters get all excited and begging him to get deported back to Canada — the Beliebers whine about it and sure enough, they want him freed. He is freed of bail for now.

It’s obvious Bieber started drinking at a very young age. He’s 19 and I’m sure he started even younger. Most adults start the drinking, and hard partying at a young age. I started drinking and partying at a young age too but NOT too young. I started partying hard at 18 so I got into it pretty late. I don’t party hard anymore ’cause it’s boring, stupid, and I needed to get out of it.

With all this trouble Bieber has been getting into (the egg throwing, pissing in public places, being carried on the shoulders of his bodyguard on the Great Wall of China, etc.), I think this is just Bieber trying to act like a teenager. Most teenagers these days can be like this and Justin just wants to try and live that life and have fun. I understand he’s the world’s most famous pop star and he’s trying to enjoy it as much as he can but he better be careful with  his fame.

When Bieber rose to fame over youtube as a young child, everyone thought he was this lovable child who thought that he would be something but now that he’s older and more famous, he’s being looked at in a negative way. It’s just that Justin’s ego is getting way out of hand. I think Justin’s ego is worse than Kanye’s. The smile in the mugshot really shows it too.

I understand Biebs wants to enjoy the fame and fortune but he must be careful or he’ll end up like Paul Walker. I bet Justin’s father, Jeremy is scared to death and worried about him right now. I wouldn’t exactly blame all this on Jeremy and bad parenting, though. Justin’s getting in trouble ’cause fame and fortune will do that to you. Fame will kill you and ruin your life easily. That’s what happened to Michael Jackson and actors like Heath Ledger.

If you think fame is cool then you need to think twice. There’s nothing cool about fame. I don’t think I’d want it.

I used to have no problem with Bieber until now and I agree, deport him back to Canada.


Cool Video: First Patrick Carney feuds with the Beliebers, now Olivia Wilde gets into it…

So let me get this straight. Any famous celebrity who calls out Justin Bieber for something, that makes them bad people? Patrick Carney is feuding with the Beliebers because of his thoughts on Justin at the Grammy’s, and now actress, Olivia Wilde is getting attacked by an army of Beliebers on twitter, only for telling Biebs to put a shirt on. I hate the Jay Leno show, but this segment in the video was actually pretty entertaining. Just like Patrick Carney seems to be entertained of Beliebers attacking him, Olivia seems to be enjoying this as well. Just like with Patrick, she’s also getting a lot of hateful comments by the Beliebers, but Olivia doesn’t retweet them all, though. It is interesting how the Beliebers get their panties in a bunch when someone wants to make an honest opinion about, Justin. That’s how “cliques” in the music world works. Their fanbase will “ALWAYS” stick up for their hero band or solo artist when they’re being disrespected.

I know that feeling ’cause when I give out an honest opinion on local bands in this area, their fanbase would attack me for it and it has happened before with a few big and established bands that should be nameless now but you’ll figure out who I’m referring to, soon enough. That’s why I don’t talk trash about local bands anymore. There are some local bands around here, that I still hate, but I keep those opinions to myself these days.

It’s all bullshit, I know, but fans are pretty loyal to their favorite band or artist, and they will have their back, no matter what happens.


I think Justin Bieber needs to take a long hiatus from the music business, the work is getting to him…

For the past couple of weeks or months, Justin Bieber have been having a lot of problems lately. Getting caught smoking weed, feuding with the Black Keys drummer, having a bad birthday in London, fighting with the paparazzi, collapsing at a concert & getting sick, breaking up with Selena Gomez for good, etc. The list can keep going. I think what it is, that his work load is getting to him. That’s what happens to people when you work too much. It happens to everybody. You work way too much, you’ll start to have problems, and get all stressed out and stuff. Ever since Justin launched himself into fame after his youtube sensation, he has been working like a workhorse nonstop ever since. Doing too much work on albums and touring. All that stuff. It’s getting to him. That’s also what fame and money will do to you.

Of course, all the Beliebers, will start feeling sorry for him, so they will stay on his side no matter what happens.

I personally think, Biebs, should take some time off from music. Take a long break. Disappear for a while. Tabloids and the paparazzi are having a field day with him. He won’t take a long break of course, ’cause his ego will want to keep himself working, but that’s what other celebs have done when they’re having problems. Take a long break. Get their personal lives in order and get straightened out. That’s what Biebs needs to do.

I think it’s idiotic that everything Biebs does have to be huge news. So what if he goes shirtless or if he walks around wearing nothing but boxers. That’s how the media works in this day and age. It’s never about the music anymore, it’s about the celebrity. That’s part of what makes today’s industry, makes me sick.

Come on, Justin. You can do this. Hang it up for a little while before the fame & fortune kills you for good ’cause it will. Fame can drive people into depression and suicide.