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If Dolly Parton does a rock n’ roll covers album with rock artists contributing, man, that would be huge and it would be a huge seller! Hope she does it!

Well Dolly Parton the country star is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and here is her interview with Billboard about it. It seems to me that she’s trying to have a change of heart with this and giving it a go? Still though, she doesn’t know if she’ll attend the ceremony to give an acceptance speech or perform or whatever but if she does perform at the Hall of Fame, she says she’s gonna perform the hardest rock cover she can think of.

She also hints that she might do a rock covers album with famous rock n’ rollers contributing and she had Mick Jagger in mind first and she wants to do Lynyrd Skynyrd.


As far as Dolly doing a rock covers album, that’s actually a pretty cool idea, in my opinion and I hope she does it! Ya know, if she does, that album will sell pretty huge. I can see it being a no. 1 album on the Billboard for a long while. All the rock music fans will be curious about it for sure.

Dolly is sort of hinting a “classic rock” covers album. I can see her doing songs by Led Zep, CCR, The Who, Janis, Pink Floyd, Queen, David Bowie, Steppenwolf, Steely Dan, ELO, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Joan Jett, The Doors and stuff like those.

I can see Dolly singing The Doors “Riders on the Storm” or “L.A. Woman”. ha or what about Led Zep “Rock and Roll” or “Black Dog”. I can see her doing CCR “Born on the Bayou” or “Suzie Q”. The Who “Baba O’ Reilly” would be perfect for her. You get the idea?

Dolly’s done covers of rock songs before but she made them into country and bluegrass versions.

This time she wants to make a full on rock n’ roll album with loud guitars and everything. I think Dolly could pull this off.

I respect Dolly for being honest with herself and respect her for being so humble. She doesn’t take herself seriously as you can see. She’s just a musician like the rest of us.

If she makes the rock n’ roll album, I’ll definitely buy it for sure.


Dolly Parton is officially now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, will be interesting to see how she responds to this one…

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class of 2022 just announced today and of course, Dolly Parton made it in. Now we’ll see how she responds to this one as I’m sure she’ll put out a statement later today when she gets to it. She rejected the nomination but the Hall of Fame refused to take her out and kept her in. Now she’s an official Hall of Fame inductee. Now we’ll see if Dolly herself will be there to give her acceptance speech and announce whether or not she will perform at the ceremony. I can’t wait for her response to this one myself.

Anyway… Eminem doesn’t belong in there but it’s nice to see that Judas Priest finally in when they should have been in a long time ago. Same with Pat Benatar, she should have been in a long time ago too. I’m a fan of Lionel Richie believe it or not so he’s definitely worthy. I’m also glad that Eurythmics is finally in too ’cause I love them.

Now we’ll wait for Dolly’s response… will she accept or not? We’ll see. I hope she sticks to her guns. Hopefully she doesn’t flip.


Love how Dolly Parton pulls out of the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame ’cause she felt she’s not “rock n’ roll”, way to go Dolly!

Dolly Parton pulls out of the “Rock N” Roll” Hall of Fame nomination ’cause she’s worried that her voting could be split and divided ’cause of that. She was flattered at first but now she pulled out of the nomination for good.

She feels she’s not worthy and doesn’t earn the right to get a Hall of Fame induction.


The thing is, Dolly sees herself as a strictly country artist… she never saw herself as “rock n’ roll” but I’ll be honest that her hit song “9 to 5” is kind of a rock song a little bit… it’s more of a pop/rock song than anything, though. Because of all this, it inspired her to make her first “rock n’ roll” album sometime in the future which should be interesting.

I’ve been trying to get into Dolly Parton music ’cause I have two albums by her: “Hello, I’m Dolly” and “Jolene” and they’re both amazing records. I love ’em. I plan on getting more of her music though.

I love Dolly even more now ’cause she’s trying to teach the “Rock Hall” a music lesson which is awesome and she’s ballsy to do that.

She’s one of the biggest names in country music and I don’t think she realizes how iconic she is. Gotta love how honest and humble she is. There’s no “ego” in her at all.


Dolly Parton responds to “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” nomination… she seems very flattered but even she doesn’t think she’s rock n’ roll enough…

The Rock and Hall of Fame got a lot of criticism over the years, with lots of people saying it’s not even Rock n’ Roll enough. Well, when the nominations came out for this year, it nominated legendary country singer, Dolly Parton. Well, Dolly herself responded during an interview with Billboard magazine… she says she’s floored and she seems very flattered by the nomination but it even confused her.

Dolly doesn’t consider herself “rock n’ roll”. She always considered herself as a strictly “country” artist and nothing more. Dolly’s been doing this since the late 60’s and she has like 50 studio albums in her discography pretty much. All of them country, although I’m sure some of her “country” music is kind of rock n’ roll a little bit.

Dolly says if she gets in, she’s planning to do a rock album like do rock music inspired by Linda Ronstadt and Heart kind of stuff which is kind of cool and would be a game changer.

Even Dolly is confused with the Hall of Fame like the rest of us.

Dolly Parton is one of the biggest names in country music and she seems like a very humble lady.

Yes, as long as she got the nomination, I think that’s an automatic induction, she’ll get in, I think. Even though it’s the wrong genre, lmao… but I do love Dolly, though. I have two albums by her: “Hello, I’m Dolly” and the “Jolene” album.

I respect her even more.


Report: Dolly Parton to sue Howard Stern?

Dolly Parton, the legendary country singer has hinted to Billboard that she could be suing Howard Stern, she’s offended and upset at Howard Stern’s audio when he editted one of her audio books changing it to racists and sexually graphic sound bites instead.

Billboard reports:


Watch out Howard! Don’t get yourself kicked off of Sirius, Dolly is mad and coming back with a vengeance!

I’m sure she loves Kenny Rogers dearly, Howard is trying to make her look bad.

Click and listen to the segment in the video below.