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Thoughts on the new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees of 2019… yes, they are all worthy even Janet Jackson!

Well I’m pretty happy with this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. They did a good job this time. The Cure, Def Leppard, Janet Jackson, Stevie Nicks, Radiohead, Roxy Music and the Zombies. I admire and respect ALL of these musical acts.

Yeah, there are gonna be some that are gonna question Janet Jackson and Stevie Nicks being in there but they are both worthy totally. Stevie may be already in the Hall of Fame under Fleetwood Mac but this is her as a solo artist, though. Her as a solo artist is definitely worthy.

I also know that some are gonna bitch and complain about Janet Jackson being in there. The haters are going to make assumptions that Janet is not “rock” and say she’s a pop artist but Janet is rock n’ roll. I know how some out there gets upset that pop artists getting inducted in the Hall of Fame but pop music is rock. Many don’t think so but it really is. Rock n’ roll exists in all styles of music including hip hop. That’s why you are starting to see hip hop artists being inducted too.

With that being said, Janet’s career is pretty legendary and I’m a fan of her stuff. Loved her for a long time and still do. Her induction in the hall of fame was definitely long overdue. I agree with her being in.

Other than that I’m happy with the other inductees too. Even though I never bought any of the Cure’s records, I do like that band and want to start getting their stuff. I’m also a fan of Def Leppard… when I was a kid I used to own “Pyromania” and “Hysteria” albums on CD but got rid of them. Would like to get those two albums back and I plan on it at some point. Radiohead? Fuck yeah, totally worthy for sure. I’m a huge Radiohead fan as I own pretty much all of their albums except for “Ok Computer”, “Hail to The Thief” and “A Moon Shaped Pool” but I plan on getting them soon.

As far as Roxy Music goes, I didn’t listen to them much over the years but the only album I’ve heard of theirs was “For Your Pleasure” which was a great album. Bryan Ferry is a talented singer.

As far as the Zombies goes, I’m glad they’re in finally. This one was long overdue for sure. I never bought their records but I’ve heard plenty of their songs, though. Songs like “Time of the Season”, “She’s Not There”, “Tell Her No”, “This Will Be Our Year”, etc. Oh man, they wrote so many great masterpieces. To hell with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones… you wanna listen to real music, listen to the Zombies.


Here’s a song in the videos below for each inductee… enjoy!

The Cure “Lovesong” 

Def Leppard “Love Bites”

Janet Jackson “That’s the Love Goes”

Stevie Nicks “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”

Radiohead “How to Disappear Completely”

Roxy Music “If There Is Something”

The Zombies “She’s Not There”


Report: Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame nominations announced for 2012…who will make it this year?

Well, I’m actually liking the nominations for this year’s Hall of Fame of 2012. Check out the nominations for this year, here.

My predictions on who’s going to get inducted this year? Well, Joan Jett, Gn’R, and The Cure definitely have a good chance. I think they’ll make it no matter what happens. There usually about 5 inductees every year for the Hall of Fame. As for the some of the other choices, I think Heart will make it. Maybe Donovan or Donna Summer.

Finally, the nominees are starting to look more “rock n’ roll”, hope they keep it this way.

On a side note, if Gn’R is inducted will we get an onstage reunion with the original members: Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, and Steven Adler??? Everyone’s been wanting that reunion for years and maybe it’ll actually happen at the Hall of Fame. We’ll have to wait and see, keep our fingers crossed for now.


Report: Sir Paul to headline Coachella 2009!!!

Sir Paul McCartney is confirmed to headline Coachella 2009. Also on the bill are the Cure, the Killers, My Bloody Valentine, Amy Winehouse, Morrisey, Leonard Cohen and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The Coachella Fest will be held on April 17-19 at the Empire Polo Field in Indio, California.

Billboard reports:


Wow!!!! What a killer lineup!! Better than last years!!! Sir Paul will probably perform a bunch of Beatles songs and his solo stuff. Hope Amy Winehouse is clean enough to perform so she won’t suck, I have a feeling she will, that woman needs to stop performing. I wonder why the Coachella booking agents would want to book a drug addict to the Festival anyways when fans will probably boo her off the stage.

Seeing Leonard Cohen’s gotta be amazing. Cool show, wish I could be there.