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Dolly Parton is officially now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, will be interesting to see how she responds to this one…

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class of 2022 just announced today and of course, Dolly Parton made it in. Now we’ll see how she responds to this one as I’m sure she’ll put out a statement later today when she gets to it. She rejected the nomination but the Hall of Fame refused to take her out and kept her in. Now she’s an official Hall of Fame inductee. Now we’ll see if Dolly herself will be there to give her acceptance speech and announce whether or not she will perform at the ceremony. I can’t wait for her response to this one myself.

Anyway… Eminem doesn’t belong in there but it’s nice to see that Judas Priest finally in when they should have been in a long time ago. Same with Pat Benatar, she should have been in a long time ago too. I’m a fan of Lionel Richie believe it or not so he’s definitely worthy. I’m also glad that Eurythmics is finally in too ’cause I love them.

Now we’ll wait for Dolly’s response… will she accept or not? We’ll see. I hope she sticks to her guns. Hopefully she doesn’t flip.


Eminem offends twitter with swear words at his “Concert For Valor” performance…

People who are easily offended at Eminem’s swearing during his performance at “Concert For Valor” in DC last night, probably never heard his music before. I was kind of surprised to see D.C. book Eminem for a family friendly event myself. When you book someone like Eminem and if he’s a rapper, of course, he’s gonna say a lot of cuss words. Eminem swears a lot ’cause that’s part of who he is. That’s part of the rapper lifestyle. That’s the way they all talk. He probably knows this is a family friendly event but he couldn’t help himself.

I’ve been listening to his music for a long time but I don’t listen to him anymore, though. It’s not because of the offensive and controversial material he writes, I actually dig that stuff… it’s just that his songwriting as of late haven’t been grabbing me. I prefer his earlier music.



Report: The music industry, still upset over Arcade Fire’s big win at the Grammy’s…why?

People in the music industry & fans are still upset that the Arcade Fire won big at the Grammy’s this year. My question is, why? The Arcade Fire deserves it. The long time hip hop music exec, Steve Stoute, slammed the Grammy’s for choosing the Arcade Fire to win, “Album of Year” and says Eminem, Kanye West or Justin Bieber deserves it more.

Read the full article, here.

Well, somebody sounds jealous. I don’t understand why the music industry and music fans are so upset that Arcade Fire won. Arcade Fire is a phenomenal band, I fucking love them! Their win was well deserved. The Arcade Fire didn’t get this over night, they accomplished a lot in their career.

This inspires a new videoblog that I will make this week. I will explain why Arcade Fire deserves it and defend the band on video. I should have the video up later this week. The video might have potential to have a lot of views, it might be controversial. So be on the lookout for that soon.



BREAKING NEWS: Eminem “Recovery” is the no. 1 top selling of 2010!!!

You’d think Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Susan Boyle or Katy Perry would top the best selling album of 2010, right? Wrong! This year, rapper Eminem, takes the no. 1 spot as biggest selling album of the year.

Katy Perry did make no. 1 for top selling single for her hit “California Gurls” with Snoop Dogg.

Read the story here, at the Hollywood Reporter.

Congrats Eminem. This is pretty shocking, I’m pretty happy for him. Glad he’s back at the top of his game, and making good music again. “Recovery” is an excellent album and I’ve been saying that for a long time.


Brock praises last night’s episode of SNL with Jeff Bridges!!!

So I stayed up late last night and watched the whole episode of SNL that Jeff Bridges hosted. I was impressed with the show. It was really good. Saturday Night Live used to suck balls, big time. Which is why I stopped watching for a long while, but SNL were on FIRE last night. It was such a good show, I wasn’t bored and they didn’t make me fall asleep. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time either. Jeff Bridges did a great job as expected. The Cookie Monster appearance was golden. I was expecting John Goodman to appear as Walter from the “Big Lebowski” movie but that didn’t happen sadly. Other than that, it was such a great show. The segments were really good. Especially the Miley Cyrus show which they made fun of her bong controversy, The Kardashian impersonators was a really good scene, and I liked the Weekend Update.

Best of all, I loved the Eminem and Lil Wayne performances. They were so good and amazingly tight. I’m not into rap music much but Eminem and Lil Wayne, wow, they put on quite the show. I hope Lil Wayne stays out of trouble and stays out of jail ’cause he is talented. He did better than Eminem honestly. Even though I like Eminem, it seems to me that Lil Wayne should have been the musical guest alone. Rap music being performed with real instruments and a real back up band? That’s why that performance gets my respect. You can like rap music or hate it, you can’t deny the talent in Lil Wayne. There’s something special about that guy. That’s why Lil Wayne is in the headlines all the time.

This is such a great performance, I had goosebumps watching it. The performance was haunting. Congrats to Lourne Michaels and SNL gang, keep up the great work! Proud of you guys! 🙂

Watch it below.


Report: Eminem set to star in boxing movie titled, “Southpaw”…

Eminem, is once again set to star the leading role in a boxing sports film titled, “Southpaw”. Marshall will play a welterweight boxer who is after the title, then suddenly the world crashes around him due to a tragedy in his life. The film is written by Kurt Sutter.

Deadline, reports.

I wish Marshall would act more ’cause he’s good at acting. I really liked, “8 Mile”. I’m sure this one will be good too.


Congratulations Eminem!

It’s been a long long time since we’ve seen Eminem at the Grammy’s haven’t it? Yes, it has! The rapper scores 10 nominations, topping the most nominations this year. I hate the Grammy’s but Eminem making it this year is great news. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Eminem’s music. I admired his work for a long time. I think he’ll sweep everything.


Cool Video: Eminem’s new video, “Not Afraid” is just a great song!!!

I’m mostly into rock, metal and some country, but yeah, I can listen to some rap like I always say. As some of you may or may not know, Eminem, is one of my favorite rap artists. Always loved his music. The real slim shady that we “used to know” is back with a hit song that we can actually listen to. “Not Afraid” is actually a pretty sick song and tight. I love it a LOT! Really enjoyed the beat, the melody, and the rapping is actually quite good. Em’s last album, “Relapse” was pretty good, I enoyed it, but with his new song, “Not Afraid”, he returns to his roots. His old classic sound that he had back in the 90’s.

Listen here for yourself and you would see what I mean. I’m gonna get the new album. I like Eminem. Yes, I did see him live in concert once. Most rap music is crap, but you can’t deny that Eminem is a talented rapper, love him or hate him.


Report: Eminem announces “Recovery” for June 22nd…

Well, Eminem changed the album title from “Relapse 2” to “Recovery”. Which “Recovery” will be hitting record stores June 22nd. Eminem announced the news on his twitter page.

More on it here:


I don’t like a lot of rap but there’s a few rap artists that I do enjoy listening to, and Eminem is one rap artist that I’m a huge fan of. I really enjoyed “Relapse”, I thought it was an incredible album and it was different. I’m looking forward to “Recovery” which I will probably get for my Ipod.