Love how Dolly Parton pulls out of the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame ’cause she felt she’s not “rock n’ roll”, way to go Dolly!

Dolly Parton pulls out of the “Rock N” Roll” Hall of Fame nomination ’cause she’s worried that her voting could be split and divided ’cause of that. She was flattered at first but now she pulled out of the nomination for good.

She feels she’s not worthy and doesn’t earn the right to get a Hall of Fame induction.

The thing is, Dolly sees herself as a strictly country artist… she never saw herself as “rock n’ roll” but I’ll be honest that her hit song “9 to 5” is kind of a rock song a little bit… it’s more of a pop/rock song than anything, though. Because of all this, it inspired her to make her first “rock n’ roll” album sometime in the future which should be interesting.

I’ve been trying to get into Dolly Parton music ’cause I have two albums by her: “Hello, I’m Dolly” and “Jolene” and they’re both amazing records. I love ’em. I plan on getting more of her music though.

I love Dolly even more now ’cause she’s trying to teach the “Rock Hall” a music lesson which is awesome and she’s ballsy to do that.

She’s one of the biggest names in country music and I don’t think she realizes how iconic she is. Gotta love how honest and humble she is. There’s no “ego” in her at all.


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