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If Dolly Parton does a rock n’ roll covers album with rock artists contributing, man, that would be huge and it would be a huge seller! Hope she does it!

Well Dolly Parton the country star is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and here is her interview with Billboard about it. It seems to me that she’s trying to have a change of heart with this and giving it a go? Still though, she doesn’t know if she’ll attend the ceremony to give an acceptance speech or perform or whatever but if she does perform at the Hall of Fame, she says she’s gonna perform the hardest rock cover she can think of.

She also hints that she might do a rock covers album with famous rock n’ rollers contributing and she had Mick Jagger in mind first and she wants to do Lynyrd Skynyrd.


As far as Dolly doing a rock covers album, that’s actually a pretty cool idea, in my opinion and I hope she does it! Ya know, if she does, that album will sell pretty huge. I can see it being a no. 1 album on the Billboard for a long while. All the rock music fans will be curious about it for sure.

Dolly is sort of hinting a “classic rock” covers album. I can see her doing songs by Led Zep, CCR, The Who, Janis, Pink Floyd, Queen, David Bowie, Steppenwolf, Steely Dan, ELO, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Joan Jett, The Doors and stuff like those.

I can see Dolly singing The Doors “Riders on the Storm” or “L.A. Woman”. ha or what about Led Zep “Rock and Roll” or “Black Dog”. I can see her doing CCR “Born on the Bayou” or “Suzie Q”. The Who “Baba O’ Reilly” would be perfect for her. You get the idea?

Dolly’s done covers of rock songs before but she made them into country and bluegrass versions.

This time she wants to make a full on rock n’ roll album with loud guitars and everything. I think Dolly could pull this off.

I respect Dolly for being honest with herself and respect her for being so humble. She doesn’t take herself seriously as you can see. She’s just a musician like the rest of us.

If she makes the rock n’ roll album, I’ll definitely buy it for sure.


Dolly Parton is officially now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, will be interesting to see how she responds to this one…

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class of 2022 just announced today and of course, Dolly Parton made it in. Now we’ll see how she responds to this one as I’m sure she’ll put out a statement later today when she gets to it. She rejected the nomination but the Hall of Fame refused to take her out and kept her in. Now she’s an official Hall of Fame inductee. Now we’ll see if Dolly herself will be there to give her acceptance speech and announce whether or not she will perform at the ceremony. I can’t wait for her response to this one myself.

Anyway… Eminem doesn’t belong in there but it’s nice to see that Judas Priest finally in when they should have been in a long time ago. Same with Pat Benatar, she should have been in a long time ago too. I’m a fan of Lionel Richie believe it or not so he’s definitely worthy. I’m also glad that Eurythmics is finally in too ’cause I love them.

Now we’ll wait for Dolly’s response… will she accept or not? We’ll see. I hope she sticks to her guns. Hopefully she doesn’t flip.


Love how Dolly Parton pulls out of the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame ’cause she felt she’s not “rock n’ roll”, way to go Dolly!

Dolly Parton pulls out of the “Rock N” Roll” Hall of Fame nomination ’cause she’s worried that her voting could be split and divided ’cause of that. She was flattered at first but now she pulled out of the nomination for good.

She feels she’s not worthy and doesn’t earn the right to get a Hall of Fame induction.


The thing is, Dolly sees herself as a strictly country artist… she never saw herself as “rock n’ roll” but I’ll be honest that her hit song “9 to 5” is kind of a rock song a little bit… it’s more of a pop/rock song than anything, though. Because of all this, it inspired her to make her first “rock n’ roll” album sometime in the future which should be interesting.

I’ve been trying to get into Dolly Parton music ’cause I have two albums by her: “Hello, I’m Dolly” and “Jolene” and they’re both amazing records. I love ’em. I plan on getting more of her music though.

I love Dolly even more now ’cause she’s trying to teach the “Rock Hall” a music lesson which is awesome and she’s ballsy to do that.

She’s one of the biggest names in country music and I don’t think she realizes how iconic she is. Gotta love how honest and humble she is. There’s no “ego” in her at all.


Dolly Parton responds to “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” nomination… she seems very flattered but even she doesn’t think she’s rock n’ roll enough…

The Rock and Hall of Fame got a lot of criticism over the years, with lots of people saying it’s not even Rock n’ Roll enough. Well, when the nominations came out for this year, it nominated legendary country singer, Dolly Parton. Well, Dolly herself responded during an interview with Billboard magazine… she says she’s floored and she seems very flattered by the nomination but it even confused her.

Dolly doesn’t consider herself “rock n’ roll”. She always considered herself as a strictly “country” artist and nothing more. Dolly’s been doing this since the late 60’s and she has like 50 studio albums in her discography pretty much. All of them country, although I’m sure some of her “country” music is kind of rock n’ roll a little bit.

Dolly says if she gets in, she’s planning to do a rock album like do rock music inspired by Linda Ronstadt and Heart kind of stuff which is kind of cool and would be a game changer.

Even Dolly is confused with the Hall of Fame like the rest of us.

Dolly Parton is one of the biggest names in country music and she seems like a very humble lady.

Yes, as long as she got the nomination, I think that’s an automatic induction, she’ll get in, I think. Even though it’s the wrong genre, lmao… but I do love Dolly, though. I have two albums by her: “Hello, I’m Dolly” and the “Jolene” album.

I respect her even more.


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame continues to be a joke and getting worse, I’m with everyone…

There aren’t too many “rock n’ roll” inductees this year. This so called “Rock n’ roll” hall of fame is getting less and less “rock” each year. It’s like WTF? Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Carole King? Tina Turner is kind of rock but more on the pop/rock side, same with the Go’s Go’s.

There’s no “true” rock n’ roll in this hall of fame this year with the exception of Randy Rhoads and Todd Rundgren which are the only two great choices.

The Foo Fighters maybe around for over 20 years in which makes them qualifying but I still think it’s too soon for them.

Where’s Iron Maiden? They actually got the snub when they got nominated for this really? Nope. The Hall of Shame prefers Jay-Z and LL Cool J more.

No surprise they would have Jay-Z in knowing how “leftist” the Rock Hall in Cleveland really is.

There are so many legendary bands and artists totally deserving to be in the Hall of Fame before the Foos, Jay-Z and LL Cool. It’s a travesty that Iron Maiden is not in the Hall of fame when they should be ’cause they are the greatest metal band of all time.

Also Motorhead should get in there… Billy Idol, Blue Oyster Cult, King Crimson and Jethro Tull is still not even in there yet. Also, what about George Thorogood and the Destroyers?

While 90’s grunge music is starting to get in the Hall of Fame, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains need to get in there at some point. The Smashing Pumpkins will get in there as well.

Fuck the Hall of Shame… so out of touch and they are very “anti-rock” for sure.


I’ll confess it finally… the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame can never get anything right… they freakin’ suck and getting worse…

I used to have no problem with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and I used to defend them but after seeing this year’s 2020 inductees, I’ll no longer defend them no more. Like the title of this topic says, I’ll confess it finally that the Rock Hall of Fame don’t know what they’re doing and they haven’t been for a long time. For the first time I think, I’m upset with the inductees this year and disappointed like most.

Motorhead, Judas Priest, Soundgarden, Thin Lizzy and Pat Benatar snubbed this year but non-rock n’ roll acts like Whitney Houston and Notorious BIG get it instead? Fucking serious?

The only inductees they got right this year were the Doobie Brothers and T-Rex but Whitney Houston, Notorious, Depeche Mode and NIN? No thanks!

I know the Hall of Fame are slowly trying to induct more rock but they fail at that each year. I know they are also trying to induct more Seattle grunge bands… they already inducted Nirvana and Pearl Jam finally but it’s crazy that they snubbed Soundgarden. It’s like, really? Are they out of their fucking minds?

After seeing this year’s Hall of Fame inductees, it’s appearing more and more that today’s music industry are pretty anti-rock and they have been for a pretty long time. They’re trying to act like rock n’ roll doesn’t exist anymore and seems like they’re trying to make rock disappear completely. That’s why the industry always constantly ramming pop, rap and country down our throats still. Gene Simmons is right that rock n’ roll is dead… it’s just about there anyways.

Like I said above, the Doobie Brothers and T-Rex were both worthy…. the Hall of Fame got those two right and I love both of those bands. The Doobie Brothers are rock n’ roll and they wrote many hits that we all know and love. T-Rex are hit makers too but their anthem is “Bang a Gong (Get it On)” which is a song that I love.  Marc Bolan who is the singer/guitarist of T-Rex is no longer with us as he died in the year 1977 due to a car crash at a young age of 29 but this will be a nice tribute for him and I wonder who is going to induct T-Rex into the Hall of Fame? That will be interesting. T-Rex was long overdue… I love that fucking band as I’m a huge fan. I’m sure the surviving members of T-Rex will be there to accept the induction… I think some of them died and some of them are still living today.

I’ll have to agree with everyone finally that the Hall of Fame sucks and getting worse every year. They aren’t getting any better either.


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees for 2020 are out… my thoughts on each one…

Well, the nominees for the 2020 Rock Hall of Fame are out. I’ve recently heard that Jann Wenner just retired as chairman from the Rock Hall of Fame which is good riddance, anyways. I never liked that guy being in charge of the Hall of Fame ’cause he was awful. I’m hoping the new chairman would be better than Wenner but I doubt it, though.

Anyhow, the Rock Hall of Fame in Cleveland just released this year’s nominees.


The bands/artists that I think deserves to get inducted the most:

Pat Benatar, Judas Priest, Motorhead, The Doobie Brothers, Soundgarden, T. Rex, Todd Rundgren, Depeche Mode and Thin Lizzy. 

Those are the acts that are more deserving, in my opinion.

I love Pat Benatar… even though her songs are more pop/rock, she is still rock n’ roll ’cause her music has a lot of guitar playing and stuff, ya know? I definitely think Judas Priest, Motorhead, Doobie Brothers, T. Rex, Rundgren, Depeche Mode and Thin Lizzy are definitely worthy.

I’m sure some of you thinking which Thin Lizzy the Rock Hall is referring to? There are two Thin Lizzy bands, the one that did the hit “Boys Are Back in Town” and the other with guitarist Gary Moore. I think the “Boys Are Back In Town” Thin Lizzy are the ones who got nominated and they are a great band. I once got the opportunity to see Thin Lizzy live in concert a long time ago and they performed “Boys are Back in Town” of course, that’s a show I’ll never forget. They are totally worthy for the Hall of Fame for sure.

Soundgarden maybe somewhat new ’cause they emerged from the early 90’s but they are still worthy.

As for Whitney Houston, love her but she ain’t rock n’ roll enough to get in the Hall the Fame. The same can be said for Dave Matthews and the Notorious BIG.

As for Kraftwerk and MC5…. I’m familiar with their names but I never bought their records and haven’t heard their music much.

Nine Inch Nails I’ve listened to a lot over the years but I’m not a big fan of them though and think it’s too soon for them to get in.

As for Rufus with Chaka Khan, I’ve never listened too much but I’m familiar with their songs.

I think it’s finally time for more “Rock and roll” acts to be inducted but I really hope that Judas Priest and Motorhead gets in finally, at least. Those two bands should have gotten inducted a long time ago too and long overdue.

I’m trying to get into more Judas Priest music as I only own two albums by them but I’m planning on buying more of their stuff. I think Rob Halford is definitely one of the best singers in rock. I hope they don’t get ignored this time and hope they make it in finally.



Thoughts on the new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees of 2019… yes, they are all worthy even Janet Jackson!

Well I’m pretty happy with this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. They did a good job this time. The Cure, Def Leppard, Janet Jackson, Stevie Nicks, Radiohead, Roxy Music and the Zombies. I admire and respect ALL of these musical acts.

Yeah, there are gonna be some that are gonna question Janet Jackson and Stevie Nicks being in there but they are both worthy totally. Stevie may be already in the Hall of Fame under Fleetwood Mac but this is her as a solo artist, though. Her as a solo artist is definitely worthy.

I also know that some are gonna bitch and complain about Janet Jackson being in there. The haters are going to make assumptions that Janet is not “rock” and say she’s a pop artist but Janet is rock n’ roll. I know how some out there gets upset that pop artists getting inducted in the Hall of Fame but pop music is rock. Many don’t think so but it really is. Rock n’ roll exists in all styles of music including hip hop. That’s why you are starting to see hip hop artists being inducted too.

With that being said, Janet’s career is pretty legendary and I’m a fan of her stuff. Loved her for a long time and still do. Her induction in the hall of fame was definitely long overdue. I agree with her being in.

Other than that I’m happy with the other inductees too. Even though I never bought any of the Cure’s records, I do like that band and want to start getting their stuff. I’m also a fan of Def Leppard… when I was a kid I used to own “Pyromania” and “Hysteria” albums on CD but got rid of them. Would like to get those two albums back and I plan on it at some point. Radiohead? Fuck yeah, totally worthy for sure. I’m a huge Radiohead fan as I own pretty much all of their albums except for “Ok Computer”, “Hail to The Thief” and “A Moon Shaped Pool” but I plan on getting them soon.

As far as Roxy Music goes, I didn’t listen to them much over the years but the only album I’ve heard of theirs was “For Your Pleasure” which was a great album. Bryan Ferry is a talented singer.

As far as the Zombies goes, I’m glad they’re in finally. This one was long overdue for sure. I never bought their records but I’ve heard plenty of their songs, though. Songs like “Time of the Season”, “She’s Not There”, “Tell Her No”, “This Will Be Our Year”, etc. Oh man, they wrote so many great masterpieces. To hell with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones… you wanna listen to real music, listen to the Zombies.


Here’s a song in the videos below for each inductee… enjoy!

The Cure “Lovesong” 

Def Leppard “Love Bites”

Janet Jackson “That’s the Love Goes”

Stevie Nicks “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”

Radiohead “How to Disappear Completely”

Roxy Music “If There Is Something”

The Zombies “She’s Not There”


Should Metallica have inducted Dave Mustaine along with them in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”??? Yes, Mustaine should have gotten in…

While I love Metallica and all, there is one thing that I disagree with what they did. That is not inducting Dave Mustaine along with Metallica back in 2009. I think that was a stupid move on Metallica’s part. The reason Metallica didn’t want Dave Mustaine in the Hall of Fame with them ’cause they felt that Mustaine never played on any Metallica albums and for that reason alone, they felt he shouldn’t be in there. However, though… Mustaine did write some Metallica songs off of “Kill ‘Em All” and “Ride the Lightning”. Dave had some writing credits on those two albums.

Dave wrote “The Four Horseman”, “Jump In the Fire”, “Phantom Lord”, and “Metal Militia” which those songs are off the “Kill ‘Em All” record. As for the “Ride the Lightning” album, Dave helped write the songs… “Ride the Lightning” which is the title track and he also helped write the instrumental “The Call of Ktulu”.

Sure, Dave didn’t play on any Metallica studio albums but he helped get where Metallica is today with a song like “Ride the Lightning” which is one of Metallica’s biggest hits.


With that being said, I too think Megadeth deserves a Hall of Fame induction as well ’cause they are a great band. I’ve been a Megadeth fan for a long time and still am. I think “Dystopia” is one of their best albums as I’m always listening to it. Megadeth definitely deserves to get into the Rock Hall.


Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame trying to induct all the 90’s grunge bands… when will STP, Soundgarden, Alice In’ Chains ever get in?

So Nirvana and Pearl Jam are now in the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. It definitely seems like that the Hall of Fame is trying to induct all the 90’s grunge bands. When will Soundgarden ever get in ’cause they are eligible, I would think? Stone Temple Pilots is just about eligible, I think they’ll be eligible next year. Alice In’ Chains is Hall of Fame worthy and they are definitely eligible ’cause their first album “Facelift” was released in 1990. The Pixies are considered a grunge band and I think they’re worthy too.

I think it’s interesting that the Hall of Fame are trying to induct 90’s grunge bands which is the right thing to do. That genre definitely did change rock n’ roll history.

Aaaaahhh, the good ol’ 90’s. I miss those days when rock n’ roll was all over the mainstream… grunge and alternative rock they used to call it. Even though the Smashing Pumpkins were not considered grunge music, I think they’ll make their way into the Hall of Fame at some point. I think the Pumpkins deserve it for sure especially the original lineup: Billy C., D’arcy, James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlin. I love the Smashing Pumpkins, always did.

I’m a huge fan of the 90’s era and I’ll tell ya right now that I still listen to that kind of music. I love 90’s music and still do. All that music was a big part of my teenage years. I was in high school during those years. I think I was in junior high when Nirvana’s “Nevermind” and Pearl Jam “Ten” first came out. I remember buying those albums when they came out and still have those CD’s in my collection right now, still sitting on my CD shelf. I remember back then Pearl Jam’s “Ten” was being played everywhere I go. I would hear other students playing that album on their boomboxes and shit like that. That album was a massive hit back then. So if you don’t think Pearl Jam is Hall of Fame worthy, you’re out of your fucking mind. Of course, Pearl Jam is worthy. They accomplished so much. They’re still together doing their thing with the same members. I don’t like Pearl Jam anymore but I admired their career and what they did in the past. I know the Hall of Fame is probably getting knocked for picking Pearl Jam but I think they did the right thing. Pearl Jam had quite a history and legacy. Can’t deny it whether you like them or not.

With all this being said, I hope the Hall of Fame inducts Soundgarden, STP, Alice In Chains and the Smashing Pumpkins soon. I think STP will be next for 2018 ’cause they would hit 25 years with their first album “Core” by now.