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Nirvana reunion just happened at Cal Jam Fest… they were pretty good but no one can sing like Kurt, sorry!

The Nirvana reunion officially happened right after the Foo Fighters set at Cal Jam Fest this year. The surviving members of Nirvana performed several Nirvana songs with a few special guests: John McCauley of Deer Tick, Joan Jett and Brody Dalle of the Distillers. Nirvana played the songs: “Serve the Servants”, “Scentless Apprentice”, “In Bloom”, “Breed”, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “All Apologies”.

Honestly the band did a pretty good job… they played the music well but my problem were the vocals. These songs are pretty hard to hear without Kurt singing them. Nobody can sing like Kurt ’cause Kurt had his own unique singing voice. Both John and Joan tried to match Kurt’s singing style but not even close. It’s hard to match Kurt’s vocal style. Kurt wasn’t much of a singer and I remember Dave saying in an interview once that Kurt never had any professional vocal training but he still had a great rock voice.

The surviving members still hasn’t changed much over the years. Krist Novoselic stills plays bass like he always had… holding the bass down so low and still hopping around on stage like he always done. Krist is wearing a hat to hide his bald head ’cause he is 53 now.  He can’t grow the long hair like he used to when he was young.

Other than that, it doesn’t matter how well you think these musicians played the Nirvana songs. It was about celebrating the music of Nirvana and celebrating Kurt Cobain. That’s what they did this for.

If Kurt Cobain was still around to see this,  I’m sure he would have been proud. Now I think the Nirvana reunion should play a full length concert and play a lot more Nirvana songs. Who knows… maybe that could happen next. We’ll have to wait and see if Dave plans on doing more with them.


Joan Jett posts selfie with Justin Bieber on Instagram, her fans freak out and get angry…

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While Justin Bieber is strictly a pop artist, it seems that the guy is very supportive of other artists so kudos to him. To me Bieber seems like a down to earth and humble kid but music fans still want to treat him like he’s the enemy of the music industry.

It’s no secret that I always had no problem with Justin Bieber. You probably should know by now that I always defended him and he had my back over the years on this blog. I don’t think I’ve ever really bashed him that much. I never really had a problem with him at all.

Each time Bieber shows his support for another artist like Metallica or Nirvana, music fans treat him like it’s a bad thing for him to do. So what? Bieber shows his support for other artists, that’s not a bad thing ain’t it? Bieber is trying to show that he is a pretty humble guy. He’s not all about himself when it comes to his music. He’s leaving his ego at the door and wants to show love for other talent. What’s wrong with that?

Nope… anything this kid does is a bad thing. Doesn’t matter if Bieber does something positive to people, haters will always bash him no matter what he does.

I’ve never bought Justin’s music over the years but I respect the hell out of him, though. I know he’s done some bad things in his life but hey, he’s trying to straighten himself out and become a better person. He did just that so give the kid a break for once. He doesn’t deserve all of this hate, in my opinion.


Happy with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees with the exception of…

… Green Day making it instead of NIN. Really???? Look like NIN got snubbed this year when they had a pretty good chance in making it.

I’m happy with Lou Reed solo making it in ’cause I’m a huge Lou Reed fan. I’m happy that Joan Jett & The Blackhearts making it in ’cause I’ve always been a fan of Joan’s music. I still need to get Joan’s music for my Ipod/Itunes… I’ll probably just get a Greatest Hits album of hers soon. I’m happy that SRV finally made it in which is long overdue. I’m happy that Ringo Starr finally made it in. The other three Beatles: Paul, John and George made it in with their solo careers but Ringo is the last Beatle finally getting his chance.

I haven’t even heard of the other acts, though… I don’t know who Paul Butterfield, Bill Withers and the 5 Royals are, though.

See the new inductees here:


I feel that Green Day doesn’t deserve it. I used to be a fan of the band back in the early 90’s and early 2000’s but I don’t like them anymore, though. Green Day is a bit overrated.

There are still a large number of rock acts that are deserving of an induction, though. Hopefully Deep Purple will finally get their time next year ’cause they are long overdue as well. Other rock bands/artists who deserve an induction that haven’t yet… a top 10: 1) Deep Purple 2) Jethro Tull 3) Ted Nugent 4) Billy Idol 5) Iron Maiden 6) Megadeth 7) Slayer 8) The Scorpions 9) U.F.O. 10) Phish

Yeah, I named Phish but love ’em or hate ’em… they are eligible and they are successful/legendary. Phish deserves an induction.

You’ve probably never heard of the band U.F.O. but they are a legendary UK band that made guitarist, Michael Schenker famous. You probably know them by their songs: “Rock Bottom”, “Lights Out” and “Doctor, Doctor”.


2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominations announced…

Finally, Stevie Ray Vaughn got a nomination. If he gets ignored for an induction, then I think I will be boycotting the Hall of Fame. SRV should have got an induction a long time ago.

You can only vote for 5 so I’m gonna vote for: SRV, Lou Reed, The Smiths, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts and War. I think they are definitely worthy!


So far SRV, Green Day and NIN are in the lead, though. Which doesn’t surprise me.

Some of you may ask, why did Green Day get the nomination? In order to be eligible a band/artist must have their first album that was released 25 years before. Welp, Green Day’s first album was released in 1990 so the album will hit 25 years in 2015 so that makes the band officially eligible. It may not seem like it but Green Day have been in the music business for years. I used to like Green Day, just not anymore. All they play is power chords and Billie Joe’s singing is amateur at best.

I don’t agree with Green Day getting inducted this soon when there are tons of other rock acts that are more deserving of a nomination like: Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, Ted Nugent, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Yes, etc.

I wasn’t much of NIN fails either and I think it’s too soon for them.

I can now understand why people call this, “The Rock and Roll Hall of Shame” ’cause it’s true.


Nirvana and Joan Jett perform “Teen Spirit” @ the Hall of Fame…

Here is Nirvana and Joan Jett performing together for the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Bootleg video but you can still hear it pretty good. I really liked their performance quite a lot. Joan’s voice has similarities to Kurt’s. Joan is still sexy as hell looking and I would totally date her, don’t care how old she is now. I’ve been a Joan Jett fan for years and glad she collaborated with Nirvana. I think Nirvana and Joan Jett should go on tour together or play a few shows to play a full concert performing Nirvana songs. That’ll be pretty sweet. I doubt more shows with Joan is planned but ya never know. Nirvana seems to be collaborating with other artists lately so you may never know what they’re planning.

It sucks that Kurt is not around. If Kurt was still alive, I’m sure he would have been on stage instead of Joan and Lorde.


Report: Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame nominations announced for 2012…who will make it this year?

Well, I’m actually liking the nominations for this year’s Hall of Fame of 2012. Check out the nominations for this year, here.

My predictions on who’s going to get inducted this year? Well, Joan Jett, Gn’R, and The Cure definitely have a good chance. I think they’ll make it no matter what happens. There usually about 5 inductees every year for the Hall of Fame. As for the some of the other choices, I think Heart will make it. Maybe Donovan or Donna Summer.

Finally, the nominees are starting to look more “rock n’ roll”, hope they keep it this way.

On a side note, if Gn’R is inducted will we get an onstage reunion with the original members: Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, and Steven Adler??? Everyone’s been wanting that reunion for years and maybe it’ll actually happen at the Hall of Fame. We’ll have to wait and see, keep our fingers crossed for now.


Finally saw “The Runaways” biopic, last night, brief review…

So last night, I finally saw, “The Runaways” biopic. Saw it on the Movies on Demand PPV things. The movie wasn’t that bad. The film did kind of stay true to the “Runaways” story. It was more of a Cherrie Currie biopic more than the entire film itself ’cause the film concentrated on her character more. It’s no Joan Jett biopic at all even though she’s part of the film. The film didn’t really go in depth of The Runaways history. All they concentrated on were how crazy the girls were as teenagers. They all mixed sex, drugs and rock n’ roll into one. It showed how manager, Kim Fowley formed the band and all that, but the film mostly focused on the lesbian relationship between Joan Jett and Cherrie Currie. Joan was played by Kristen Stewart. Cherrie Currie was played by Dakota Fanning. It shows Cherrie’s obsession with David Bowie and how she wants to be like him as a performer. I was hoping it’ll focus on the music but the film turned out to be a soap opera.

I can understand why the soap opera was needed to explain why the Runaways career was short lived, but I wished the film focused on the music more. Yes, Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning had quite a few make out scenes. The questionable thing is Dakota is 15 and Kristen is 20. So how did film makers get legal permission to do scenes like that is pretty questionable? I’m sure they had permission with Dakota’s parents to let them know that the underage lesbian kissing was just for the movie.

I actually thought the film was pretty good, I just wish the writing was better. Maybe this is a sign that Joan Jett will get her own biopic in the future. Kristen and Dakota’s acting was really good in this film though. Kristen’s acting is better outside of Twilight, in my opinion. This is a must see film if you like Joan Jett. It’ll give you insight on how Joan Jett is still huge and famous today.


Report: Joan Jett sues the Runaways bassist, Jackie Fox, for blocking film of biopic movie…

Joan Jett has filed a lawsuit against former, Runaways bassist, Jackie Fox. Although Jackie was a member of the Runaways for a couple of years in the 70’s, she wasn’t made a character in the upcoming Runaways biopic that Joan Jett is producing.

Jackie claims to own part of the trademark of the “Runaways” band name and Joan also claims she owns the band name all for herself.

More on it here:


According to the Trademark Database on the trademark website, the band name, the Runaways, is trademarked under, Blackheart Records. That is Joan’s record label that she owns herself.

The Runaways, trademark band name used to be owned by Kim Fowley in the 70’s-80’s, but Joan must of bought band name rights later on.

Only thing though, they put the trademark band name under Joan’s record label, not her own. This means that Joan and Kenny Laguna both own the trademark to, the Runaways band name.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself…

Go here:


Click on “Trademark” and click, “Search TM Database”, it’s a place where you can look up any trademark names that are registered in this world. You can see what trademark names year is registered, the name and if it’s live or dead.

Sorry, Jackie, but you will lose and you will pay, big time. Before assuming that you own some of the trademark, do some research and get your facts straight first.


Report: Kristen Stewart to play Joan Jett in “The Runaways” biopic…

“Twilight’s” leading star Kristen Stewart is set to portray the legendary punk rocker, Joan Jett in “The Runaways” biopic. The Runaways were a manufactured rock n’ roll all girly band that was formed by Joan Jett and Sandy West, Kim Fowley managed the band and had total control. Other members included Lita Ford, Micki Steele, Peggy Foster, Vicki Blue, and more. The band were together for four years but broke up due to management and money issues.

Joan Jett went on to form the Blackhearts which she wrote many memorable hits such as “I Love Rock N’ Roll” and plenty more. The film “The Runaways” will begin filming early in 2009 hoping to finish before Kristen goes to work on the next “Twilight” sequel, “New Moon”. Joan Jett the legend herself will be executive producer for “The Runaways” film, will she have a small cameo in the film as well? Who knows!

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


It will be interesting to see who is going to play Lita Ford. Hope it won’t be Britney Spears.

I wonder if Kristen will have to learn to play guitar and sing for her Joan Jett role?